Friday, February 29, 2008

BN please stay out of Kelantan!

I am wondering now why is BN trying so hard to win Kelantan. All this while i was under the impression that the smart thing for them to do is to lose it to PAS. I am not saying BN would win even if they tried but you may never know that BN might luck out and win Kelantan. Then BN would have won the battle and lost the war....

Remember the nude squat thingy a few years back? There was this video clip of a nude woman who is purportedly a chinese national. BN was so scared that they immediately send a minister to China to appologise. This is China, who is not even a superpower.

Then late last year, after the Hindraf effect, our Nazri Racist made the remark that Tamil Naidu should mind their own business. This mind your own business remark came soon after his genius deduction and insight that Bar council march was planned by the opposition. The feeling of euphoria for the brilliant insight must have made him feel invincible. Invincible enough to take on India. But of course many of those in power does not think so. And so our Semi was summoned to India to explain and to calm the situation. This is India which is also not a superpower.

Now who said Semi is not relevant? Without our Semi, India would have sailed a few aircraft carrier to Port Klang. Then we're fucked! Really! Our Kerismuddin who can scare half the population of Malaysia shitless waving his Keris would only last like 5 seconds against an aircraft carrier.

And then there is Uncle Sam(America not Samy!) the worlds only Superpower probably could take on both China and India together! During the 1950's right up to the early 90's Malaysia could do all sorts of things in the name of fighting the Communist. Uncle Sam, the self appointed world police and human rights enforcer basically close one eye to Malaysia. Heck Uncle Sam even permitted someone like Suharto to murder hundreds of thousands of people. All this in the name of fighting communist. But then during the end of 1990's when the communist threat was over, people like BN's, Golkar's and Bath's (to name a few), past came back to haunt them when Uncle Sam decided to "punish" them for all their past abuses.Saddam Hussien was invade and Suharto was brought down. And we all know that Mahathir was this close to being brought down. And then because of BN's past sins, the Malaysia Economy took a hit and all of us try to rough it out for the next few years until.....

Until Sept 11 when terrorist struck New York. Seeing this godsend oppurtunity our Tun was one of the first to agree with Uncle Sam that Osama was the mastermind behind the kamikaze plane. And then a new chapter of relation between Uncle Sam and Malaysia started. All BN got to say to Uncle Sam was that they are also fighting "terrorists" as in PAS(potrayed as such by BN) for Uncle Sam to give them all the leeway that BN wants. Think back....Did Uncle Sam make a fuss about the Hindraf detainess? Wasnt it wierd that the world's policeman kept quiet when human rights was abused?

So now as long as there is a threat to Uncle Sam that Malaysia might end up like Afganistan, (probably potrayed as such by BN to bullshit Uncle Sam) they would tolerate BN's human rights abuses. At least until the so called threat is neutralised. By winning back Kelantan?

Personally i dont care whether or not Uncle Sam come and sweep BN off the floor. I am concerned only about Malaysians(or specifically us working class) being the collateral damage when Uncle Sam decides to embargo us or something like in Iraq in 1990's.

Please BN, stay out of Kelantan!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

American Idol & 12th General Election

You know the 12th General Election is much like the American Idol.

You have this bunch of 20 people, all trying to be the next American Idol, to be judged and commented by Randy, Paula & Simon. Then people in America cast their preference via sms votes.

Our 12th GE have the 222 parliamentary contestants and some hundreds of states candidates, these are the idols, the judges are the local bias print media, the electronic media and the bloggers. And finally the rakyat the ultimate vote caster.

For the American Idol, I think it is pretty simple, my choice top 3 choices would be that Michael Johns, that young kid & 1 of the girls. Of course my choice would be Michael.

GE is another thing, it's not about having the best guys for the position (which should be the case) but a more complex thing that ordinary rakyat like you and me would not begin to understand. It's all about power and connections, legacy, money, corruption and more corruption.

But if the rakyat is so pissed with the Government, why are most of them still not convinced to vote for the opposition and get rid of this useless bunch of MP once and for all.

I guess its a fear of political instability, economic downturn, losing of foreign investment, losing of our corruption ways of doing business, and the mother of all fear, the May 13 incident.

Dear people we gain independence without shedding any blood, which I think very little countries in the world can share that, but does it have any meaning to you ? Personally it doesn't have much meaning to me. I couldn't say my grandfather fought in that war to bring independence to our country, all I can say maybe was my grandfather was serving food during the proclamation of our independence, and he kept the serving tray for souvenir !

To gain some political milestone change some form of luxury have to be sacrifice.

Last point I would like to share would be the BN constant reminder to us that since the opposition cannot work together since they all have their own agenda and plans, chances are they cannot have a working and running Government.

I don't think so and I don't think the opposition has use this reminder for their own benefit yet. Put it this way, the current BN leadership is the PM is always right, when the PM say is right, all component party has to agree, even if you don't agree. If you don't agree and decide to be vocal about it, go see the disciplinary committee for some brain washing.

You have 3 main very different component parties, with their own agenda and plans, yes they cannot work together, they will be arguing a lot, but isn't that what parliament members suppose to do, use their intellectual capacity to serve the best interest of the people that voted them there ? And not simply agree with the main component party even at the cost of losing out ?

Think about it.

BN slogan should change to Lies, Fear and corruption

What will happen if Barisan Alternatif (Rakyat?) wins the 12th G.E.?

Before this 12 GE kick off, i tried to be as objective as possible and would like to listen to what the political parties have to say before deciding on who to vote for. But then BN suddenly gave me a big help by kicking off their campaign with.....a lie. AAB dissolved the parliament on the day he said he would not.

And then the BN candidates started their campaigning with spreading fear. The worst fear monger were the MCA candidates themselves! They have all but promised another May13 if the voters do not vote them in. Which is totally bullshit. MCA cannot, by themselves start a racial conflict. UMNO can and have done it before. So it makes little sense to vote MCA when the person with the finger on the trigger is UMNO. When and if the MCA or even the MIC try to give you this shit again, all you need to do is to fly the UMNO flag and join the UMNO supporters club, then those lapdogs would not be able to even touch you. Like in a business meeting, you would not want to talk business with the gardener or the office cleaner, you would always want to talk with the managers. Perhaps it is time to eliminate the "middleman" in this equation?

And then there was corruption. Malaysians are becoming numb to the corruptions of BN. Billions of billions are being sucked out of the country's coffers by BN. And what did the BN say about this? He said worked hard and we should know it. Given that there are people(me included) who makes jokes at his expense that he is a 'kaki tidur'. I still dont understand how can he try to rebuild his image merely by deflecting peoples attacks on his sleeping habit. How about this, alright Pak lah, we believe you have been working hard and all but please explain why is it there is so much corruption.

Please take corruption seriously. It is not mere numbers, those millions and billions. Lets put it this way,

For the lack of a few hundred ringgit, someone would starve.

For the lack of a few thousand ringgit, someone would be unable to undergo live saving surgery

For the lack of a few tens of thousand ringgit, someone would have to die in an accident in a proton car

For the lack of a few hundred thousand ringgit, Altantuya have to die.

For the lack of a few million ringgit......someone have to "borrow" money to buy ECM Libra shares.

Except for the few million ringgit, please ask yourself how many people gotta die because the public money was siphoned off to someone in power?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We need a new Government

You have heard some ceramah, you have seen new manifesto, the posters are up, the flags are flying, the banners are waving, everyone talking about it from the mamak stalls to the dinner tables, half of the total contents of local papers are all about the 12th General Election, every money making blogger is writing about it since it makes good traffic, its in the news, its there and every where, punters are already taking up bets, 1:10, 1:100, how about you ? Have you made up your mind ?

BN by actual fact has no right to come out with a new Manifesto since it has not completed it previous election Manifesto yet. It's like you haven't completed one project, you abandon it with funds already allocated, and start a new project with spanking new equipment and funds. Wow ! what great way of using resources.

But most of all BN has no right to call for a new Manifesto because all this plans and projets are what they were suppose to do in the first place, for the last 50 years ! Not to only bring it up every 4 to 5 years during an election !

Now for the first time, the Opposition actually has come to terms with reality. That there is no point in arguing that they can do better with whatever BN is doing right now but instead to consolidate whatever BN had done till now. Not more development but people development. We do not need anymore "World's biggest or tallest or whatever" we need development for the rakyat, we need to try to stop our best brains from leaving the country, we need a strong education hub, strong and convincing teachers (those that we had during the 60s, 70s & 80s), we need to take care of our health, our environment, our homes and family. We need to weed out corruption, we need to amend back the constitution for it to be fair and just. We need a new government.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Are we really serious for a new government.

I always wonder whether opposition Mp are awarded contracts just like BN Mp.

I dun know but Yoda said big NO.

If it is a big NO, then why are the oppositions still contesting every GE, when the chances of winning are slim.

What do they get out of it ?

Or are they really fighting for our rights ?

To believe they are actually fighting for our rights is a little immature.

I guess if we are really serious about changing the government, then we should all vote for the opposition this time around. There are no guarantees that they will be better then BN, but one thing for sure, new people/blood always does thing better then the old people. Always.

Then 5 years later, give BN back a chance, see how they do.

Whether they have repented from their old ways or are they too old to be taught.

If they goes back to their old ways, we give it back to the opposition.

At least this way, neither component parties will be sleeping away until election time, cause if they do, we just give it back to the other party.

Statistically wise, the opposition stand a chance to deny BN of a 2/3 majority

Statistic are not all 100% accurate, but to a certain extent they are quite acceptable.

If you take the past 11 election, swallow it and spit it out with some computation, you can get all sorts of analysis.

I decide to take the easiest approach.

There are 2 results.

I will take DAP, PAS, PKR & BEBAS best election year in terms of seats won, put that in the 2008 election, the balance would be BN share of seats.

That would give me 64 (28.83%) seats to the opposition and 158 (71.17%) seats to BN.

Second result takes into account the increase in number of seats from 1986 of 177 to 222 in 2004 & 2008.

That would give me a more favourable figure of 79 (35.59%) seats to the opposition and 143 (64.41%) seats to BN.

FYI, opposition parties winning the max seat in different elections.

PAS won 27 (14%) in the 1999 election (Total seats 193)
DAP won 24 (13.5%) in the 1986 election (Total seats 177)
PKR won 5 (2.5%) in the 1999 election (Total seats 193)
BEBAS won 8 (2.5%) in the 1999 election (Total seats 193)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Vote for the opposition it can make A slight different

Would you actually believe that in this darn age, year 2008, adults in Malaysia still thinks that if they were to vote for the opposition, the oppoition can actually win the GE and form a Government !

Would you actually believe that !

No they cannot and they can never as we know they can't work together.

Which means they can never win 2/3 of the seats because they can't even agree not to contest each other !

As you can see the only people that are really excited about the elections are the oppositions.

The only reason I will always vote for the opposition be it DAP, PAS or PKR is to reduce that majority of BN.

I have done my part, by telling everyone I know on this planet, that the opposition can never form a government if they voted for them, what they can do is only reduced the majority of BN.

Tell your friends, your colleague and most of all your parents.

Vote for the opposition it can make A slight different.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I thought nomination day was next week

I went down to Putrajaya this morning and saw flags for about a couple of kilometres, BN flag, UMNO flag then Malaysia flag then the same order for a couple of kilometres, then a bigger banner with Dollah's face on it and slogan "undilah Barisan nasional" then the flags then the banners again.

So is it that you can't put up the picture of the candidate in that area until nomination day but you can put up flags and banner of a certain party plus the picture of the leader of that certain party ?

So that means if you live in Kepala Batas and they put up a banner that say undilah untuk Barisan Nasional and Dollah picture is there, you can make a report to the EC ?

I bet if they have a DAP banner in Ipoh Timur with Uncle Lim's face there with undilah untuk DAP, EC might actually take some action.

Or I could be wrong and just being paranoid.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Unneeded speculation on GE's timing and the 'Anwar effect'

Years ago me and some of my friends were shocked to learn that in North Korea, Kim Jong Ill is not only the paramount leader, he was also the country's most famous idol very mush like Awie and Erra Fazira is to Malaysia. (pre Mawi and Siti days)

But now i just realised, ironically, in Malaysia and only in Malaysia(Malaysia Boleh!) are there politicians that is even more idolised than the idols of the day (such as Siti Nurhaliza and Mawi).

Case in point, when was the last time we have heard anything about Siti? When was the last time we heard anything about Mawi? Or this one, who is Siti's father in law? Dont know? Me neither.
But tell me you dont know this... Who recently said " i work hard and you know it"? Who said "stupid, stupid, stupid" ? Who is Khairy's father in law? If you dont know the aswers for all these 3 question then you are probabaly not a Malaysian!

To be sure that it can only happen in Malaysia, lets try some foreign questions.... Who is George Bush Jr.'s wife? And then who is Brad Pitt's wife? Ok name me the current Vice president of USA? In F1 who got 2nd overall behind Kimi in 2007 champoinship?

To these four question, i only know the answer for 2 of them. Angelina Jolie and Lewis Hamilton.

Ok then final test to prove once and for all that Malaysians think politics, play politics, sleep politics and eat politics :

Imagine a toupee....

Who is the first person that comes to mind?



No shit.....Me too!!!

Now on the serious side of things, ducky was saying about Abdullah setting the GE date so that Anwar cannot contest and all this, it finally hit me that this is not about electing a government, but it is all about a voting for a beauty paegent or an Oscar for Best actor.

Think about it... lets say IF Anwar can contest and IF he wins, he would be only become an MP and/or a State assemblyman. What can one MP or State assemblyman do? IF BN get 2/3 majority, what can one MP do even if it was Anwar? And if Anwar wins, would the BN government suddenly shake in their pants and actually serve the people for a change? In the impossibly and illogicaly event that he gets to be in power through BA or BN, what would he do?

Please remember he is the very same person who after the collapse of Malaysia economy in 1996, he blamed Chinese and Indian for pursuing tertiary education in foreign countries(because our own country would not let us study here) for the cause of the economic collapse because the students parents paid for the expensive school fees which created an outflow of monies.

But for all the spits and curses we put on the Tun, at least he did not scapegoat the monorities in the country for what clearly is the mismanagement of the economy by the government.

Would we dare to think that if instead of Anwar being checked by the Tun at that time, or if the Tun were to blink for a moment, would Anwar had led a bloodbath right here in our Malaysia?

I mean i could accept that Anwar, Tun and Pak Lah certainly appears larger than life for us Malaysians but it is really wishful thinking from their fanboys/girls and groupies that Anwar has the ability or most importantly the will to effect a change. But dont get me wrong, if it is between PKR and any BN party, i would vote PKR but just not Anwar.

Dollah should have waited for Anwar

The months of speculation now has finally come to an end.

Parliament has been dissolved, Nomination day fixed and Election day announced.

Personally I would think Dollah would had more credibility if he had dissolved Parliament and fixed the nomination and election day after Anwar is allowed to contest.

That way at least he can say he really has forgotten about Anwar and another way to show that Anwar is irrelevant anymore.

And at least he can show that he has balls.

I believe everyone is matured enough and truly understand how election works.

BN can never lose, even if everyone you know voted for the opposition.

It can never happen and as far as I can see it wont happen anytime in my lifetime.

So go out and vote for the opposition, be it PAS, PKR or DAP. It wont matter, 2/3 is guaranteed like your epf except in 1969.

But what if the BN election machinery fuck-up and loses 2/3, then what ?

Behold - a new Malaysia !

Friday, February 15, 2008


I would do that, vote for pak lah if, IF, i am a voter in his constituency AND he is standing against Tun Dr. M. Unfortunately i am not a voter in his constituency and i am quite sure we wont see the Tun coming out of retirement. A pity.

Lets be frank.... The era of Pak Lah is ( minimally)better than Tun's era. It is better in the sense that this country is( a tiny little) more free. And about his alleged 'weakness' of sleeping on the job , if you analyse it deeply enough, you would find that it is his greatest asset as a Malaysian politician.

Lets think about it, would you prefer say some hardworking politician who dictate that everyone speak bahasa baku, or some energentic politician that that argues with others like in a pasar malam using insulting words or making sexist/racist remarks? Wouldnt you rather have politicians just sleeping there all the time and refrain from doing harm to us, the rakyat by nature of him not doing anything at all?

The ideal government for Malaysia is that there are 200MPs of Pak Lah clones. With that there would have been no amendment of constitution for EC chairman's term extension because the MPs would either be sleeping or out of the country. And also no shouting match in the parliament because again, the MPs would have been sleeping or out of the country.

Heck lets make UMNO politicians Pak Lah's clone. A keris waving incident would never happen as everyone would be sleeping.

How about MCA politicians were to be replaced by Pak Lah's clone? Well things would be more or less the same. The current MCA politicians might be in fact Pak Lah's clone with a genetic modification that they could sleep with their eyes open and most importantly doing nothing.

Maybe MIC politician replaced by Pak Lah's clone? No luck! Sami would still be president. Because he recently revealed that no army can stop him. Not even an army full of Pak Lahs. Or especially an army full of Pak Lahs!!!

If the klang assemblyman was not Zakaria but it was Pak Lahs clone, the Mansion would not have been built. He would have stayed in P. Lim's house instead like in Ozzie.

What else?

Lingam and CJ would not have gone on a vacation overseas. Because they might never know, Pak Lah could be the fising champion in Lake Wakatipu.

For foreign policy leverage, Malaysia would have a travelling embargo on specific country. If only Pak Lah dont go on a holiday in that country, that country's tourism industry would be severly hit.

Jokes aside....Seriously speaking, We have to ask ourselves what good is a BN politician if not for stealing the country's riches? It is a case of a thief entering your house, would you rather the thief be someone smart where all the valuable things get carted away or would you prefer a thief who sleeps on the job most of the time?

In the above setence i used BN politicians and not the oppositions politicians because i am quite sure the opposition politicians would not be in the position of power where they can rob you blind because afterall i have an EC, electronic calculator in my pocket and BN also has EC in their pocket.

I would have said please vote wisely if not for BN having EC in their pocket. Now I could only hope that the BN nomination would have lots of sleepyheads or we are fucked for the next 5 years or so. But just in case the nomination does not go as planned, we should try and vote opposition because there is no harm in trying. But if it is vote for Pak Lah, please let his opponent 'hilang deposit' which would send a strong signal to BN to field more of Pak Lah type as candidates.