Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The world is not Malaysian.

Ha Ha damn fucking deserve to lose those pulau pulau kecil off of Johor straits.

It would be fucking ridiculous if we had won the case from an international point of view.

No I am not pro Singaporean.

Simple reason being, I work in the management firm line, and we deal with government officers every fucking day. From missing files, to pergi kursus to boss tak ade and main sukan and all those fucking excuses, they deserve this.

The government seems to think that the world think highly of them for whatever reasons and that they can somehow treat this foreign folks like they treat us with tidak apa attitude. Now kena tembak oledi, no bukti, no nothing and want to challenge with people over rights of a piece of land. Porahhh.

Mari-mari tepuk tangan.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Give the PM post to Sabah & Sarawak, chances are we can have a new Government like esok!

First they lost their 2/3 majority.

So they decide they should revamp and rebuilt.

2 months later, other than a few changes in the cabinet, everything seems to be the same again.

Hindraf 5 denied freedom.

ISA is still relevant.

Our children is dying in National Service.

Minimum Wages is not feasible.

Nobody in Malaysia is being marginalised.

BN is still very relevant.

I am very confused, either the Government is extremely arrogant and bold or completely ignorant of what is happening around them.

Or maybe a third option, they seem to know something we don't know or we will never know. Like winning big in the 2013 election.

Arrogant, bold & ignorant seem to be more likely.

UMNO can tell the Royal State Rulers to fuck off, but when an old man in wheel chair does it, that is blardy treason.

UMNO can hold illegal rallies with FRU present standing like a fucking log. Anyone else does it will be kick into the fucking jail house.

SIL & gang can burn effigies of any damn thing, create some chaos, rally at some embassy, push FRU offices, and what happen ? nothing. Anyone else try pushing a FRU officer before ? Chances you will be knocked so fucking unconscious, lost of memory very likely.

Come on lah, just give the fucking PM position to the Sabah & Sarawak folks, they will just jump kapal like very now. Simple maths mah, no Sabah & Sarawak, no new Government. Got Sabah & Sarawak got new Government. They make it happen, they deserve it. Why do you think then Sabah & Sarawak is still thinking ? They are thinking of the reward and consequences. Is it worth it ? BN gave me a table by the Kitchen, what will new Government give me ? slighty further away from the kitchen ? If Anwar is really serious, he should not want the post of PM for himself, NOW, maybe later, when orang Melayu sudah lupa.

Ducky support Draft Kuala Lumpur City Plan 2020

Bukit Gasing, Federal Hill & Bangsar folks came with legal advisers to take a look at DBKL 2020 development for Kuala Lumpur.

MSM reported they were pissed that their so call untouchable land will be rezone and develop.

Personally I agree with DBKL taking that part of land and building whatsoever they damn pleases.

It is high time this bunch of people start living like the rest of the people in Kuala Lumpur.

Either a pasar malam or a low cost flat project right on your door step.

I read somewhere that they even mentioned something about low density rights!

My so called Condominium then was built with a Bukit Jalil view. Now we have 2 rows of 23 storeys PPR, further down the road there are another couple of PPR.

If it is the low density that you are looking, try building your bungalow somewhere between Kuala Kubu Baru to Raub or Bentong.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Do away with BN and Minimum Wages might just see the light

Every time MTUC demands for minimum wages, the answer is always NO. There is always an excuse, lame reasons and most of the time illogical answers.

There seems to be something more than just money. For 40 over years MTUC has been trying to get minimum wages but yet seem to fail. Maybe MTUC wants to fail, maybe it is just a ploy, to deceive the millions of workers that it represent, that MTUC is doing something, just like the BN government. But in actual fact, nothing.

How can it logically be asking for minimum wages for over 40 years and yet fail and yet they do nothing about it. Make sense right, if you are not happy with your boss, you fucking tell him in his face or you quit and get a better job. This MTUC no. Try for 40 years fail, lets try another 40 years. The sum just doesn't adds up.

It is just something not acceptable anymore. Even poorer third world countries in Latin America or nearer here, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia or Vietnam, do have minimum wages. Yes those minimum wages might not meet certain international standards but it is still a minimum wage. You see the logic here ?

Reason for this, most government fear their citizens, fear of the citizens revolting against them. Here it is the total opposite thanks to ISA. The BN trump card, it will never be abolish as long as BN rules. It is a quick YOU SHUT UP card. Lose an argument, no worries, just throw in your ISA card, 5 HINDRAF leaders in Kamunting.

With escalating food prices nowadays, I pity those trying to meet ends meet. Trying to raise a family with a couple of hundred of ringgits a month. Inflation my ass. We have the money to burn rocket fuel to space but no money for minimum wages. We have the money to sponsor a Formula 1 team but no money for minimum wages. We have money to sponsor a football team but no money for minimum wages.

Both Thailand & the Philippines minimum wages are around RM600-700, maybe MTUC can lower their minimum wage demand from RM900 to around RM600-700, to standardise the minimum wage in the region. Unfortunately Indonesia's minimum wages is about RM300-400 only.

Alternatively, the only way I see minimum wage to be accepted, is to do away with BN and let the other guys run the country since the other guys have people that actually advocate for minimum wage rights.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

What the fuck is wrong with you people ?

Ahh, I think it has been a while since I wrote anything.

Lets see. Parliament sessions has started again.

But first thing first, there seems to be a lot of people out there, maybe only people that read and write blogs/websites/etc only. That seems to think BN did a hell of a good job actually. How did I came up with such a conclusion ? Well there is the usual, lets give the opposition 4-5 years and see how they fare, if they fuck up, we will just vote the other guys back in !

And then there is the other part in which whenever the oppositions started to have some small disagreement or conflict of interest, the people that voted for them, starts to regret ever voting for them.

And lastly, the worst kind, people that feels since they voted for the opposition and with their help, the opposition manage to win many seats, so the opposition better listen to them, or else back to point no. 1, vote back BN.

I have no regret whatsoever that I voted for the opposition. Even if they fuck up or not, I won't regret a bit. BN had never did me any favour as long as I can remember, so what the fuck do you want to vote back BN, just because the opposition cannot work together ? Think think think dickheads, BN ruled for 50 long fucking years, whatever differences in 50 year, they have learned to accept without asking.

This is 2 months, what the fuck do you expect ?

Put it this way, 3 different parties mean maybe no toeing the line.