Monday, April 09, 2007

WTF does the PDRM need to do a operasi in the morning

Honestly, the only thing this boys in white and black should do in the morning rush hour to work is to assist the flow of traffic and nothing else.

I cannot see in any whichever way how issueing various summons for various offences including very minor offences such as not wearing a safety belt can help ease the morning traffic rush.

I have said this many times and will again say it many more that whether i am wearing a safety belt or not is my fucking problem. In no fucking way is wearing a safety belt or not is going to create any traffic problem.

Cause i'm not speeding, i'm not double parking, driving on the emergency lane, drunk or whatever fancy you.

Ducky got a another saman for not wearing a safety belt today, this would be my 4 in my 16 years of driving but within 4 years in think. It's like 1 saman a year.

And when i ask that if he could gave me a chance, he told me his Sarjan was on duty. I trully did not understand that, as my intention was for him to let me go off, not offer him a bribe. Ducky personally dont give bribe, but if my wife was to be sitting beside me, before i know what was happening, she would stick out a RM50 bill right at his nose before he even started talking ! And we would go into fight after that.

Ok, it says here that i can go to the Mahkamah Traffik on a specific date. Or just pay the RM70 saman.

What does that mean ? Does it mean the Mahkamah will hear my case why i do not need to wear a belt ? What happen after the case, do i still pay the fine or what ?

Anyone ?

And lastly, remember that week PDRM had their celebration and they closed some fucking roads, this what ducky has to say, FUCK YOU PDRM.


Arth Akal said...

you can appeal. They would not pardon you for the offense but they might give you a 50% discount on your saman if you can give them a good excuse.

Trust me, it happened to me before.

Good luck and please don't forget wear your seat belt next time

cheers ;)

ducky said...

Damn should have check my blog earlier, 50% you say ? Was around Jalan Bandar today so i hop in to check my saman, for not wearing a safety belt, the saman is RM80, early birds get to pay for RM50, so i settle.

Next time if my ballsz are big enough, as soon as they wave me over for not wearing a belt, i'll just pull the belt over and claimed that i have been wearing it all the while and claim them to be buta!

Anonymous said...

Was driving two weeks back with my blue tooth on. I was holding on to the blue tooth as i cudn't hear the person on the other side. Guess what happens next! ... A fucking Trafik Arse stops me and asks " Guna handset kan tadi?" I gave him a blur stare and then pointed towards my blue tooth which was stuck to my ears. His face turned red and he just said "Sorry Encik! Tak Nampak!" and ran away in shame! Dumb Fuck!
Today on my way to work, I saw another dumb fuck heading towards my car. Straight away I put my palm on my ears. This dumb fuck too flags me down. I stopped and wound down with my palm still on my ears. Mr. Dumb Fuck was speechless, basically thinking what to say to subdue his embarassment .. He goes like this " Minta Maaf Abang! Saya ingat abang guna telefon bimbit. Cermin gelap la abang so saya tak nampak sangat. Minta Maaf yer!" I went like "Ok ok .. Lain kali jgn buat lagi yer!" LOL Mr. Dumb Fuck just disappears in thin air!
Moral of the story, just tell them that u did not wrong becoz they always play the guessing game! Last words ... FUCK PDRM!

ducky said...

You see our traffic friends are very courteous now a days !

Anonymous said...

they're just doing their duty. why don't u just respect them, not cursing them. if there weren't here, there will be no safety in life eventhough we never know what will happen, at least we know there are someone who are protecting the country.

ducky said...

i'm not going to give that shit about respect need to be earn, it has been over phrase.
Instead i just hope they use a little bit of common senses when making a report or summon.

Anonymous said...

ducky, fuck your damm mather