Thursday, April 24, 2008

Prophecy or Mind-games?

Have you heard of the term a self-fulfilling prophecy?

DSAI made a "prophecy" that BN MP's would jump in sufficient numbers for PR to form the federal government.

I do not know whether this is true at this time or not. But the beauty of such mind-games is that with the help of BN itself, the "prophecy" may well end up fulfilled.

Remember that as soon as there was a mention of BN MP's jumping ship, BN was so scared they sent spies to BN MP's to make sure that they wont jump.

And then of course the BN MP's regardless of whether they wanted to jump or not, was quite pissed with those snoops. So pissed that loyal MP's are now considering a jump?

Perhaps after reading into the reaction from Federal BN regarding the threats of jumping, East Malaysia's BN MPs saw the opportunity to pressure PM for more representation from Sabah and Sarawak.

But alas, PM saw their bluff and was able to prevent East Malaysia gaining grounds in federal govt. But after this "setback" how many of this East Malaysia BN MPs are contemplating to jump?

Now recently DSAI made a statement that the BN MPs are ready to jump within this few months. And then followed by a statement that DSAI would become PM within 3 years.

Now what would BN do in the face of these new revelations? Do they step up the surveilance within this 4 months and risk pissing off the BN MPs to the stage where they will be forced to jump, or would BN just ignore this threat and give DSAI a free hand in negotiating with BN's MP?

And what is the 3 years time frame to become PM when DSAI mentioned that BN MPs would jump within this few months? Is DSAI's 3 years statement made to throw BN off guard to make them think that they can have a lesuirely 3 years to come up with a defence instead of 4 months?

The beauty of this self-fulfilling prophecy is that PR may not have any jumpers from BN when DSAI first made the statement. PR may not have the jumpers even now. But depending on BN's action or inaction, PR may have it by 4 months time.

And this has become quite entertaining and im sure we Malaysians would want to know the outcome of this political drama barring any later plot twist and further revelations, would hope that this drama would end soon in 4 months time. I'm personally hoping that this is The Return of the Jedi instead of The Empire Strikes Back.