Friday, July 28, 2006

fuck the gamen for wanting to regulate our blog.

I thought I was going to give the gamen a break today by not fucking them. But then again, after reading this article in malaysiakini, I changed my mind.

Regulate bloggers and internet media ?

What is there to regulate ? if the gamen allowed the print media to report the actual near truth, then there is no need for internet media. The very reason ppl turn to internet media is because of the frustration they get by reading the bias lop sided news in the newspaper. You know its biased, I know its biased, the editor and columnist know it is biased, but still they published it. It’s like fucking with our mentality. You think we stupid or what ?

And if the newspaper actually blame the internet media for their dropping sales, then don’t point the fingers at us, point it back at your masters. This is like the original cd/cassette/tape vendors blaming the pirates for their decrease in sales. Even if there was no pirate, no way you can gain that lost for yourself.

Pirates exist because the original goods are super inflated with all kind of red tape bureaucracy horse shit cost. Same goes for the newspaper. Horse shit for your reading pleasure.

As usual the gamen does not understand between one giving their opinion and one telling horse shit stories. Most responsible bloggers post stories after checking out some sources and if there are no reliable sources, they say in their most humble opinion, who and who should be fuck and shit like that. It is after all one person opinion which he or she likes to share with the www.

On the other hand, horse shit stories don’t go far, cause ppl that read online news knows how to differentiate between real or fake, right ? cause but if it’s a menj then its an extreme news.

so in my most humble opinion the gamen decide to fuck with another one of our freedom rights.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

lets take a small look at apostasy for islam

what do you expect from our ball-less leader. things get too hot, pull the plug. gets any hotter, goes for a holiday. unlike the reality of most average malaysian, when things get hot, you stand up and demand to be heard. if it gets hotter, than you take off your shirt and prepare for some shit. but our leader is trying to teach us something else, when things goes a little out of control, run away, facing the problem is never the best solution.

as i thought the ifc & the article 11 is finally going somewhere, the Pm pulled the plug. no more the man said. no more talk on islam. you know what that means. non-muslim cannot talk about islam in any manner they wishes. its a no brainer and a non stop attack on the non-muslim. fine but that wont stop us from talking abt it during lunch and dinner. and while i'm taking a dump.

religious freedom is alive and kicking in the 21st century whether you like it or not. not all christian family children remain christian. they have their right and own free will to choose their own religion. yes we can guide them, but it is their own decision to embrace whatever religion they so choose. religion is always personal. its between the individual and god. period. it has nothing to do with another person or you.

personally i think apostasy in islam is a little out dated in the 21st century. just like israel living out its prophecy and blasting the daylights out of the palestinians and which ever other countries it think it should.

well i didnt the quran, so i have no idea what it is said in there. so i'm not going to quote anything or translate anything from there. but i saw this extract on the net and i wonder how true is it ?

There are many ways in which a person can be regarded as having rejected Islam:

They might burn the Qur'an out of contempt.

They might soil the Qur'an, "(such as putting it in a holy place that has become dirty, or staining it with an unclean substance, such as turning its pages with fingers that have been licked)."

A Muslim becomes an apostate if he or she "enters a church, worships an idol, or learns and practices magic..."

They might state that the universe has always existed from eternity.

They might believe that transmigration of souls or reincarnation happens at death.

"...a Muslim becomes an apostate if he defames a prophet's character, morals, virtues, or religion, if he accuses angels of having bad qualities, or if he questions the efficacy of a prophet's asceticism."

lick his fingers and turn the pages ? enter a church ?

i saw a muslim women in my church before during a funeral to pay her respect to her in law. condemn to death ?

i'm speechless.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Fuck the malay gamen.

I have not been posting regularly lately as i'm getting tired and sick of all this bureaucracy shit we non bumi have to live with and to adapt to.

every single day, the gamen will come up with all sorts of cockup ideas to dilute the hard earn wealth of the chinese. from listing a company at the bursa to foreigners setting up a company in malaysia. all this cockup ideas is to give instant wealth to the malays.

honestly i dont dislike malays. i just dislike the gamen policy on enforcing all this so call affirmative actions for the bumis. somehow the gamen is in the opinion that all chinese are fucking rich. and if we are not, we will someday.

not all chinese are rich. maybe to you we are rich, but to us we are not. owning a house or a car does not make us any richer. its just basic necessity. but maybe to the malays this are not. maybe a pack of cigarette a day is more logical.

In the early 90s, I finished my spm with so-so results, some retard malay friends with results far worse than mine got mara scholarship and they went to the states. They all failed.

now in my 30s married and with kids, i have not been to the US before. now you tell me how can i be happy with such affirmative action ? if i was given that chance, i can be sure i would have a much better career now.

We Chinese work hard for our hard earn money, not all of us are developers or investors or sons of some rich fuckers, we are just like the regular malays. The only disadvantage is that we don’t get any helping hand from anybody. All that we earn. We earn it our self. And one day when we do get richer, the gamen expect us to share that hard earn wealth with the malays, does that sound fucking fair ? fuck no. when that day comes and the malays want a share of my pie, they can pry it off over my dead body.

racial unity ? it does not exist in the country. everyone are just wearing a smiley face, thats all. I do not oppose the gamen plans for racial unity, is just that the reality at large is the very fact that as long as the bumi still has that special rights, it can never be achieve.

Fuck the malay gamen.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


looks like i'm a little late on the upm crowd buster thing. didnt know it was so a big deal until i saw the video on malaysiakini. saw the pictures though, but the 6 min clip really shock me.

reminded me of the FRU at the Klcc fuel protest. what do you get for being a pro-establishment member ? graduate from upm ?

ok since its old story i wont go into detail. cant really comment any way, since the audio was pretty bad and cant really hear what all the shouting was all about. but the body action was obvious. in the absense of the camera, blood would have been spilt. believe me. this shouting kids has been train and commanded from the authorities, else they wont be acting so arrogantly like their father own the upm. isnt it obvious, about a week, and still no action taken, the camera was a spoiler for sure for this shouting kids.

if this happen under normal circumstances in a lets say a school, suspension would be considered, since there was threat being made or at least that was what it look like to me. with threats, you got to call the cops, make a police report and investigate. any investigation ? by the university authorities ? yes i forgot, the cops said its an internal thing. so no investigation by them.

but what really shock me, if you didnt realised from the 6 min clips, was that these 7 kids did not get any help from anybody. they shouted for help, they were threaten non less, they were shouted at, but did anybody came to their rescue ? apparently not. race aside. this is bully. a group of 50 bullied 7 kids. and nobody cares. all those that sat around the cafeteria just mind their own business.

listen, one day when you get mug, and you shout for help, and ppl just ignore you, just remember when you ignored those poor 7 kids at the cafeteria. its the same. its not about a bigger crowd, its about caring. that is what we have all lost. CARE.

Friday, July 21, 2006

lets nuke malaysia

fed up, thats the tag line. fed up of fucking malaysia. article 11, ethnic relations, apostasy, corrupted politician, corrupted authorities, price inflation of essential goods, change our life style, Mps increase allowance, ban this, ban that, fuck it.

endless work, highly tension, stress, low pay, rich bosses, asshole bosses, stingy bosses, work 24 hours, no increment, no bonuses, no benefit, drive old junk, boss drive luxury car, live in bungalow, we live walk up apartment, we work, they reap, what fuck equation is that.

stupid drivers, clueless drivers, talk on handphone drivers, blind drivers, inconsiderate drivers, too fast drivers, too slow drivers, sunday drivers, holiday drivers, dont know how to drive drivers, senseless drivers, who the fuck gave you your fucking licence ?

fucking weather, hot like hell, fucking haze, fucking indon burning crop haze, fucking corrupt indon gamen doing nothing, fucking malaysian gamen kiss indon ass doing nothing, we fucking choke in the fucking haze.

fuck it all, north korea why dont you nuke malaysia, its a fucking wasteland.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

lets make a truly historical malaysia movie

ok, the ball-less one, does actually has some balls to retract the ehtnic relations book back. a revised new book will be author and subsequently re-introduce.

now, what interest me is, how this new book will re-tell those interesting historical incidents. to tell the so called truth (unless you we actually there in 1969 may 12-14 to witness the before and after, which i just re-read the tunku book) of the events that happened. would the current gerakan now a Bn component party approved to such book, which equaled them with Dap then ? and the kg medan incident ? mutual mis-understanding ? i think so, the best way to describe both this incidents are as mutual misunderstanding among the races. period, full stop. no blaming & no finger pointing.

the rest of the other controversial issues, either omitted or if included then it must tell a balanced story and not another fairy tale like the current one. and who should better to scrutinised the book than our beloved Professor Emeritus Dato' Dr Khoo Kay Kim. such a distinguish historian would not lie right ?

better yet, scrap the book and the course. as much as the original (which i wonder, if there was any) good intention of the course, i doubt it will ever achieve in malaysia, with our Bn gamen mentality, (maybe not even with the opposition gamen) that the gamen is all good. and make a film. yes a malaysian no holds bare historical film based on actual truth not lies, produced by lets say swifty ? Yasmin Ahmad ? amir muhammad ? or any other big balls producer/director.

think of it, a blockbuster historical movie from the time of the japanese occupation till the old tun was the Pm. a 3 hour show. take 10 years to produce it, but let it be real. show a young mahathir, a young anwar, a young badawi, a young tunku, a young boon siew (honda), a young lim goh tong, a young everyone that has inspire malaysia to be what it is today. a movie that we can we watch and enjoy together, a movie that we can recognise old monuments and building and structures that our grandpa use to tell us, a movie that will make us weep because it is emotional significance, a multi lingual movie, a truly malaysian movie that we can all relate to.

but most of all we must all be mature enough to understand that historical past, good or bad, strengthen and mold us to what we are today.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

ethnics relations - students & parents its your call

Ethnics relations, most ordinary folks would think it’s a fairy tale book of some sort so they were told. Or maybe someone own interpretation of events that happened. But of course the ppl in power has little say to it, as it doesn’t affect them in any which way.

So who would you say it will effect the most, you, me or the students at the universities. I’m quite sure all this has been thought through already by the leading gamen. There would be some noise expected from certain quarters but it will not be loud enough to create a ripple.

So the gamen went ahead with this plan of theirs to lie to our children. Not to us, we wont be learning this, our children will. Soon enough, one day, out of the blue, when you are discussing historical events with your children, and so happen the may 13 incident pop out, your kid would say it was the Dap, you say no, it was the Gerakan, your child said shit no, I learnt that in University. What would happen then ? 5 million of our kids seems to know of an historical past that happen which has been altered and taught to them. its like there was vhs all the while and beta never existed.

That is how big this Ethnics relations course and god knows what other course will create one fine day.

I doubt the opposition can do any thing about it, nor does the dozens of letters against it in the malaysiakini or the pps. Unless the ball-less one (PM) do some thing.

Who can actually change this course of events ?

i think the students and the parents themselves should be the sole ppl to dispute the myth of this book. The students of course need to know from their own research of course, that the Ethnics relations course seems a little lop sided. And should question the lecturers of the accuracy of the subject being taught. And should stamp a protest if needed to make them realized of their grave mistake in implementing the course.

And if the students think they are not bold enough to stand up against the University, then they should inform this to their parents and the parents would need to put their foot down firmly on what these universities are educating their children with. Horseshit information.

Students & parents of students, I think its your call.

* well i could be wrong and they recalled back all the books published and the course cancelled, which i hope so of course.

** yoda made an interesting comment though.

A few thousand years ago, given the relatively 'uncivilised' world, we would not and should not expect that any historian or any record meant to be of historical purposes, to be accurately and thruthfully passed on to the next generation(s).

Fast forward to the present, it would seem like we are still not civilised enough to do the correct thing.

There are few crimes more serious than distorting history. Now no matter what happens, please remember the most heinous crime the BN govt has done thus far, The distortion of our history.

Monday, July 17, 2006

i have enough of the french head-butt, please stop.

shaolintiger is correct indeed, pps bloggers has indeed lost new ideas to post. its like reading the papers. stale old news. not to say i write any better than any of you, but some of you guys have to stop this.

zidane head-butt is old news. please stop posting any more news on them. why or what did zidane did nobody wants to know. what did materazzi said or done doesnt matter. if you hail zidane for his bravery then you should stop just right there. please dont probe any further. same goes for materazzi, dont matter what he said, zidane did what he did, end of story, period.

now its monday, a brand new week, pls post something else.

Friday, July 14, 2006

it wasnt the dutch, it was hang tuah & gang

Have you read the news recently ?

Apparently, since the gamen cannot control the old tun & co. blabber mouth, they have decided to start the re-education from the menara gading. Some kind of booklet has surface trying to paint a very beautiful picture of BN and reasons for scraping mega projects to hike in petrol prices to the Uni students.

And if this is not enough, the Ministry of Higher Education has made it mandatory for university students to study a new subject called Ethnic Relations beginning this year’s academic session.

But apparently according to Prof Dr Khoo Kay Kim, the subject, has describe that Dap was the cause of may 13 incident and Indian youth pulak on the kampung medan incident.

So instead of trying to re-educate us, the gamen will just lie to us. It is quite serious, as young ppl nowadays are not so fond of reading up on history and would actually believe what the gamen tell them.

Most of my young colleagues (23 & below) actually loves the Bn, and they despise me for supporting Dap. Don’t know why.

Since the gamen is in the mind of fooling us, why not all the way back.

If that is the case, why not just rewind back till 1400++ when Portuguese was here and instead of the dutch defeating the Portuguese, said it was the bravery of the legendary hang tuah & company and the taming sari together with the bravery of tun perak & whatever tun at that time being summon by the sultan of melaka then, all of them would reply “mana titah tuanku patik dijunjung”.

Why not stop there, we can go on to the bukit kepong incident, and claimed that was how the komunis was rid off Malaya then.

And for pride sake, say Singapore begged Malaysia to retain them in Malaysia, but we say hell fucking no.

And also for pride sake, proton was a national success, which made Malaysia the 1st country in south east asia to build a national car and the first country in the world to sell off a motor company for 1 euro dollar.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

zidane bow out in style

i must be the last person to know that zidane did a head butt. i only watched the first half of the world cup final before dozing off. when i awoke it was the penalties, so i just shut off the tv and went to sleep. i dont like watching penalties, it is as good as flipping the coin to decide the winner.

so later at night, i was watching the repeat, just from the 2nd half onwards, then towards extra time, and then bam ! that must be the most comical thing i've ever saw in my life. zidane head butt that italian dude, like a bull charging towards the torero. only thing short off was zidane's hands on his head.

many theories has been found as to his outburst. but ducky think its just 2 very simple reason.

1 being the old man zidane is god damn tired. after 90 minutes of play, he has to play another 30 minutes and then penalty kick ? they even took out ribery and henry, whom are much younger then him. the man is 34 years old he is tired, he wants a rest. and since nobody seems to be bothered about that, he got himself sent off, in style. head butt materazzi.

2nd reason, being this is his last football game, and he wanted to leave the football scene with a big bang, something ppl can remember off for the rest of their life. a bull charge like head butt. i have no condemnation for this man. matter of fact i give him a big show of hand for his bravery act. stupid ? no it was classy. one of a kind, those that will remain in ppl memories long after world cup 2006.

how many ppl actually remember pele great goals ? zico ? platini ? maradonna ? none right. i still remember maradonna hand of god, platini missed penalty kick, cantona flying kick, rijkaard spitting on voeller, that columbia keeper that ran to the other side to score a goal, pele's bicycle kick and now the famous zidane head-butt.

great goals and great moments of football, its not how great the goal was scored, but how controversial the goal was scored or how extraordinary the goal was scored or in this case a sheer moment of spectacular event, a head-butt.

long live zidane, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Lina Joy ? conversion to christian ? hello ?

Ok, world cup is over, its time to write on serious stuff again.

You heard of the lina joy case ? well if you are a Christian and have been going to church regularly, you would know that churches around Malaysia are praying for her.

Just in case you didn’t know abt this lina joy case, to summarize, azlina jailani was/is (depends on how you see it) a muslim. She converted/did not convert (syariah court didn’t allowed) to Christianity and wanted the islam on her IC to be removed, but was not allowed, though she got her name changed though by the same NRD dept ???!!!

strange right, when you changed your name especially when you are a malay (islam) nobody bothered to stop you, but when you want the word islam being removed from your IC, its not allowed. I mean if your name was mohd ali and you want to change it to timothy david, the NRD would definitely ask why right ? and of course you would say, you converted to Christian. So Nrd say ok ? change name fine but cannot removed that world islam from your IC ? once again, strange right ?

ok, as I was saying, churches around Malaysia are praying for her, and if you are a believer of this faith, the you know that when 2 or more brother & sister come together to pray for a common cause, god will answer. And most church leaders think so.

So is ducky a strong believer ? difficult to say. Since if the court allows her to convert, this would set a precedent in Malaysia, that muslim can convert to other religion. which I think the islam gamen wont approve. Why then do you think the project mahathir in sabah was done in the first place.

Since my world cup prediction was as good as Ghana playing USA in the final, I would say a win for lina but maybe under special case/ruling which might even have interference from the Pm and even the king just to make it one of a kind and not a precedent.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

thats all folks

this is it, the last curtain before another 4 years. tonight's is the night. world cup final night.

france vs italy

whether it is the italians actors or the french rioters, it doesnt matter any more. we had a good show overall. good referee, bad referee, good games, bad games, goaless games, 6 goals games, booking games, controversial games, you name it, that game was there. maybe not the brazillian samba. but there was some portuguese samba. at least they speak the same language. like the advert on tv, we the doctors/lawyers/engineers/teachers/company secretaries/ students / artists/mamak stalls /home makers/pasar malam traders/beggars / taxi drivers and many many more ppl in all sorts of professions and careers had one thing in common to talk about beside malaysian politics, the beautiful game. suddenly we were the coaches /commentators / sport pundits / bookies/ gamblers / tacticians/ strategists / etc/. as if we really know more football than the guy on the tv screen.

one thing i like abt the world cup is that my lo-poh wont nagged me if i dont want to sleep. i wont hear things like "chi ma kan, kei tim cho nei chong moy fun" what can i say, i wanted to be the first to comment on angel ! all she'll say, dont forget to wake up the next morning. its the world cup the whole world understands the importance of it.

well till 2010 i bid my farewell to the world cup.


Friday, July 07, 2006

its friday, lets make fun of the old tun

Does anyone knows at all what is actually happening in our local political scene ? it seems to look much like the world cup with a lot of surprise winners. You now got more and more Mp and gamen officials standing up and pointing fingers here and there except themselves for all kind of allegations and contracts to mercedez benz. And not forgetting the old tun.

It looks like the more the old tun sings, the more skeletons are being dugged up. Slowly more and more ppl are being call to be accounted for. What’s happening man ? is the old tun losing his mind ? or is he kicking the bucket soon ? well he is not that old anymore you know.

Think of it, maybe the old tun is kicking the bucket anytime soon, and he wish to depart with a clean slate. And to do this, he has to sing like a canary whole day long, as he was at the throne for 20 years right ? from his proton project in the early 80’s to the scenic bridge, that’s a lot of singing to do. And I guess he has already made the maths on his average daily singing to the day he kick his bucket, and it seems he doesn’t have enough days to sing.

so he conjured up his old comrade like that guy Matthias, then tajudin ramli. Together they tried to get najib & daim to sing as a band, but najib who still thinks that he will be the next Pm, do not want to have anything to do with it. Daim who thinks he will out live the old tun also dun want anypart of this. So as to get a chorus of ppl to join the sing along, he talked to dap, pas & pkr.

Personally if the old tun wants to make an album of his singing sensation, then I would suggest he create a blog call, eg,, with self title old-tun-sings-like-a-canary. I guess some of his hits will include.

1. how I fuck up the gamen with my proton project
2. oh my putrajaya
3. my dear friend anwar
4. I was once Malaysian richest !
5. i have najib balls is in my bedroom drawers

sometimes I kill my self.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

france vs italy

ducky preview of the 2006 world cup final in berlin...

……after 80 minutes of play, both teams are still drawn at nil-nil. It is apparent zidane the old man is tired and exhausted. The Italians actors are also tired of faking knee injuries to head injuries with no apparent results. Most of the Azzurri boys are already booked with at least 1 yellow card. It’s the bottom half of the game, and nobody wants to make any mistake, as a penalty shoot out would be less painful if someone had scored before the full time is up.

With 5 more minutes to play, the Italians tried for another go. This time around they had the italy best actor award winner Fabio grosso on the lead. Just like he did when playing against the aussie on the left wing, this time he came by the right wing, most of the Italians are now lining themselves for the cross when all of a sudden, grosso once again fake his fall, and spot on, the referee awarded a penalty kick to the Italians !

The French not wanting to be fooled by the great Italian actors, march a protest against the ref decision. But to no avail. Fed up with the ref decision, Zidane a long time apprentice of king cantona, leap up momentarily doing a matrix stance and gave the ref a wong fei hung no shadow kick, which knocked the ref down unconsciously.

As zidane kung fu flick on the ref, some of Italians players standing near by, fell to the grown with their hands covering their faces as if they had been kicked. With the ref down, the ref assistant took charge and started booking French players from left to right, until only 4 french players were left. With such an outrageous call, the French national team walked out of the stadium with banners and plycards chanting protesting words.

i guess this is what you call a sore loser !

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

fuck germany lost.


germany lost.

i hate the italian football team, i hate their fake/fall/dive/pain/ acting. thats what the italian team represent to me. great footballers ? never in my books. every single minutes of the match, you can bet some italian players will be lying on the field with some kind of injury. from knee to face. are the italians so fragile ?

to make matter worst, germany played a fuck-up game. its like wasting 2.5 hours of my precious morning sleep just to watch some idiots kick the damn ball above the goal post all the time. i have no idea what balleck contributes. cause from what i see, he does nothing. he cant even aim his kick, its always from the 35 yard line. left, right or all the way to the top, never accurate. all the german players do is bring the ball until the penalty box and then lose the ball to the italians. they did this whole night long. klinsmann should resign as coach.

germany lost made my previous post redundant and made me look like a blardy fool. the only consolation is i dont bet.

tonight portugal go against france. if france win, i wont be watching the final.

Monday, July 03, 2006

i think germany is going to win, really, seriously.

well i wasnt surprise that brazil lost to france, just that it was only far too early of an exit. i thought it was going to be at the finals, when all bets are made to the max. maybe the quarter finals bets was already too good of an opportunity to rake it big by the bookies, hence the early exit.

i didnt actually watch the match, as a 3am match, i rather be zleepinzzzzzz. i watched the repeat though, but just the ending, i wanted to see whether the samba boys cried or not. they didnt. the world champions didnt cry. i guess lifting the cup for the 6th time wasnt a big occasion. but instead big fat swiss bank account seems to matter most.

the english cried, all of them cried. god save the queen, not the football team. portugal was the better team anyway. i actually prefered a portugal vs brazil match, as this would be an all portuguese affair. the portuguese speaking brazillian vs the portuguese it self. plus a ex-brazillian coach. wouldnt that make a great match.

after that germany beat the argentine match, which with that very bad referee. it is obvious, that germany is going to win no matter what. they got the ref and the fifa officials. its going to be germany holding that cup. it has nothing to do with the bookies. its all abt germany.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

do you know why england lost ?

i was watching rooney, when it suddenly strike me. so i told my england supporter wife. do you know england has a flaw in their games and they dont seem to realised it. what flaw she asked ? its like a time bomb flaw. you mean the players are too old or injured ? not that kind of flaw. temper flaw. temper flaw ? yes wayne rooney temper. all portugal need to do is run beside rooney, tease him a bit, shove him a bit, pull his t-shirt a bit, wallah, temper explode, red card, sent out. and it happen. temper exploded, red card shown, adious. well actually i didnt know showing another player can get you a red card. and he shoved his clubmate. i wonder, whether ronaldo did that on purpose, well if he did, fergusan better decide whether he still wants to keep him or not in man u, as his action actually fuck-up england. and in a way that can be called treason to the queen. right ?

anyway, the reason why england lost, other than the fact that they cant kick penalties and play well, its the fact that they asked god for too many favours. dont understand or dont believe ? well you got your england coach there, praying to god, asking for a quarter final win, he promised he would stay away from the booze & the women for say 6 months, and he promise that england will play better in the semis. since goran its not much of a praying person, he prayed like 3 times in the whole 120 minutes. but you see, everytime the england fans at the stadium get bored at the shitty game their beloved team is playing, they start to sing "god saves the queen". now sven asked god to let them win the quarter final, but the whole of england seems to be praying "god saves the queen" instead. so the queen is saved, and england lost the match.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

argentine should have won, as much as i like the german to win

i sat down at 11pm, after switching channels from hbo watching troy. strange, but how come big men then were wearing mini skirts and fighting ? my wife said it was for ventilation! maybe.

after watching a bunch of disastrous matches, where the referees were bias, germany & argentina match proves the point home again. 1st half was a ok. nobody score. but after the argentine scored on the 2nd half, the referee decided to change the tempo of the game. if you watch the replay of the match, you would definitely agree with me. between that time when the argentine scored their goal and until germany drew back at 1-1, the ref was ultimately bias in favour of the germans. everytime a german fell, preet free kick, followed by a yellow card. german fell, preet, free kick. argentine tackled and fell, played on said the referee.

it was obvious then, that the german must win at all cost. if they had followed the foot steps of the italians, they would have gotten a penalty kick. you could see it in the faces of the argentine players, dissapointed & pissed. here we are outplaying the germans, we scored a goal and all of the sudden, the ref turn against us. what true fifa fairplay is this.

as much as i wanted the germans to win, but not this way. not with a bias ref, definitely not. thats just not the way. the argentines played very well indeed. even better was the argentine defense, practically un-penetrable.

i dont know, but i felt the change of goalkeeper and crespo was a little strange. germans being 1 goal down, couldnt fight back, as the argentines was far much stronger than them. even with a bias ref, there is as much as a bias ref can do. he has to look as if he is not bias, when he is, even with a couple of freekick, the germans still couldnt beat the argentines. then klose sort of kicked the keeper a little bit, then later on the keeper couldnt play anymore. would any sensible keeper request that he be substitute with a spare keeper during an important match ? i dun think so. that raised my curiousity antenna. then with crespo being substitute when they need to be attacking, just further raised my curiosity.

but after the german scored, and leveled 1-1, the ref turn off its bias mode and continued as usual. as you notice, the extra time saw a lot of free kicks being awarded to the argentine. finally the penalty shoot-out. some argentine players were bought ? you know who won.