Monday, December 31, 2007

What is the correct price for oil?

Our DPM said that if the petrol price is decreased, it would bankrupt our country. He further said that should the petronas profits at 70 to 80 billion('000 millions) be diverted to subsidise oil, there would be no money left for road building, etc. et al, among other things...

After reading the statement from thestaronline, the only thing that i felt was that i am damn pissed off.

Not because of him wanting to make some political statement or something, it was the standard of things that is said to his audience.( that would make you and me his audience)

A hypotethical scenario to illustrate my point:-

Say there was a serial killer running away from the scene of a crime carrying a bloody knife and bumped in to you and your friends. Instead of turning the around and run away, the serial killer look at you and your friends and say "this is not blood on my knife. I have just use it to cut tomato. It is actually tomato sauce on my knife."

What would you do in the above scenario? Run away? Running away is the smart thing to do probably. But not me. No way in hell.... I am going to beat that serial killer to a pulp. And i am not the heroic kind and neither am i too concern that i am being lied to....

The simple reason being that the serial killer THINKS THAT I AM STUPID ENOUGH to believe that tomato sauce comes out from tomato by cutting the tomato.

OK...Coming back to the DPM statement about 70 to 80 billion to finance the oil subsidy, can anyone remember our PM said that by increasing petrol price by 30 sen, the govt could save 4 billion?

Using what our PM says, 30 sen for 4 billion, at current price of RM 1.92 p/litre of petrol, if the price were to be subsidised to RM 1.02 p/litre, petronas would have to absorb just 12 billion. Thats a lot of money but it is nowhere near fucking 70 billion.

Actually from what i understand from oil economics, the higher the crude oil price, the more able petronas can subsidise. No, really. No bullshit. A typical oil price...

40% crude oil
40% conversion of crude to oil
20% govt tax

A rough estimate : say crude is 3 times more costly than it was a couple of years ago, when it was RM 1.10 p/lt. Probably crude was 50 sens and the remainder 60 sens is the conversion cost plus tax. Hence we could say that crude is now RM1.50 and that conversion cost plus tax maybe 70 sen which makes a grand total of RM 2.20 p/lt. Which is probably close enough to the billboard we see everywhere.

Then comes Petronas profit. Petronas as we all know is taking the crude in Malaysia by just paying 5% royalty. Hence a 95% profit on crude minus extraction cost which should be roughly constant throughout the years. By doing simple calculations, we could safely say that the higher the crude price, the higher Petronas profit is. And most importantly the proportionate increase in profit of Petronas is higher than the price of oil paid for in petrol stations.


Monday, December 17, 2007

Why you must vote against Barisan Nasional

The problem is that those that already know why they must vote against Barisan Nasional has internet connection.

Those that are not reached by electronic media has to rely on local bogus media to read about the one sided political climate in the country.

Lets not even compare countries.

We have a ruling government that is so fucking arrogant about their leadership that they refuse to listen and accept changes. Having not lost election for the past 50 years has further boosted their arrogance.

We know from history that Barisan Nasional is a sore loser. May 13. Self explanation.

Any form of change/criticism from the component party even though right is not acceptable. Change/criticism from rakyat to opposition will forever be considered creating a racial tension.

Component parties members that do not agree with the Dollah's ideas/policies are advised to resign from their party or sack or suspended.

Rakyat and opposition parties will be prosecuted with any damn thing under the sky and strangely the court decision always side with Barisan Nasional.

Rakyat and opposition can be charged with various ridiculous charges with vague arguments and evidence and most times illogical reasons that once again the courts will side with the Barisan Nasional.

Its like working a project in your company, but you somehow did not manage to complete it. So your reason to your boss is that you did not have enough time to do it. And your boss say it is ok.

It is not OK, how can a fucking judge take an answer without a reason. It is full of shit.

The reason why you should vote against Barisan Nasional is simply yo reduce their majority in parliament, you can be assure that no where in hell Barisan Nasional is ever going to lose in the elections. Your uncles and aunts with 6 bungalows and millions in banks and investment will make sure that Barisan Nasional will be winning election for the next 100 years.

I dont know about you but I cant take the fact that my Government treat me like a child, by lying and telling me tall tales all the time and every solution seems to be either May 13 or ISA.
Even a child ask why to all your answer.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Save Malaysia from further embarassment

A couple of days ago...or was it yesterday, our DPM remarked that US should look at their Guatanamo Bay first before criticising BN govt use of ISA. To me, after reading the rebuke by the DPM to US, i got this uneasy feeling that it was a big mistake. I would have prefered the DPM to give the US the middle finger or even show them the keris rather than tell them to look at Guatanamo Bay first among other things and for the US not becoming like the proverbial pot calling the kettle black.

What now after DPM made this rebuke? What concessions will we have to make? What price are we going to pay for the international community to overlook BN's indiscretion?

For one Malaysia would lose its voice regarding world matters. Malaysia would risk being called a hypocrite or be embarrased by being hit back with our own statement * look at your ISA first before you comment on our xxxxxx. * if Malaysia were to make a stand against some other country's unjust policy.
For example :
IF Israel were to detain some palestinians without trial, WHEN Malaysia were to give a protest statement, Israel MAY reply that Malaysia should look at ISA first instead of Palestine.

OR risk being labeled a hypocrite if they were to urge Myanmar to free Aung San Suu Kyi.

On our domestic side, would the govt give immunity to criminal who detain people illegally such as kidnappers? Would the kidnappers argue that the govt should look at ISA first before prosecuting them?

I would like to think that the above would not happen but political precedents seems to support the above scenario.

Now let us remember Zakaria's Palace. I remember that in order for BN to save Zakaria's Palace, they have to forego prosecuting hundreds of thousands(as stated by Toyo) of similiar and thus, illegal buildings.

Who would have guessed a simple reactionary rebuke would have such embarasing concequences? But by blogging the problem, i would also offer a solution...

Here's my two cents worth on how to avoid further embarassments....

The DPM should go and sit down with his counterpart from US, Israel, UK and Myanmar and get them to agree not to mention ISA. Then the DPM would agree to not to mention Guatanamo Bay, Palestine, Diana, Aung San Syu Kyi.

THEN, if the US were to whack Iran or Israel were to whack Syria or UK were to discriminate against muslim or Myanmar were to kill journalists, Malaysia could still make some noise and PRETEND to be righteous.

Of course you all may also agree to have a clause for mutual support if, say, when one of you make a statement while giving a left eye wink to the camera or, say, having a keyword like "security". Meaning like when say, Israel were to whack Syria, the statement by Israel if it contains the key word "security" then you may not voice your objections. But if the keyword was not in the statement, then you may wave the keris. In this way, you would look good most of the time( unfortunately not all the time) and you would not invite an embargo by pissing at the superpowers, all in all, basically a win win situation.

On second thought scrap the idea of the eye wink. You may not have a problem but your boss with his habitual beauty sleep problem may give your friends all the wrong impressions.

For the sake of clarity, or if you do not understand the above, i will give you the following example :

Say, if GW Bush were to say in a statement that Osama bombed WTC, your reaction should be, if the keyword was "Osama", you should jump out and say that you agree with him 100%.

But if GW Bush says in the statement like Operation endurin freedom to catch terrorist, you may pretend to, if the keyword was "Osama"(and no mention of Osama anywhere in the statement), kick up a fuss on them waging a war on another country for no reason etc. etc.

Fuck BN again

Did you hear that right ?

Guantanamo Bay ?

And its was from Najib ! If it was from Si Dollah, then it is fine lah, since Dollah cant differentiate from Guantanamo Bay or The Gulag per say.

This is from Najib the defence minister.

ISA equivalent with Guantanamo Bay ?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Not so great dictatorial minds think alike?

The government came into power promising a "new order". Then the government proceded to rob the country blind while declaring that his predecessor left him an empty treasury. After these deeds were found out, the government promptly announce a state of emergency and detained arbitrarily any dissident in the name of national security. And then by interfering in the country's judiciary and other branch of government, including amending the constitution to extend the retirement age of a certain friendly office bearer to the ruling party, the government manage to solidify its cleptocratic hold on to the country. The country mass media was also tightly controlled by the government to prevent people to know the truth. But eventually the people found out.... then there was mass demonstrations which forced the ruling elites to flee the country.

Yes you read that correctly. The ruling elites were exiled. Of course if you have ommited reading the last sentence, you might have thought i was referring to the BN government. But i wasnt referring to them although there are striking similiarities.

I was actually referring to Ferdinand Marcos's Philipines in the 1970s.

Now for all the things Malaysia have achieved, with all the resources, with the biggest government(minister to population ratio wise), all they can do is to plagiarise a thirty year old political manouver from the Philipines? But luckily they copy from Philipines and not from Indonesia or else we would have gotten an earful like when we copy their songs and dances.

While on the matter of foreign influence, do you know that our national service was copied bulat bulat from another country? Many would think that we copied Singapore, but the fact is, we copied this from none other than Israel. Of all countries.

Then there is RELA, the personal army of BN which was influenced by Nazi Germany's Gestapo.

Lastly the FRU. Now these guys are really tough. Needless to say they were definately inspired by Spartans(as seen on 300). They form a human shield and there is absolutely no way that anyone could get past them. And when they advance, they leave a bloody trail in their wake. They are so badass that you half expect them to shout " this is Malaysia" before they start whacking people. Unfortunately, they recently suffered some reputation hit when an injured dude wearing an arm sling got past them on the occasion of an american chick visiting Malaysia. Also an unconfirmed report of FRU almost losing someone when they crackdown on some temple devotees in Batu Caves.

I would like to mention that this list is of course, non exhaustive but as it is, it is already too long a post.

Friday, December 14, 2007

How to fuck BN

Very simple.

First google for BN image

Save the image

Then you open the image in paint

Then you spray paint the word FUCK on the image

Then you save it

Then you post it on your blog

A few days later, you will be visiting some Indian friends in Kamunting

Vote for anything under the sky other than BN.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Vote against BN

The kerajaan BN cannot be wrong.

Any accusation of wrong doing will be label as questioning the almighty kerajaan BN

The kerajaan BN cannot be criticize.

Any form of criticism will be consider a threat to national security.

The kerajaan BN cannot be challenge.

Any form of challenge is illegal and must be silence off by any means necessary.

Ducky would like to cast a no confidence vote on the kerajaan BN.

How can I do that.

Can I tear up my ballot paper.

Simpler yet why not just boycott the coming election.

Or is it not wise to do as old people say BN sure kalah teruk one.

Say no to BN and vote for anything under the sky other than BN.

Old man say

Old man at the mamak stall say that this election BN sure kalah teruk one.

Old man at the mamak stall say that after BN kalah teruk sure kecoh one.

Old man at the mamak stall say better buy food and store now.

Old man at the mamak stall say yesterday he receive sms ask him go Kampung Baru this Saturday with his parang.

Ducky say go for an oversea holiday during the coming election.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


First of all I need to say this.


OK That being said, tomorrows Hindraf rally, I do do hope nothing bad happen. Why things might get ugly ? Because in boleh land, the Indians always get bad treatment by the PDRM. Many of them has been abused and killed in police custody and God knows what else. Yes, Indians are a little violence at times, but so are we all, if you are as discriminated all the time you might get a little pissed off too.

Back to the rally, the thing is, if this rally is really going to be attended by a majority of Indians, and things get ugly, those FRU will not hesitate exchange blows, hard blows, not just water cannons and tear gas. And why are we all so concerned ? Because if this thing really happens the BN gamen will use this ugly incident as another May 13 trump card. And you can forget about BERSIH having another rally or a march by lawyers. The BN gamen will not hesitate to use this incident again and again to remind everyone why illegal assembly is not allowed and this is the consequence when rules are broken.

Anyway you look at it, the BN gamen will have the upper hand. And it is bad for the opposition, the NGOs', BERSIH or any organization in the future.

Lets hope that I and many others like minded people are wrong, and that this Hindraf protest will be a peaceful and safe one.

Let us pray.


After careful consideration, I realised my post in some sense is telling people not to attend the Hindraf's rally. That would be selfish of me. And to claim that the BN gamen will gain another trump card, is just being naive. The May 13 incident happened some nearly 40 years ago and to related this to that is careless.

So what the fuck am I actually trying to say then ?

Truthfully ?

Indians are the poorest race in this country, neglected by their leaders, insulted and discriminated. And for once in their life time they can actually do something, say something, express something, just something, and they are doing it now, a protest, a rally.

The mothers'/wives/partners' of dead Indian fathers'/husbands'/friends' under the the prejudice and discriminating laws of the authorities, has no comfort/disclosure/peace. Yes I have no right to talk about this, but this people are pissed, I would be pissed too, and so would you, Malay, Chinese, Iban..............

It's not about a racial thing, it is not about a trillion ringgit, it's about poverty, respect and standing side by side with your brethens when in need, it's what that Petronas advertisement that is played over and over again on that Tangga Tiga Puluh Satu Ogos.....

And yes they have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ever wonder why those aprons are blue and white stripes ?

Since Asian Food Channel kick off on astro, my wife has been cooking non stop and waist line has been increasing non stop as well.

Before AFC, it was just Jaime Oliver and some Anthony Bourdain, now its like a 24 hours cook show.

Other than all the food that was cooked and tuck away, one small little thing caught my little attention. The apron that this British cooks seems to be wearing, you might notice it as well, blue and white stripe aprons.

So as usual I googled for it, not knowing what to googled for actually, but I think I am rather satisfied with my find. I took this from


Why do butchers wear those navy blue and white striped aprons?

This is a tradition of our meat trade today, just as the straw boater is the mark of the British butcher.

Years ago the Butchers Guild, which began somewhere around the tenth century, had a blue and silver crest.

These colours were reproduced in the butchers' aprons with the difference that the rather strong blue, known as butchers' blue, was darkened to navy because this colour did not show up the stains so clearly.

If he wore a broad stripe, he was a master butcher. If the broad stripe stood alone, he had come up the hard way, learning his trade as he worked at it. But if the broad stripe was topped by a narrow stripe, he was a master butcher who had been apprenticed to his trade.

An apprentice wore an apron with a narrow stripe until he became a master, and if he then undertook to train apprentices himself, he was entitled to wear an apron sporting three stripes - a broad one signifying his mastership, sandwiched between two narrow ones signifying his own apprenticeship and the fact that he was now teaching apprentices.

And by the way, the Butchers Apron is also known as the Jack Union Flag ! I didn’t read into that, I presume it must be for their ruthlessness back in those knights in shining armour days.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Do you remember PASOLA ?

I think it was the 1980s small cc moped or something.

A Yamaha Pasola 50cc, mostly red in colour.

Had this theme song that went with it

"saya wanita yang moden, bergaya dan bebas"

I tried googling for some images, but all i found was some shitty images.

I think i rode one before when i was like underage, never actually thought it was a real motobike. If you had seen one, you would think the same.


Ok, Angel said Pasola is with 2 SS's which explain why i cant google any images.

Thank you.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Jack Bauer for the Malaysian Prime Minister post

Having just finish watching 24 season 5, I like most normal start to think that Jack Bauer is fucking indestructible.

Having thought of that, I have decided to google for Jack Bauer and lookey lookey what do we have ? 1000s of facts about Jack Bauer that will definitely leave you rolling on the floor laughing your ass off. But if you are a muslim extremist or a menj wannabe for instance, then I would suggest you skip this site else I can't guarantee you be having a great Raya.

These are some of facts that you will see there.

- If Jack Bauer had been a Spartan the movie would have been called "1".

- Once, someone tried to tell Jack Bauer a "knock knock" joke. Jack Bauer found out who was there, who they worked for, and where the goddamned bomb was.

- Passed out, surrounded by terrorists and nerve gas, and handcuffed to a table leg, Jack Bauer laughed to himself and said, "I have them right where I want them."

- If Jack Bauer was in a room with Hitler, Stalin, and Nina Meyers, and he had a gun with 2 bullets, he'd shoot Nina twice.

- If Jack Bauer was president, he would protect the secret service.

- ...and on the seventh day Jack Bauer said, "I'll take it from here."

- Jack Bauer often stands in front of his microwave and yells "WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME" while waiting for his Top Ramen to cook..

- When Santa Claus asked Jack Bauer what he wanted for Christmas, he snapped his neck. No one interrogates Jack Bauer and gets away with it.

- Tony was once shot in the neck, rushed to the hospital, underwent emergency surgery and was back on the job in just a few hours. Jack Bauer still can't believe that pussy went to the hospital first.

- Jack Bauer arrested RoboCop. Think about that. (In Season 5, Christopher Henderson was played by Peter Weller, Peter Weller played Robocop)
- When Google can't find something, it asks Jack Bauer for help.

And the list goes on and on and on, I've been reading up to 1,200++ and it has not ended yet.

I sure would like to add 1 in there, - After Jack Bauer reads menj.......

Monday, October 08, 2007

Causality in Malaysia

We learnt that World War 1 started because of an assassination of an Austrian priest.

We also learnt that America becomes involve in World War 2 because of the Pearl Harbour incident.

Closer to present time, we are aware that America invaded Afganistan because of the World Trade Centre attack.

And then America invaded Iraq because of Iraq having Weapons of Mass Destruction.

I know. As the list goes on it becomes more and more ridiculous that the root cause of war is something so irrelevent (when viewed with hindsight after knowing the consequences)

But in the true spirit of Malaysia Boleh, we have the most ridiculous causality in which to bring about changes in policy(fortunately not war).

Works minister is going to ban superbikes because one of them allegedly overtook him on the highway!

As an observer of history i would not comment on the casuality of war in Europe/Middle East because frankly it does not effect me personally. Superbikes does not effect me either because i don't ride bikes. But what may or will effect me is the reaction of the govt to the cause, for example...

What if an imam got killed in Thailand. Would our govt declare war?


What if a minister step on some dog shit, would they order the culling of all the dogs in Malaysia?

Maybe the current govt in Malaysia has been in power for far too long and that this power has make them too complacent and readily flaunt their authority with impunity.

Think about it,

We have a govt that has been accused of the following(this year alone!):

Corruption - Port Klang, Russian Jets, Navy Boats, Timber deals, etc...

Crime against humanity - Batu Burok, Mongolian, Klcc protest, etc....

Defy The Constitution - Appointing Judges, curbing religious freedom, etc....

And yet, and yet they still have the political clout to litterally piss off people on superbikes as well as the Bar council.

US govt is not powerful, they have to hide the truth about WMD and prison torture. Failing to do it they retreated and kept quiet.

Burma govt is not powerful, when people found out about their killing of civilian they lay low.

Malaysia govt is the most powerful, after all that they have been accused of they can still piss of their voters and ban superbikes just because one of them overtook a minister's car on the highway.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Stupid Samy

I know Samy is stupid, you know Samy is stupid, but this time I think Samy really spoke before he even got any advised on this matter, because if he had, he would realised hell a lot of his fellow MPs are superbikers and they would gladly see him removed then to part with their beloved Harleys or their Triumph.

And to realised that a Superbiker overtook him at 170km/h, he got to be travelling at around 150/160km/h my guess. But what he should had proposed to him self is to get a better driver or a higher power litre car. Given his mentality he might get a truck, a higher litre motor vehicle.

Stupid Samy.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The law is the law!

Latest news!!!! We have all apparentl
y been fooled by a clever opposition ploy to create a distrust in the judiciary, so says our law minister. You, me, 1000+ lawyers and probably millions of Malaysians are fooled and would have continued to be fooled if not for this latest insight by our genius minister. So i urge everyone to closely follow this genius of a minister's speech very closely as i got a hunch that in this few days, he is going to show us his genius again by revealing the colonels recipe of 11 secret herbs and spices. Genius!!!

A quick pop quiz to start of this post. Remember the guy who said this " Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid" repeat 10 times or so...

Yes the same person who with this magnificent gift of the gap also said "Racist, racist, racist" repeat 30 times. With his ocean of eloquence, it is dissapointing that this time, he only manage to say " the law is the law". He did not repeat this 10 or 20 times. He only said it once.

I have this theory that when he do not just repeat what he says to reinforce his message. I think for every "stupid" or "racist" that he said, he is refering it to a specific person. Meaning there was 30 or 40 stupid and racist in his vicinity or at least within earshot that he was trying to point out.

But coming back to him saying "the law is the law", by using my theory above, he was only refering to the poor girl's parent. It would be different if he has said "the law is the law, is the law, is the law" repeat X number of times. In that would happen, i would suspect that he would also instruct the AG to prosecute the politicians who did not pay duty for cars purchased, the politicians who did not settle their traffic summons and especially the corrupt politicians.

And thus he spoke "the law is the law". Which would have the meaning of the law is the law only to Nurin's parents. I take it from him that there is a law against parent negligience and that law would be used against Nurin's parents. The malay saying Sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga would be very apt in this case. But what if this becomes a policy? Would someone be charged for indecent exposure if that person was escaping from a rape or was raped but managed to escape in torn up clothes/naked? Would a person be charged for littering if that person was shot in public(the assumption that blood would be on the floor)?

Looking at the facts, an 8 year old going to a public place at night, in the neighbourhood can hardly be called parental negligience ( at least to me it is not. Please i don't want to debate this. Leave it as to each his own view). Heck at her age i did the same thing. Granted that the streets are a lot safer then.( who do we have to thank for making the streets unsafe nowadays)

Lastly, this guy is so powerful that even the yang amat arif calls him up to confide in him certain important issue, but he is not that powerful that he alone can instruct AG to prosecute someone(can he?appreciate if someone can shed a light on this). What i know is that the AG has the power to almost arbitrarily prosecute someone, or he could get instructions from the Cabinet to prosecute someone. So if Nurin's parents got prosecuted, they got the whole cabinet to thank for.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Start having a kid or just shut the fuck up

We have stupid ministers and we have really stupid ministers.

But that loud mouth Nazri must be the stupiest among the lot.

Taking action against parents that neglect their own kids ? And who is going to set the guide line ? Are you sure you want to do that ? The majority of folks you are going to upset are your own kind.

We Chinese have either 1 or 2 kids. Maybe some 3 or 4. We are not like your kampong folks that waste not those so call precious drops that you need to conceive every single drop of it. With a family of 6 or 7 is very very very difficult to control and care for.

You want your kampong folks to walk every single one of their kids to school and sundry shop and errands ? Then I suppose you Mr. Nazri make some time out of your free schedule to visit them in their kampong to plant those vegetables or padi or plucking the coconuts or cutting that sugar cane or that whatever that they do the whole fucking day and get paid little more than what you make in a day.

I suppose you have no idea what it is like to take care of kids nowadays. And if Mr. Nazri thinks kids are like what he was when he was 4 or 5, dumb and dumber, I wouldn’t blame him, as his intelligence has definitely not grown much since then. Maybe he is a little smarter then that kera that climbs up the tree to pluck coconuts.

And for those other people out there, rich and have plenty of servants and nanny to take care of their young ones, or those not having any children or the worst kind, the kind that sent it to their aged parents to care for their young ones and any fuckers for that matter, just shut your fucking mouth.

No you have no right to say nor comment on any matter concerning children cause you have none or you are not taking care of one and you have no idea the kind of stress and pressure parents nowadays faced. I have all the limited right to comment because I have 2 kids of my own.

So I suggest before you start to following Mr. Nazri footsteps I suggest you hang around folks with a couple of kids for a day or two and see how tiring it is to take care of kids nowadays.

And if you think it is a piece of cake, by all means go start one, and would be very sure you will be supporting my post in 1 year time.

So go fuck off and get a kid.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Gay Pastor

Lets just say for argument sake, a Muslim holy man, a Imam which also originated from Malaysia but now resides in the US of A which accidentally is a Gay as well decides to balik kampung to eat some local goreng pisang, what do you think the Malaysian Custom or Immigration will do ? Your guess is as good as mine, NO ENTRY.

But of course all you muslim, would say that there is no Gay muslim, it is prohibited and so and so. Like wise a gay man is also prohibited in christianity, and only dick head countries like the US of A and some european countries I think would condone such lewd acts and misinterpret the bible for their own benefit.

Somehow muslims seems to think that the US of A is the central development area for christianity. Well its not. Asia and Africa has seen much development since.

Well anyway, my point, Gay pastor decides to balik kampung, no problem, selamat datang. And why not, its just adds more name labelling by the muslim and alikes. Make fun of christianity, spread it all over the internet the print media, menj and alikes would be having a field day.

This is how insensitive our present govt is to non-muslim, remember how fast they reacted to demolishing that islam-cult that promotes orgies and all ? And the Da Vinci code, which was not ban ? You decide.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Long time no babes

Well it has been some time since I posted pictures of hot babes.

Well recently i received forward mails for the AFOS babes pictures and 1 particular chick rather stand out somehow. If you are as Ham Sup as me you would have seen this pictures as well, well many thanks to zerotohundred as it is stated there on the picture for this beautiful picture.

As you can see for yourself, 1 particular girl really does stand out from the 4. So i googled for a while and after here and there, I am please to present to you, Ms. Leng Yein.

She sure got a pair of beautiful eyes and that tummy is lean. And if you are ham sup enough and you continue to google around, you would find out that the first picture is (from left to right) Crissty Chiang, Rose Chin, Nicole and Leng Yein. I think they are all Hypertune babes.

And since you are already ham sup and wanting more, this is the picture of Leng Yein's sister, Leng Sean if i am not mistaken.

I am quite sure you can see the family resemblence.

Well I found this picture in my harddisk and it looks like the same theme, so here they are, i have googled this before but with much difficulty for these pictures, maybe someone can help.

So any help of who this babes are, would be much oblige.

And as usual we would like to thank,

And not forgetting Kenny Yeoh (watermark on Leng Yein pictures) and Victor Chen once again for having the best job in the world, next to a porn film camera man.

This time i took the liberty to post thier pictures so we can shake their hands if we ever see them on the street. Which is which ? Go googled it yourself.

Monday, July 30, 2007

ducky's monday blues

Interesting enough, ducky use to like to judge a book by a cover, yellow hair dude – cd/vcd/dvd peddler, smoking bitches – hookers, neatly dressed men – queers and so on. Until one fine day, I saw a dude with a spiky yellow hair and he was a youth pastor. Then at the pasar malam, right smack in the center of it was an old man selling corn, he was yapping away of how sweet his corn was in Cantonese when all of a sudden as he heard the buying pairs asking each other how many corns they should buy, and the old started to talk English like your old school teacher would be doing ! Speaking – wah caya lah lu ! like my malay buddies back in those 90s would used to say.

Through enough, recently I had an interview and this person see fit enough for him to read me like he knew me, and he felt I wasn’t enthusiastic enough to join his big firm, of course I wasn’t enthusiastic enough like a graduate seeking for his first job. I’m 34, and I’m offering my service to you and at all times I will be remain calm and cool even if your roof come falling down on me. So he felt I should dance a little so to speak to sell my self. I just look calmly at him smile a little and sort of thank him for his time in a way.

I guess this is why most Malaysian after hitting 30 or more decides to start their start their own ventures irrelevant whether it would succeed or not. It’s like a way of showing their ex-bosses or people that didn’t employ them what they could have gotten. But too fucking bad Malaysian employers seem to take it for granted that their employees owed them a duty because they pay them a salary.

Your employer can never be your friend no matter how nice they are, they are nice for the same reason you brown nose yourself. It work both ways. When you are under employed you are a slave in a way, when you leave you become a threat to them.

Same way these BN knuckle heads are doing to us. They like us to be under their paws, afraid of them with their Sedition Act, their Internal Security Act, their samseng FRU thugs. Throwing their trump cards whenever we sang too loud, May 13, Islam insulting, King insulting.

The fact of matter that this BN bums are throwing out low punches at us only signify one single thing. Our shots has been accurate. To those responsible bloggers knights we salute you. Soon we will be hanging posters of them in our room and doors courtesy of mob1900 of course.

The General Election will be coming soon, register yourself and vote AGAINST BN.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I dont play that many PS2 games, but there are 4 specific games that i enjoyed, loved and will continue to play over and over again until my PS2 is broken or otherwise.

1. GTA San Andreas
I guess this is everyone all time favourite, no doubt about it, from street brawling to kung fu fighting to taking down an entire Military post arm with an AK47 or whatever you fancy and then to drive a wide range of cars that you can put nitro on and do all crazy ridicolous stunts with motorbikes, planes, helicopter, speedboats and even a bicycle.

2. Mercenaries Play Ground of Destruction
I'm not sure many played this, but if you did, you know what is install for any GTA fans. Instead of cars, now you get to drive a wide range of military vehicles, from tanks to armoured vehicle and even a Russian made chopper that look like that Apache (sorry i have limited military knowledge, unlike my friend kim soon and andrew !) And not to mentioned mind blowing guns like the surface to air missille launcher.

3 & 4. God of War I & II
Between GTA and this, I might choose Kratos as the ultimate man warrior. Game play is simple, kill ! kill ! and kill ! again. Anyone come in your way, unleash your blades and cincang them to pieces, if they are still alive, unleash your other magical powers to weaken them and then finish them off with your mighty blades again.

Ducky writing a game review ? Nooooooooooooo, Kratos the character of God of War is a Spartan, which was the only thing that reminded me when I saw the preview for 300 earlier this year. And when i finally watch it thanks to AXXO, sure enough, it was Kratos all again.

300 was a spectacular film about the Spartan soldiers. In the beginning of the film, a summarize idea of what a Spartan soldier citizen faced to become what he is today. And the fighting scene, might be too gross for some, but for Kratos fans, it was what expected. What do you expect, THIS IS SPARTA !

If you had not known about Sparta or the Spartan Army, i suggest you google it yourself and do some reading. But since all this are Greeks histories and legends, bare in minds that some facts might be fictional or mythicals as like our Hikayat Hang Tuah and Puteri Gunung Ledang. Do read also about the Battle of Thermopylae.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

TV Series 24

I must be the last person on earth to start watching TV series 24.
Just finish watching Season 1, now gong on to season 2, 14 episodes later, and it is better than season altogether.
When i first started to watch it, Jack Buer seems like a real SOB, always bitching about something or someone, a short fused guy with no respect for the law and authority. Doing anything he likes just because he think it is right so.
But as the show progress, you realised that the SOB is just really a mixed mofo. With years of doing intel for the govt, his mind is so fuck up that he starts to suspect every single one.
Season 2 start off with a bang, killing of FBI suspects and cutting off his head, Jack shows why he is the real thing, because he gets the job done no excuse. Season 2 really starts to show Jack characteristic as a soldier rather than a intelligence agent at the CTU.
And btw CTU is just a fictional govt agency. Thou in actual real life such a anti terrorist do exist but not under the name of CTU.
Season 3 is on the way, with Season 2 about to complete.
Wont be too soon when i reach the current season of 6. Heard that Season 7 & 8 is well on the way as well. 24 looks like Alias, but i feel Alias is just a girlie show.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Where has all the good Blogs gone in PPS ?

I think i have read 1 or 2 post on this matter before, I think, and the sad part is nobody seems to agree with the writers, the writers are consider as dinosaurs and totally left out in the current blogging scene.

I have cannot agree with that.

If you have been writing blogs and posting and reading from Project Petaling Street, you would notice the vast difference from lets say, 2 years ago to now. Then I can honestly say, PPS had a lot of good posting, orginal articles that was writen from heart felt. Honest opinion and much less about personal life matters.

Nowadays, i feel 3/4 of the posting on PPS are about making money in blogs and the rest of the articles are senseless, distasteful and not worth to read at all. It's just headlines to get their blog traffic flowing. Nothing more.

You dont need to agree with me, as dinosaurs are already extinct.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Would you re-marry if your spouse died ?

If you are a top notch leader of a country and you want to get re-married by all means, do so, you even get my congrats.

But if you are a low notch leader that often falls asleep in meetings and have no grasp of reality in your day to day work, and you want to get re-married, when your dear beloved wife which we thought you loved so dearly died like not so many years ago, the only thing that is going round in my head is,

Is this all you have been doing since you became the leader of this country, go dancing and dating and now tying the knot ?

And to get married just after more than a year and a half, you got to be playing kaki tiga all along even when your dead wife was still alive. Come on lah, any logical person will think of this, we don’t need to hear rumours or read it from anyway else, its just something that makes you wonder.

Though some people say, that by re-marrying a new person, you get to forget the one you love and that makes you happy again ! I don’t know, my wife is not dead yet. But I cant agree, I’ve seen people that were married like forever, and one of them died, the other just died partly as well, what is left is the shell, no mention of re-marrying, just remembering the memories they shared together. I doubt I will ever re-marry if my wife died. The thought that someone new will make you happy once again, is highly infatuation. You got to be like a teenage boy/girl to believe that.

But any which way, this is bolehland, the land where any shitty thing can happen.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Can we compare Christianity & Islam ?

Hell No !, why read on.

I have read some books on comparison between islam and christianity.

But of course this books are written by the christian dude.

Summary of all this books are like this.

The Bible tell tall tales. The historical facts dont tied up. The last days of Jesus are inconsistent. The diciples are liars. Jesus is scared of dying. The Bible consist of many books written by many people, so it is not sacred.

And when you want to compare notes with the quran, this is their answer.
The quran is a holy book written by something something (i dont remember), it is sacred and cannot be judge ! period ! if you do i will kill you or something like that !

My summary, tolerance, quran has none. and thus the followers.

You make your own judgement.

But you know whom am i actually talking to, right ?

Lina Joy denied freedom

After much wait, the verdict came out.

Lina Joy remains a muslim.

Very smart move by the authorities to pro-long the decision, as you know in Malaysia, the longer any issues are being pro-long, the faster we forgot. So the question, have we forgotten about it. Personally ducky is not that mad. Just thought of it as an election decision. You know that famous phrase by that youth leader waving his keris and all.

But is it a smart decision ?

Rather i would say, since the chances of Christians rioting on the streets are much slimmer than say a muslim burning an efigy of the cross with JC on it. Not to say the christian would not revolt, but chances are less.

So lets say, out of the blue, you go to church this Sunday, and your pastor says that we have to fight this injustice that is happening to Lina Joy, Who will join me in a protest march.

Would you do it ?

I'm not going to church this week.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

An accident much awaited for

Ah, finally an accident on the highway that makes people who drives accordingly to the speed limit, put on a big fat smile. I was coming back from Taiping on Sunday afternoon, after the Tapah pitstop, and there was a kiss-kiss-bang-bang of some sort. Since i dont really slow down to look at accident, i just had a glimps, and i was happy with what i saw.

I believe a Camry, 4WD & more 2Litres++ cars were involved in a kiss-kiss-bang-bang.

Why am i happy ? dont you get annoyed, when you drive at the speed limit and you want to overtake that slower car/bus/trailer come this asshole from behind that thinks he owns the highway and drive up your ass with flashing lights, asking you to move over, if the driver had notice, i am trying to do some overtaking here. And no, i do not want to overtake at 140km/h, i am confortable at 110km/h.

When such beautiful things happen to them, i think they just deserve it.

Friday, May 18, 2007

A Noble Royalty at long last

As we thought all those casino ROYALe in this country are as useful as that green goo in my nose, a carpenter's cup was found among the many glittering golden cups.

Now all we wish for is for him to ascend to the KING kong throne one day and kick all those sorry ass mothers out of that public zoo complex near the statue of the fallen heroes.

This is about those time that really makes you feel proud from which of the 14 states you are from. Feels great to be from the town formerly knows as Klian Pauh isnt it ?

Long live the DR and his harley DAVIDSON.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Chinese commentating in F1 is SUPERR !

Even with my half past six cantoenese, I have been listening to 98.8 in the morning and in the evening nowadays. And just out of curiosity i wanted to know what & was talking about. While 98.8 as usual was talking about current economical/political/social issues, was talking about pointless sensesless issues like 'do you like your partner to choose what you wear or something like that' and after waiting for the duo to finish doing their hyena laugh i couldnt take it anymore. after passing through mix & hitz, i wasnt interested in what fly had to offer.

who the fuck actually wants to know all this irrelevant issues, its not humurous nor educational, not even a slight entertaining. it's just rubbish and more rubbish. which makes me wonder, if that is all the english speaking rakyat of malaysia is interested about. learn to laugh like hyena, make irritating phone calls, dress your partner or anything else like that 20 Q&A that you can find from those women magazines.

i have 1 young 20+ boy in my office which irritate the hell of me. its like listening to jj & rudy and that whatever in

and furthermore, i took a step more by switching the commentating of sports broadcast in astro from english to chinese, after my friend told me what the chinese commentator said during michael last race for ferrari last year when he did one of the most spectacular overtaking. i dont remember what the english commentator said but apparently the chinese commentator said this which was very true and ever lasting "che san, chan hai che san" which simply translate as F1 king is trully a F1 king.

so i watched last sunday spanish grand prix in chinese and it was superr. if you understand chinese, i suggest you make that switch if you havent. you wont regret it. the english commentators are by the way hopeless. unfortunately tv3 & 8tv dont bring in the live telecant anymore, as the commentating by martin brundle & co. is worth listening to.

have you got your may 13 book yet ? you can order from suaram.

Friday, May 11, 2007

That big new leaking building in Duta

My 10 years old something apartment is not leaking. It doesnt cost a bomb, and its not a shack. The only works i did was for my toilet floor. Which after paying 1K for it, doesnt leak to my downstairs anymore. And that was 1 in a 10 years repair.

Even my Dad in Law house which is like 50 years old does not leak a single drop.

So how on earth can a spanking new building which on another hand is suppose to be the world largest court house be leaking ? The part which is mentioned world largest should have put some significance to it. But unfortunately in boleh-land, only the word that mentions "world largest" is important. Whether it was build on the swamp or smack in the middle of no one land is irrelevant.

So we come back to my house which i believe is built by reputable contractors since it did not leak in the first place and that the new court complex is built by non-reputable contractors. So why are non-reputable contractors are being awarded to built the world largets court complex ? I believe our twin towers are being built by somewhat the best of the best, being tallest and all.

Unless there is no significant in building the world largest court complex, but why must it be the world largest ? Its not that we have outstanding judges that pass extraordinary judgement that make world class headlines for other like commonwealth countries to follow as precedent. But instead we have dickhead judges that seem to have no thinking ability of their own but to blindly follow likewise dickhead judges judgement.

In short all malaysian now whether BN supporters or not can clearly see how their Govt spend their tax money - Cheapest contractor + Big Project = Maximum Gain.

So what the fuck are you waiting for, lets go start a construction company, get ali & abu as director and shareholder, we'll get our shovel ready !

Monday, May 07, 2007

Flags of our fathers II

Finally finish watching Foof.

And this quote from the show taken from IMDB quotes just about summarise both Flag of our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima.

"I finally came to the conclusion that he maybe he was right maybe there are no such things as heroes maybe there are just people like my dad, I finally came to understand why they were so uncomfortable being called heroes. Heroes are something we create, something we need. It's a way for us to understand what is almost incomprehensible, how people could sacrifice so much for us, but for my dad and these men the risks they took, the wounds they suffered, they did that for their buddies, they may have fought for their country but they died for their friends. For the man in front for the man beside him, and if we wish to truly honor these men we should remember them the way they really were the way my dad remembered them."

Friday, May 04, 2007

Flags of our Fathers

Who the fuck would have known that Mr. Dirty Harry made 2 war movies last year and made it sorta link to each other.

Apparently Letters from Iwo Jima ("LfIJ") & Flags of our Fathers (FooF) are both movies on the battle of Iwo Jima, with the later focusing on the Americans and the former in my previous post.

Just watched 40 minutes of it before i was too tired and felt asleep, this is not an indication that the movie is dull, ok. Kinda reminded me of Saving Private Ryan with the beach running and all.

Strangely, LfIJ focused more on the individual and not the strategic warfare, which i felt should have been the primary focus. FooF showed how well the Japs fortification were on the Island. But you dont feel and see that in LfIJ.

One thing that really made me wonder is the american life savers and protectors ie, the police, fire fighters, paramedics, coast guard rescue swimmers, etc, they seem to be able to put the life of those that they are going to save above themself, which i doubt any Asian can.

Just take the Medics from FooF, they risk life and limb running into the battlefield to save lifes, carrying them, with their backs against the enemy.

In Conclusion, a universal known fact, wars are not about helping helpless countries under tyrany, its not about getting rid of oppressor, its just personal gain for power and money. Power gain by winning wars and conquering mountains and hills by sacrificing millions of soldiers that went to war under the impression of "Uncle Sam" needs you. And next to power, money, the money made from selling of guns and mass destruction weapons to the highest bidder whether they are your enemy or not.

And lastly, when you see a soldier being shot or blown to pieces just as they sat foot on the battlefield, you can see and feel the pointlessness of war.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Why Japan lost WWII

Last night i watched Letters from Iwo Jima.

Depending on the accuracy of the show, if that is as real as it was, then it would have been obvious.

You would need to see the show yourself to see why. But of course everyone has their own point of view. And history books put it as a very fierce defending by the imperial troops.

After losing out Mt. Suribachi, the remaining troops were told to regroup at the northen part, but what did the leaders felt that they should do ? take a grenade pull out the pin and placed it at their heart and blow themself to pieces. That they call dying in honour.

There is a certain aspect of honour i think this japanese soldiers fail to understand. Like some of those jihad warriors, that has cross their religion boundaries. Why die now, when you can regroup and reenforce to become stronger and have new plans.

I mean if you really want to die in honour, those kamikaze fighters really proof their point. They died and they brought along many others with them, that is real honour. That is war not civilian, ok ?

Talk about wiping out the samurai in "the last samurai", this action of theirs is no different from their samurai brethen, right ?

So why did Japan lost the war ? Obvious right, instead of planning for counter attack or reenforcing their forces, this jap warriors did the only thing that was drilled into that thick skull of theirs, dying for your country is an honour. So instead of trying again, which they felt was a retreat of cowardness, they blew themselve apart.

ok, maybe this could been only in iwo jima, troops were tired, dehydrated, low on morale and a one time thing. maybe i'm wrong. i didnt do any detail anaylsis on the history of japanese war during wwII. but it is a thought, nonetheless.

Monday, April 30, 2007

What the fuck is wrong with our Indian brethen ?

First of all i'm not going to apologise for what i'm writing now. I dont think i need to. Cause i've been saving their life all this time. And if they dont appreciate it, maybe they can go fuck off.

First of all i dont live in a high indian community place/area/state. i think the place where i stay has a majority of chinese. Somewhere near Salak South. And furthermore, its not that i frequent places where the Indian communities are in large numbers.

Second, Indian in this country are the 3rd largest ethnic group in malaysia. so chances of seeing a malay in this country is can i say 5 times more than an Indian ? or a chinese for that matter 2 to 3 times more than an Indian.

Which brings me to what i'm scribbling here.

The number of times, i had to avoid hitting an Indian on the road is as high as 6 to 1 that i might hit a Chinese or a Malay. If i see an idiot driver on the road, either driving extremely slow on the highway, driving 2 lanes at the same time, coming out of the corner without looking any direction, standing in the middle of the road and having a fucking conversation chances that that is an Indian is 60%.

On trunk roads, i witness this indian family stopping their car on the road and had a long conversation with friends or relatives, not asking for direction for sure. In smaller towns I witness, on a cross junction, 2 indian family cars stopped right smack in the center to have a friendly chat !

Right yesterday in seri kembangan, this indian guy on a bicycle, came out to the main road where there was a lot of cars without even trying to stopped, just swoop passed by me like i wasn't there. I stopped of course, knowing that indian guy is not going to stopped.

which bring to the point, what the fuck is wrong with our indian brethen. my sister said they are colourful people ! i dont really understand what does being colourful has to do with anything.
i have no fucking answer, maybe an Indian brethen can help me out here.

just to be fair, my chinese brethens are mother fuckers when it comes to double parking and que jumping. and our malay brethens are just poor drivers.

happy holidays.

Friday, April 20, 2007

What the Fuck is LHDN doing ?

I think this year the LHDN (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri) really fuck themself in the ass.

In 2004, Personal Income Tax Return Forms B/BE was in Excel format, 2005 it became PDF format to much disliking as it requires at least a version 7.00++, and version 7.00++ can only be downloaded with Windows XP. I mean maybe all you home users have XP, but last year my office PC was still running a Windows 98 and it actually crashed less than a XP.

This year the LHDN got itchy fingers again and decided to do away with Excel or PDF, and got straight into an HTML document.

To encourage the usage of E-Filing, which is the filing of your tax return form via internet, Some numbers of forms are not sent to the tax payers. But of course, my guess is that they didnt consult everyone in LHDN, as any chinese fellow will tell you is that, if you dont sent me my tax return form, i wont be filing my tax.

On the other hand, LHDN didnt actually put their thinking caps on as to how much internet penetration there is in the country. I heard stories that ppl that went to the LHDN branch wanting to do e-filing but have no idea that it requires the usage of computer.

Originally LHDN did not provide any manual forms if you receive none and no soft printable copy was given, i think it was only last month that LHDN figured all this out.

With only 10 days left for individual tax payers with no business income to submit their tax, i doubt there is enough time. And this time around the blame should be with LHDN, not me, not you, LHDN.

So if anyone wants to fuck them up further, i suggest you go down to your LHDN branch and demand for your tax refund, with all of them being already over work, that should really be the final draw before they start pulling their hair out.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

bloggers gathering

Maybe ducky should go.
Are you going ?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Would you convert to Christinanity just to get married in a church ?

As much as being a christian, ducky personally cannot agree with any christian authority that forces any one of a married couple which is not a christian to be a christian just because they are marrying a christian member in any particular church, that is being baptized and confirm and accepting blah blah blah.

I believe many christian stand firm on this believe, and i actually even heard my pastor mentioned it one time before. And i think he even quoted some bible verses, i could be wrong on that part though.

Ducky thinks this is one of those thing that got mixed up somewhere along the years. Like those grandma tails or superstitious believe, where the word maybe then use was not preferred for a christian member to marry a non-believer. Not preferred normally means not encourage, but certainly not compulsory. So i guess through the years not preferred became unlikely to tidak boleh.

Any sane person can see that forcing someone into any religion for that matter is ridicolous. Love is something between the couple, but religion is between man/woman & GOD. You are marrying a person not a god. Just like you are marrying the daughter/son not the mother/father in law.

Furthermore, this will only aggravate the already tense marriage especially when both parents cannot see eye to eye. Its like not only do i have to give my son/daughter away, they have to be converted, WTF ! Then christianity would be like a compulsory conversion like that other religion.

And where is the part of free-will come about if you forces someone to become a christian.

Personally, if you are trap is such a situation, it is best to resolve this matter without any party having to change its religion just so the parents can see a church wedding. At the end of the day you are getting married not the parents, yes it is a tough nut to crack, but at least you are honest about it and that you show sincererity and integrity.

Why ducky is talking about all this ? Ducky's brother in law in marrying a catholic girl, (Yah think of catholic school girl uniform !) and the mother quite insist on a church wedding. So that means brother in law which is a free thinker i think, would need to convert and he is not to keen.

But of course if it is that other religion, then no choice lah, go thailand and get married.

Monday, April 09, 2007

WTF does the PDRM need to do a operasi in the morning

Honestly, the only thing this boys in white and black should do in the morning rush hour to work is to assist the flow of traffic and nothing else.

I cannot see in any whichever way how issueing various summons for various offences including very minor offences such as not wearing a safety belt can help ease the morning traffic rush.

I have said this many times and will again say it many more that whether i am wearing a safety belt or not is my fucking problem. In no fucking way is wearing a safety belt or not is going to create any traffic problem.

Cause i'm not speeding, i'm not double parking, driving on the emergency lane, drunk or whatever fancy you.

Ducky got a another saman for not wearing a safety belt today, this would be my 4 in my 16 years of driving but within 4 years in think. It's like 1 saman a year.

And when i ask that if he could gave me a chance, he told me his Sarjan was on duty. I trully did not understand that, as my intention was for him to let me go off, not offer him a bribe. Ducky personally dont give bribe, but if my wife was to be sitting beside me, before i know what was happening, she would stick out a RM50 bill right at his nose before he even started talking ! And we would go into fight after that.

Ok, it says here that i can go to the Mahkamah Traffik on a specific date. Or just pay the RM70 saman.

What does that mean ? Does it mean the Mahkamah will hear my case why i do not need to wear a belt ? What happen after the case, do i still pay the fine or what ?

Anyone ?

And lastly, remember that week PDRM had their celebration and they closed some fucking roads, this what ducky has to say, FUCK YOU PDRM.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Borat & Walk the Line

Having only watching movies being dvd-rip by AXXO, ducky review on movies would definitely be old.

OK, watched many films courtesy of AXXO, the greatest dvd-ripper alive, but ducky chose 2. ok actually only 1 from AXXO, the other from Astro, yesterday.

1. Borat
2. Walk the Line.

Many people seem to agree that it’s a wonderful watch, fantastico, personally it’s just like Mr. Bean but talking. The only conclusion I came up with after watching Borat was, what the fuck !

Check out Borat picture from IMDB, not that Borat like huh ?

According to IMDB, Joaquin Phoenix actually took singing and guitar lessons to play the role of Johnny Cash in Walk the Line.

And you know what ? I actually thought Joaquin sang better than Johnny himself, too bad Johnny cant verify that for himself being dead and all.

Joaquin had this low tone much soothing than Cash, don’t believe me, check it out yourself.

Not that Joaquin is going to be a country singer, but did you know that the movie La Bamba, the story about Ritchie Valens, the songs was actually all sang by Los Lobos and they actually did better than Ritchie Valens himself, topping No. 1 in the billboard I think. And if you had heard Ritchie Valens himself on La Bamba, you know what I mean.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Now move aside enlighten, have you heard of best-lock pulak?

(Best-Lock pirate ships, 500 pieces at RM70)

In my quest to seek for more enlighten products, i found another lego like brand.

This one is called Best-Lock Construction sets.

The different is this is not a fake lego, in a way. Unlike those fake chinese lego, Best-Lock bricks are not the same size with legos even though it is mentioned as compatible in their boxes.

The price ? Got my self a 500 pieces pirate ship for RM70, though i was hoping for RM60.

The shop that I got it from, only had 2 pirate ship models, the rest are military sets, which i'm not interested.

as i was seeking out lego models, the previous ship that i got apparently is the exact replica of the original lego, size and colour ! see for yourself. So the ugly colours originated from lego !

Friday, March 09, 2007

Have you heard of enlighten ?

Recently i was at this shop and i saw this lego like bricks. As far as i knew, only lego had bricks like that, the other kinds of bricks were slightly different in sizes and variation.

So i picked it up, and wtf, a 310 pieces set of a red coat ship cost Rm37.50 ! So i bought it lah of course. Went home and expect some hard to understand china converted instructions, and to my surprise, the instructions was standard lego.

Other than the fact that the ship colors is rather colourful, red, blue, white, yellow ! there is also mast and sails !

So decided to google the name of that products enlighten, and true enough, it is a fake lego product. the pieces are not that perfect fitting but it fits, other than that the pieces looks identical to that of lego. and it has been around for a couple of years now.

The same time i found quite a number of forums expressingly unhappiness that such fake products are being allow to be sold across the globe. Most demanded that these fake lego be incernerated.

Personally i think this ppl only feel this way is because they are from the US or develop europeans countries where their currency exchange are much stronger than let say us. how can you compare when a set of lego cost like USD40 for them but cost RM150 for us. And that is like alot of money to most people.

Yes i agree that china is now the world no. 1 faker of goods, but to a certain extent it has brought some good to it. without china, poorer families will not be able to afford toys that was once only for the rich kids. i believe its a balance.

So now, i'm on the hunt to search for this enlighten sets, i wont mentioned where i bought it from, for fear of some sob and mofo that decides to crush them up with a bull-dozer.
edited, pictures of course!
i think this is @ Rm40.00
i think this is @ Rm50.00
i got this for Rm5.00

Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday Fucking

Since today is Friday, and you know what ducky writes on Friday, ducky decides that since most people would already have more or less the same opinion on some topics, why not just link the topics to bloggers that already have wrote them, thus saving the readers time from reading the same old thing again and again. Only difference is ducky would add some Friday fucking power on it.

Links are to The Malaysian

1. Minister Nazri rules out inquiry on aca
Which ducky has said many many times before, if it is against them, then by all means an independent inquiry is STUPID ! If it is against us, an independent inquiry is justifiable, as the Ministries would not want any personal conflict.

2. Autopsy reveals NS trainee dies of drowning
Again another NS trainee dies, i did catch a night news on NTV7 last night, where Lee Lam Thye was crying like a fucking baby, saying something like "i also suffered...?" or i could be mistaken as there was no repeat in the TV3 midnight news.
Is the question of how many NS need to die before actual action is taken or is it before some VIP child dies and action need to be taken. But are VIP children attending NS ? I believe some Ministries said something like they cannot reveal the names as it is for their security ! That is like if i tell you that i have RM1,000,000.00 in my bank account but i cannot show you my bank statement as you might want to rob me !
Drown in toilet ! How do you drown in toilet ? long bath ? I thought this was a camp. And since the trainee did not reveal full details of her health state no one knew. So in short it was the trainee fault, no fault of the NS. Tell that to the parents.
Say this, "Anak awak mati sebab dia tidak memberitahu sesiapa yang dia mempunyai penyakit sawan, ketika dia sedang mandi dia di serang penyakit sawan lalu mati akibat di tenggelami air"

Parents stop sending your kids to NS, they might die. Until the NS can give somewhat a higher safety aspect, NS training must be suspended.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Holidays always mean free time, free time always means watching all the movies i had downloaded from axxo and had not the time to watch it yet. In total i had downloaded like 6 movies in a dvd multiply by 30 dvds = 180+- movies.

Flyboys was rather good, imagine WW1, real dogfights, not real dogs fighting, WW1 planes, german vs british/french.

Unlike modern dogfights, with weapons lock on and homing missiles, those WW1 dogfights were real to the last bullet, no locking on to targets, just manual aim and fire, imagine using manual aim for Carl in GTA ! That was how tough it was. They would have this round aimer thing which they tried to aim at the enemy's plane and bam ! bam ! bam ! miss or hit depends on your accuracy and aircraft maneuvering skills.

Summary - bunch of americans went to france to join the Lafayette Escadrille . Some died and some became heroes. Inspired by true story. Soundtrack is by Trevor Rabin (National Treasure), so you know is good. Included in one of the pilot is David Ellison, son of Oracle Larry Ellison.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Pak Lah says malaysia is super

It looks like this is the first time ever in Pak Lah administrative office that they are going on with their plan without a hitch for them so far.

2007 was celebrated with a bang.

We had that big sculpture in titiwangsa.

Toll increase was played down by all major newspaper

Telling us that our country has made extremely good progress since the 1990s in economy growth.

People that don’t agree with the Government policy are being sued.

People that reveal so call secrets of the Government are being threaten for imprisonment.

While the rakyat are being told to spend less, the government went ahead to buy a kapal terbang, since the traffic in klang valley is already unbearable.

To beat the traffic jam in klang valley some funny tunnel was constructed but it will not be free.

And to make us all happy, all the major newspaper played their role by putting large prints as headlines “EPF PAYS 5.15% DIVIDEND !”

Wow ! that’s extraordinary, 3% whole percent more than last year ! I’ll be singing all the way to the bank. I believe jeff ooi mentioned something about EPF was 8% then during the 1990s and since the country has progress much compared to then why 5.00%++ ?

not only is pak lah stupid, a sleepy head, a retarded, he is also a fucking LIAR. saying Malaysia has progress so much since donkey years. and for all you know he is using par value for the 1990s figure and then market value for the 2000s, then claimed the IMF supported the methodology.


Thursday, February 08, 2007

So Pan Asian arent allowed to do advert, boo hoo

I don’t get it.

I just don’t get why people are all so piss off over the news that those so call pan-asian look people should not appear on TV adds anymore.

What is so sad about that ?

It just creates more job opportunity for ali, ravi & ah chong, so why all the cursing ?

Why you are not ali, ravi & ah chong ?

Don’t you feel that most of these orang putih mix people seems to feel that it is that god given right to appear on media because they look much better and they sound more professional with an accent or a fake one. And that their thinking are much more broader since they have live in overseas before. Blah blah blah.

What about ali, ravi & ah chong, don’t they deserve the right as well ?

Just because they are not as fortunate to have live overseas, makan bacon & eggs for breakfast, have afternoon tea, exposed to different culture, mixing with a variety of foreign people or breathe the orang putih air ! does that make them less equal ?

Fuck, don’t tell me about demand and supply, if the govt demand of such rules and regulation then the fucking people that create such media would simply comply.

Then what, these ‘cham peng’ will be unemployed ? fuck noooo. Most, (means not all) are comfortably well off, have you ever seen a Eurasian beggar ? fuck no. how about those salesman/women that sell those Rm10 things, have you ever seen a cham peng doing that ? have you seen a champ peng working for peanuts in a accounting firm ? fucking no no no.

This is because most cham peng is not going to sweat it out for a living.

So why are you still cursing ?

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

How qualified is Hishamuddin ?

This is very interesting.

Read from Malaysiakini, “Education NGOs meet United Nations Human Rights Council, special rapporteur, Vernor Munoz Villalobos”

Dr Kua Kia Soong, principle of New Era College owned by Dong Jiao Zong (DJZ), told him this,

1. “Every year, there is increasing enrolment of students (in Chinese and Tamil primary schools), but the number of schools are being reduced,”

2. “students in universities and colleges are being restricted in voicing opinions on current affairs such as education issues”

Wonder what will the BN Govt think of this ?


“The special rapporteur is an independent expert appointed by the UN Commission on Human Right to help states, and others, to promote and protect the right to education. Villalobos is currently serving in the Costa Rican Ombudsman’s office, and teaches at the Latina University in Costa Rica as professor of civil rights. He has vast experience in mainstreaming human rights in strategic planning, especially in the field of education."

Best man for the JOB wont you say ?

how about Hishammuddin ?

from wikepedia,

"Prior to his commencing his political career, Hishamuddin was formerly a lawyer with the large Malaysian firm of Shearn Delamore and Lee Hishammuddin."

emmph, a lawyer, a politician and now an educator ? what do you get ?

a crooked & corrupted future.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

In the name of the father

If there was one show that I will watch over and over again whenever it is on Astro, is “In the name of the father”

The tagline from IMDB,

“Falsely accused, wrongly imprisoned, he fought for justice to clear his father's name”

Police, judges, political figures, government & country, all corrupted and lies to protect whom ? To protect the wicked, corrupted, liars, pretenders and traitors of the leaders of nations which whom pays for their blood stained living.

While the corrupters and the nation robbers are roaming freely in the country being backed by powerful and rich allies, the truth seekers, the justice bloggers, the joe public are being smacked down by police brutality to scare the living daylights out of their soul, thrown into the jail, sued, summon, and robbed in broad daylight with the ever increasing toll, utilities tariffs, invisible services, import duties, excise duties and any other taxes and duties the government can come up with.


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Fake Leaders

Our gamen seems to think it is one big shot country, representing a false identity to foreigners.

Many people seem to think that the FTA with the US is not a good idea.

On the overall its not a good idea, as it has produce some feedback as to why the talk was so important.

Normally these US people are rather strict and seldom negotiate, but they seems to understand our bumi rights ? And our oil contract with Iran ?

It would seem like it is important to a certain quarters than a whole nation dont you think ?

And the factor on our side which shows what the keris wielding man said was right, that they will shed blood to protect their bumi rights - No Bumi Rights, No FTA talks.

Lets not compare countries or gamen, as that will take us no where, just look at malaysia.

being a member of UN but don’t recognizing UNHCR, given if it was a an Indonesian asylum seeker, the story would be different.

Our petrol prices is the lowest in the region, gamen comparing petrol prices to justify the increase

This is malaysia we have a different idea on freedom, justifying why we lack freedom of speech

The litrak agreement is under OSA top secret, justifying why 4 opposition leaders must be jailed

Water tariff agreement is also under OSA but can shown to investor, to justify the increase in water tariffs

Bottom line, our fake gamen being run by pretending liars and sons of bitches assholes, just twist and turn the so call law to their liking, if it was for their own good, the legal system is the law, if it is against them, by all means crush the legal systems.

And the judges ? Short of understanding the legal procedure you and me can become better judges, as we would actually think before passing judgment. These judges most of the time have already been told what to say, better yet, precedent, one case for all.

I saw this movie on astro that day, 'higher learning' they had this quote,

Without struggle, there is no progress. (Quoted from Frederick Douglas)

What if I continue with this, would it make any sense ?

Without struggle, there is no progress.
Without progress, there is no development
Without development, there is no future
Without future, there is no us

Election is coming, be wise, if you have been voting for the BN all your life out of fear of may 13, then you are the victim, that is some 30 years old incident, yes the tension might be the same now, but we are much matured now, don’t under estimate the malays, not all of them are like what the pretenders leaders of the country portrays. They also has progress much as we had.


Friday, February 02, 2007


News on the opposition leaders being quizzed and charged for releasing the so call OSA documents has got ducky all charged up, and this being friday, it's just perfect.

now its crystal clear. pak lah or badawi or the eunoch PM or sleepy head or whatever name that pleases you is a fucking balless prick. the man, no, calling him a man is too much of an honour. the fucking balless prick is a fucking pussy. that dickhead cannot be criticise. i doubt a backbone can even be found.

dont have the balls to cough up an answer for the toll concession agreement question, just did the only thing his puny dinasour pea brain could come up with, "eer, eer, samy why dont we lock them up dude ?" samy, replied " excelent dude", and he continue jamming his guitar"

it is wrong, it is so fucking wrong to lock up agreements made with private firms to suck up the hard earn rakyat duit. if it is a trade secret, or military thingy, or some whatever really secret stuff, then its ok. here you have more or less all the projects that suck up the rakyat duit into somebody pockets as an OSA. it cannot get any more coincidence than this.

where is the fucking transparency you fucking balless prick has been chanting about, asking us to work with you to achieve whatever so called achievement you think it is. and dare you claim that you still got support from the rakyat.

here is my fucking support for you

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

50 years of horse shit.

Instead of trying to come out with a solution, the people that was responsible of publicing the toll agreements are now being threaten to eat ikan kembung for the next 10-20 years.

Lets look at it in a simpler way, this high figure political dude killed someone in his home, which is situated in a high security area, which the public are not permitted to enter. Lets so happen some Hero manage to creep into this dude home and manage to record the killing action on tape. So the Hero put the recording on you-tube for all to see. The dude found this out and decide to throw this Hero to prison. So he charged the Hero on tresspasing on high security area, which is punishable by death. The court naturally agrees, as this is a high politically figure. How about the video recording, of course a committee will be set up and look into the matter. case close.

Its the same damn way of doing away with bloggers, let the PM claim that all bloggers spread lies about him and the PM does not lie. he is GOD, he never lies, he just misrepresent the truth.

Lets take that aeroplane story, he said it was not for him, it was for govt staff. is he not a govt staff ? The boat story, he did not buy the boat, true, the govt bought the boat for him.

This is a funny year indeed. Because the country is going to celebrate 50 years of independence, which i have no idea why. Cause the reality there is no reason to celebrate, the rakyat mood i'm quite sure has not been as low as now. Every damn thing is expensive, but the govt seems to believe other wise. unlike the rakyat, the govt seems to be living in a bubble, which has no sense of reality. they do not need to pay, cause they re-imburse only.

So instead of trying to make things better this year, they will wipe out all elements that are against the govt and only the spanking clean will be left to show. Its like a showroom, everything boleh, anything tak boleh will either be in sg. buluh, kamunting or dead. This is how the govt is going to celebrate its 50 years of independence.

I believe there is a competition to create a 50 years celebration logo, here is mine.

Friday, January 26, 2007

NS should be suspended

The NS training into the 4th year ? and with some 17 casualties.

That would make about 4 dead every year. With intake of about 40,000, that means in every 10,000 teens, 1 will die.

And it is still being allowed to operate ?

Why aren’t the parents objecting to this.

I know for sure, if my kid was selected, I won’t sent them there.

There is no assurance that they won’t die.

And if there is, all they can say, is that they will look into the matter and are truly sorry.

Well sorry is not going to bring my kid back.

Francis Paul said in Rentakini that, at least those American boys that went to Iraq knows that they might die.

It’s like a Russian roulette, NS is compulsory, and if you refused, they will try to sent you to jail, I suppose, and if you attend NS, chances that you will die 1/10,000. Small % you say ? 4D Nos. 0-9999 = 10,000, there is a winner every time. Think about that.

And now they get to play with guns. Teens with guns, not a very bright idea, teens in cars are already a bad idea. As you know, the tax payers are footing the bill for all the ammunition that is being fired. If trainees can get drown because of lack of officers in charge, being shot down by a stray bullet is also very likely.

And furthermore bullet being super fast, try stopping one with your hand ?

And of course the guns are the attraction now for NS.

Think about it for a while, you raised your kid for 18 years then obediently sent them to NS, BANG ! They are dead, you want to raise another for 18 years, you’ll be at least 50 years by then.

The government never wants to be responsible for any damn thing you know that, but to gamble with my kids, I say TAK NAK !