Friday, June 15, 2007

Where has all the good Blogs gone in PPS ?

I think i have read 1 or 2 post on this matter before, I think, and the sad part is nobody seems to agree with the writers, the writers are consider as dinosaurs and totally left out in the current blogging scene.

I have cannot agree with that.

If you have been writing blogs and posting and reading from Project Petaling Street, you would notice the vast difference from lets say, 2 years ago to now. Then I can honestly say, PPS had a lot of good posting, orginal articles that was writen from heart felt. Honest opinion and much less about personal life matters.

Nowadays, i feel 3/4 of the posting on PPS are about making money in blogs and the rest of the articles are senseless, distasteful and not worth to read at all. It's just headlines to get their blog traffic flowing. Nothing more.

You dont need to agree with me, as dinosaurs are already extinct.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Would you re-marry if your spouse died ?

If you are a top notch leader of a country and you want to get re-married by all means, do so, you even get my congrats.

But if you are a low notch leader that often falls asleep in meetings and have no grasp of reality in your day to day work, and you want to get re-married, when your dear beloved wife which we thought you loved so dearly died like not so many years ago, the only thing that is going round in my head is,

Is this all you have been doing since you became the leader of this country, go dancing and dating and now tying the knot ?

And to get married just after more than a year and a half, you got to be playing kaki tiga all along even when your dead wife was still alive. Come on lah, any logical person will think of this, we don’t need to hear rumours or read it from anyway else, its just something that makes you wonder.

Though some people say, that by re-marrying a new person, you get to forget the one you love and that makes you happy again ! I don’t know, my wife is not dead yet. But I cant agree, I’ve seen people that were married like forever, and one of them died, the other just died partly as well, what is left is the shell, no mention of re-marrying, just remembering the memories they shared together. I doubt I will ever re-marry if my wife died. The thought that someone new will make you happy once again, is highly infatuation. You got to be like a teenage boy/girl to believe that.

But any which way, this is bolehland, the land where any shitty thing can happen.