Saturday, August 25, 2018

I find the syrup that accompany the Tau Fu Fah somehow needs to to be overwhelming, you know is overwhelming when you finish your Tau Fu Fah and there is like 1/2 cm worth of sugar left. But in the beginning as you start to slurp and eat the Tau Fu Fah, you find your Tau Fu Fah rather tasteless and had wish your Tau Fu Fah  seller had put more syrup in it. Then at the end you end up with more sugar. So if you don't want the extra sugar at the end, then that means you would need less sugar in the beginning and thus make it even more tasteless then when it had the overwhelming sugar.

But strangely this Tau Fu Fah problem only happens when you tapau/takeaway. If you are having it there and fortunate enough to have it serve in a bowl, there is no overwhelming or lack of sugar experience to be had, the first slurp taste as good as the last one.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

flags 101

i realised, quite a number of flags actually looks like the flag of another nation.





czech/filipina (ok lah this wan not same)

but these are the best, the scandinavian countries, 1 design, different colour.



There is something about Californication and Weeds.

I watch them again regularly.

Weeds yes, it's an annual event.

But Californication, is different. It's deep and emotional.

Every time you watches it, you feel different.

First time I watched it, I was blown away with all those naked hot ladies.

Second time I watched it, I wanted to be Hank Moody.

Third time, all those muthafukka quotes .

Fourth time I need to get me a Karen, I just do.