Saturday, November 24, 2007


First of all I need to say this.


OK That being said, tomorrows Hindraf rally, I do do hope nothing bad happen. Why things might get ugly ? Because in boleh land, the Indians always get bad treatment by the PDRM. Many of them has been abused and killed in police custody and God knows what else. Yes, Indians are a little violence at times, but so are we all, if you are as discriminated all the time you might get a little pissed off too.

Back to the rally, the thing is, if this rally is really going to be attended by a majority of Indians, and things get ugly, those FRU will not hesitate exchange blows, hard blows, not just water cannons and tear gas. And why are we all so concerned ? Because if this thing really happens the BN gamen will use this ugly incident as another May 13 trump card. And you can forget about BERSIH having another rally or a march by lawyers. The BN gamen will not hesitate to use this incident again and again to remind everyone why illegal assembly is not allowed and this is the consequence when rules are broken.

Anyway you look at it, the BN gamen will have the upper hand. And it is bad for the opposition, the NGOs', BERSIH or any organization in the future.

Lets hope that I and many others like minded people are wrong, and that this Hindraf protest will be a peaceful and safe one.

Let us pray.


After careful consideration, I realised my post in some sense is telling people not to attend the Hindraf's rally. That would be selfish of me. And to claim that the BN gamen will gain another trump card, is just being naive. The May 13 incident happened some nearly 40 years ago and to related this to that is careless.

So what the fuck am I actually trying to say then ?

Truthfully ?

Indians are the poorest race in this country, neglected by their leaders, insulted and discriminated. And for once in their life time they can actually do something, say something, express something, just something, and they are doing it now, a protest, a rally.

The mothers'/wives/partners' of dead Indian fathers'/husbands'/friends' under the the prejudice and discriminating laws of the authorities, has no comfort/disclosure/peace. Yes I have no right to talk about this, but this people are pissed, I would be pissed too, and so would you, Malay, Chinese, Iban..............

It's not about a racial thing, it is not about a trillion ringgit, it's about poverty, respect and standing side by side with your brethens when in need, it's what that Petronas advertisement that is played over and over again on that Tangga Tiga Puluh Satu Ogos.....

And yes they have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ever wonder why those aprons are blue and white stripes ?

Since Asian Food Channel kick off on astro, my wife has been cooking non stop and waist line has been increasing non stop as well.

Before AFC, it was just Jaime Oliver and some Anthony Bourdain, now its like a 24 hours cook show.

Other than all the food that was cooked and tuck away, one small little thing caught my little attention. The apron that this British cooks seems to be wearing, you might notice it as well, blue and white stripe aprons.

So as usual I googled for it, not knowing what to googled for actually, but I think I am rather satisfied with my find. I took this from


Why do butchers wear those navy blue and white striped aprons?

This is a tradition of our meat trade today, just as the straw boater is the mark of the British butcher.

Years ago the Butchers Guild, which began somewhere around the tenth century, had a blue and silver crest.

These colours were reproduced in the butchers' aprons with the difference that the rather strong blue, known as butchers' blue, was darkened to navy because this colour did not show up the stains so clearly.

If he wore a broad stripe, he was a master butcher. If the broad stripe stood alone, he had come up the hard way, learning his trade as he worked at it. But if the broad stripe was topped by a narrow stripe, he was a master butcher who had been apprenticed to his trade.

An apprentice wore an apron with a narrow stripe until he became a master, and if he then undertook to train apprentices himself, he was entitled to wear an apron sporting three stripes - a broad one signifying his mastership, sandwiched between two narrow ones signifying his own apprenticeship and the fact that he was now teaching apprentices.

And by the way, the Butchers Apron is also known as the Jack Union Flag ! I didn’t read into that, I presume it must be for their ruthlessness back in those knights in shining armour days.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Do you remember PASOLA ?

I think it was the 1980s small cc moped or something.

A Yamaha Pasola 50cc, mostly red in colour.

Had this theme song that went with it

"saya wanita yang moden, bergaya dan bebas"

I tried googling for some images, but all i found was some shitty images.

I think i rode one before when i was like underage, never actually thought it was a real motobike. If you had seen one, you would think the same.


Ok, Angel said Pasola is with 2 SS's which explain why i cant google any images.

Thank you.