Monday, August 13, 2007

Gay Pastor

Lets just say for argument sake, a Muslim holy man, a Imam which also originated from Malaysia but now resides in the US of A which accidentally is a Gay as well decides to balik kampung to eat some local goreng pisang, what do you think the Malaysian Custom or Immigration will do ? Your guess is as good as mine, NO ENTRY.

But of course all you muslim, would say that there is no Gay muslim, it is prohibited and so and so. Like wise a gay man is also prohibited in christianity, and only dick head countries like the US of A and some european countries I think would condone such lewd acts and misinterpret the bible for their own benefit.

Somehow muslims seems to think that the US of A is the central development area for christianity. Well its not. Asia and Africa has seen much development since.

Well anyway, my point, Gay pastor decides to balik kampung, no problem, selamat datang. And why not, its just adds more name labelling by the muslim and alikes. Make fun of christianity, spread it all over the internet the print media, menj and alikes would be having a field day.

This is how insensitive our present govt is to non-muslim, remember how fast they reacted to demolishing that islam-cult that promotes orgies and all ? And the Da Vinci code, which was not ban ? You decide.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Long time no babes

Well it has been some time since I posted pictures of hot babes.

Well recently i received forward mails for the AFOS babes pictures and 1 particular chick rather stand out somehow. If you are as Ham Sup as me you would have seen this pictures as well, well many thanks to zerotohundred as it is stated there on the picture for this beautiful picture.

As you can see for yourself, 1 particular girl really does stand out from the 4. So i googled for a while and after here and there, I am please to present to you, Ms. Leng Yein.

She sure got a pair of beautiful eyes and that tummy is lean. And if you are ham sup enough and you continue to google around, you would find out that the first picture is (from left to right) Crissty Chiang, Rose Chin, Nicole and Leng Yein. I think they are all Hypertune babes.

And since you are already ham sup and wanting more, this is the picture of Leng Yein's sister, Leng Sean if i am not mistaken.

I am quite sure you can see the family resemblence.

Well I found this picture in my harddisk and it looks like the same theme, so here they are, i have googled this before but with much difficulty for these pictures, maybe someone can help.

So any help of who this babes are, would be much oblige.

And as usual we would like to thank,

And not forgetting Kenny Yeoh (watermark on Leng Yein pictures) and Victor Chen once again for having the best job in the world, next to a porn film camera man.

This time i took the liberty to post thier pictures so we can shake their hands if we ever see them on the street. Which is which ? Go googled it yourself.