Friday, March 28, 2008

Lets watch something else now

Well, like all reality shows, you need to have a game plan, and you need to plan your moves correctly, else you get kick out.

Same goes for American Idol.

You don't have to sing amazingly if you are already talented like my personal choice Michael Johns and David Cook. All they need to do is just give 70-80% And I guess that was what they did, but last night, they gave 100%.

Have you ever heard Billie Jean sang like that ? Briliant, just briliant. If that was the final, Michael would have lost.

How I see it goes, it is something like Hell's Kitchen Season 2, the one that is currently showing on AFC. Virginia is a bimbo and has big boobs, but she made it through the finals beating Keith, which was a no-brainer. But what to do, Gordon liked her.

Leng lui contestants always gets away with murder, Kristy Cook is still in AI7, and last night they kicked out Chikezie ????? see what I mean. Well it is all about ratings and sponsors.

Popular vote contestant, small kid David something, seems to be showing his age disadvantage now. Breaking under pressure.

Top 3 ? Michael, David & David. And if they learn a lesson from Taylor Hicks, rocker David would be too a genius for them - difficult to agree i would presume, Michael looks natural, but small kid David seems to have won the popular choice award already. It is not whether how good you are, it just how popular you are with the majority of people watching you. Malaysian Idol 2 winner Daniel something was an excellent example.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Actions speaks louder than words

Both Barisan Alternatif and Barisan Nasional claims that they have around 50% of popular support each. There is no arguments about BA, but for BN, it would be more like 10% popular support, 10% postal votes, 10% phantom votes, 10% government servants' forced votes and 10% outright cheating.

It is not called a disaster for BN if they really get 50% popular votes. It is a disaster for BN because they(BN) knew that without all this cheating, they would get less than 10%, more or less popular votes.

And here we are at the crossroad of malaysia's political uncertainty given that BN's MP are ready to jump ship, we can hear some grumbling about respecting the peoples' wishes and that the people have voted for BN, etc..

The reason that most BN MP's are voted in is because of cheating by BN. Without it, most of them would have bungkus and lost their deposit even.

To the BN MP who would like to jump ship, there would not be any backlash from your constituency it may even be your moral obligation to go over to BA. By going over to BA, the BN MP could count on among others(many others), the parents of children forced to go to the death trap called national service, the users of toll who gets cheated of their hard earned money, paying for utilities such as water and electricity at inflated prices and so on....

The BN are now doing an "autopsy" for their election loss. The BN leaders themselves say that it was a very bad result for them. So much so that some of them are even refusing cabinet posts. BN does not sound like someone that have won 50% popular votes. In fact they sound more like they are fearing for their political career. Only they themselves would know how much of the claimed 50% of popular votes are actually real votes. But you must take it from them, look at their actions and see for yourselves, their very fear of malaysians who have had enough and ready for a change of government. Their very action speaks louder than whatever rhetorics and propoganda that they could put into words.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The 12th General Election - Malaysian best movie of the century

Forget about Jangan Pandang Belakang, Impak Maksima, Cuci or even Duyung .

The best Malaysian movie made or better yet, RTM & SPR made for 2008 is non other then the 12th General Election results.

It has all the categories sum into one fucking long show, from suspense (Perak's State Candidate seats when BN trailing closely) to drama (Koh Su Kun press release on handing over Penang to Opposition) to comedy (Samy losing) and non-stop action packed (All night long).

I would't mind watching a repeat if that is possible.

The only thing lacking in that long show was the expression by those losing BN candidates or even better the Menteri-Menteri Besar and Chief Minister of each losing State, especially in Penang and Selangor.

Else the 12th GE can even stand for best acting by an individual.

Its like FIFA World Cup meets Jerry Bruckheimer meets The Godfather.

And since it is such a BIG thing, a song to mark the changes should be sung like Scorpion did in The Wind of Change by great Malaysian artistes known by all generations of Malaysian like Zainal Abidin or Ramli Sarip or better yet, Ella like when she sang for that 1998 Malaysian Commenwealth Games theme song.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

It will take more than 5 years, BN had 50.

Tak nak pakai songkok, salah, dipanggil pukimak.

Nak MB Cina, tak boleh, salah, tak respect Sultan.

Nak 8 kerusi, tak boleh, salah, cakap tamat pulak lah tu.

Kalau macam itu, next election, you orang main je lah. Kami simpan Penang, you orang boleh belah-belah satu Malaysia dengan BN.

Cina je yang salah. Kalau PAS & PKR yang menang 18 kerusi itu, sure semua dok diam. That time sure kata, we follow the rule of democracy, winner takes all.

Yes I know, baik I balik China je lah.

What is NEP?

Please note that the above title is not meant to be a question. If you came here armed with an answer, sorry but please hold on to it first and let me indulge you in something which is on my mind about NEP.

To me, a working class chinese, NEP is RM0.57 per meter cube of Syabas supplied water (Selangor& K.L). NEP is also about foreign cars priced beyond ordinary malaysians reach. NEP is about paying extra for daily necessities and etc. But is NEP any different for all Malaysians?

Pak lah probably pays as mush for water as me. It is a fixed price.(for under certain amount of m3, when more are used, it is RM1.92) No matter if you are the prime minister or poor malaysians of all races, you will pay RM0.57(in Sel&KL). And i assure you why we all, regardless of age, gender, race and social status, pays 0.57 per meter cube, is because of NEP. Why are malaysians, including the poor, including bumiputra poors, pays 0.57 just because of NEP? Without this water NEP we would have paid 20-30 sens instead of 57 sens. Is helping a few bumiputra to become a billionaire more important than helping the poor, which includes bumiputra poor? I personally have no problem paying water bills. Instead of RM8.00, i pay RM14-15. But are the poor willing to pay for this NEP?

And then comes the AP. How many times have you read in the newspaper when there are fatal accidents, the victims are usually driving in some locally made cars? What more 9 out of 10 of the accidents the victim are malays. Why should we support mediocrity in locally made cars and price the imported cars out of reach of every Malaysians? NEP? Would the victims especially the malay victims support this NEP?

Rising price of necessities, all because of cronies, corruption and wastages of NEP. These are being paid for by all Malaysian, again including the poor. If the price of roti canai is 80 sens for me, it wil be 80 sens for Ah Kau, 80 sens for Muthu and 80 sens for Ali. And yes even Ali needs to pay 80 sens.
NEP, which is to enrich a handful of bumiputras, are paid for by all Malaysians. And i need to stress the point that even poor bumiputra Malaysians pay for NEP.

To pay for the NEP, to me, it is like buying a AMD insted of INTEL and drinking ais kosong instead of teh tarik. But to the poor who similiarly needs to pay for NEP, they probably pay for it by skipping a few meals and a few doctor's appoinment.

Andi really need to stress that the price i pay for NEP can be illustrated as drinking ais kosong instead of Teh tarik. And i am quite sure anyone who can afford a computer or can afford internet, pays the same price i am paying or if you are rich, you may not even notice it. But to those poor that cannot afford internet access, cannot afford to buy a computer, they are probably paying the price by skipping a few meals.

BN and especially UMNO have been telling lies for so long that they even lie to their own. The fallacy that all or most Bumiputra would benefit from NEP is just not possible. The economic pie is just not big enough. Even in Uncle Sam country, the largest economy in the world, you could find homeless people.

And to DAP and PKR, i would just like to say that in Malaysia, to stop the NEP is political suicide. Even the mighty BN could not survive if they were to stop NEP. Lim Guan Eng and Tan Sri Khalid are either visionaries or plain fools. Lim Guan Eng is an accountant. Tan Sri Khalid is a former CEO. Most DAP, PKR and PAS leaders are lawyers, doctors and professionals. These guys are perfectly capable of absorbing the effect of NEP. Why should people like them fight NEP and risk their reputation and political careers, not to metion ISA? Why should Anwar who is rumoured to be very well to do, risk coming back to Malaysia? Why did Lim Kit Siang who have fought this system for 40 years while getting demonised by the Malays, the Chinese and the Indians, even bother to still pursue his political ideals?

Why would any politician in the opposition risk ISA to fight for what they believe and to fight for the poor? And please remember that the states that was captured by the opposition are the so called "rich" states. It would not be too far off to say that the people who have voted for you, are in the majority, not really effected by the NEP.

And to the handful of Malays who stand to benefit from NEP, please ask yourself is becoming a millionaire through NEP worth having asking the poor to skip a few meals just so you can achieve your dream? And these poor which would invariably include a large portion of your own race?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

They are coming out of the closet!

i guess this should be part 2.

During the run up to the elections, i tried to convince my friends to pangkah PAS just because there was a winds of change and that they should just send BN packing.

Once the opposition smells victory by pushing back BN in parliament and states seats, there are people who comes out and declare that race based politics is over and new begining etc.

And then everywhere i look there were "advices" offered by people/bloggers to the new Barisan Alternatif/Rakyat on how to run the states. But i must ask those people, what makes you think you can dictate what a political party does or not do? No offence intended, but who made you the advisers to the political parties? But this is of course expected. What i did not expect was....

And then yesterday LKS made a remark that they do not support PAS candidate as MB. My first reaction and also most peoples reaction was that he should have discussed this behind closed door and come to a compromise with other opposition parties. But at that time i came across a new type of blogger. These bloggers are what i called Closet Racists. They were the ones who cheered and extolled the virtues of non racial policy but at the first opportunity they get they go after the first chinaman they see. LKS did say he would be agreeable if a PKR assemblyman becomes MB. The candidates does include a PKR malay. But does the closet racist see this? No, they just come out bursting from their closet.

To appease the closet racist, LKS appologised to the Sultan and Regent. Thought that it ended there? Far from it. the closet racist is still out for blood. Maybe the non malays did the right thing in least they did not need to deal with a closet racist. They dealt directly with BN who is an open racist. Better the devil you know.....

I dont know what is going on behind the scenes but now i personally have told my friends who voted for PAS that a PAS MB shouldnt be that bad because i imagined all PAS assemblymen to be like Nik Aziz but this image was quickly dispelled by the latest revelations that state PAS have a high degree of autonomy and not under the purview of HQ PAS plus the rumour that PAS assemblymen in Selangor would jump ship if they did not get some senior post in the state govt. I am now getting ready to kena from my friends because of this.

So what now? Would Perak PAS jump to BN if they are not given any post? Heard that Selangor Deputy MB would be from PAS. Probably to appease PAS from jumping ship. The next round, I would only urge my friends to vote for PKR and DAP or some State PAS that i can trust. Definately not Selangor or Perak.

An opposition pact was a real possibility but, well, it was good while it last.

You have no fucking idea what you did on the the 8th of March 2008, right ?

Part 1

On the 8th of March, many people just went to the polling station to marked "X" on some pieces of paper. But I think most of them have no idea what they were doing at all. All they knew was they had to get rid of BN. Period.

The Malay felt that the UMNOputras was cheating them.

The Chinese felt that the MCA was just a useless pet dog of Pak Lah.

And the Indians, well the Indians were all fired up since the HINDRAF movement.

So, this millions of people went to the polling station with all this pent up anger, and they voted. They all voted for the oppositions. There were no longer racial barriers, the Chinese voted for Moon & The Eye, the Malays voted for the Rocket and the Indians voted for anything on that piece of paper other than BN.

It is like when you are pissed with something, you no longer see the whole picture, you only see and hear what your mind at that moment of time wants to process. At that moment of time, BN sucks, big time. Nothing BN does matters anymore. Your mind was set, one agenda, hapuskan BN.

So we have this historical election. BN was shocked beyond belief. It is like losing a sure bet. Same goes for the opposition, BN head upon the silver platter. That would be like winning a 25-1 Quinella odd.

Now that the opposition has won many many seats plus many many states, these people are not that pissed anymore, they start to behave like the old typical Malaysian. The BN Malaysian.

Like that how to maju ? Malu got lah.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

You want BN out yes ? You want change yes ? But you cannot accept a Chinese for MB ?

Sudah mula lagi x 2.

Lets keep it simple again.

PAS won majority seats in Kedah, PAS Menteri Besar, fine.
PAS won majority seats in Kelantan, PAS Menteri Besar, fine.
PKR won majority seats in Selangor, PKR Menteri Besar, fine.
DAP won majority seats in Penang, DAP Chief Minister, fine.
DAP won majority seats in Perak, DAP Menteri Besar, fuck off, PAS fine.

And we have bloggers all over the blog sphere condemning DAP for being greedy lah, falling into BN trap lah, selfish lah, forgetting their mandate lah, blah blah blah.

Just stop and listen to your self. Falling into BN's trap ? Then what the fuck are your posts and comments all about ?????

Yes, you, me and 5 million other people voted for the BR, yes, we got the power to decide who we want to govern us, but this is inter-parties decisions, by the very right DAP has 18 seats, PKR has 7 & PAS 6. You put 6 & 7, you only get 13. And furthermore, you that person that decides which state government you want to govern you, chose DAP, a race base party, what the fuck are you so fucking upset now.

Now I can read endless posts on this nonsense.

You imagine lah, you and a group of friends create a group study before STPM, everyday you guys study together, test each other & help each other. Then STPM results was announced, you got 5a1, the rest of them got 2A lah, 3A lah. But guess who got the Petronas scholarship to Amerika ? That friend of your with 2 biji A. You tak frust ke ? Telan sahaja ke ?

If you ask me, this is the mentality that BN want lah from you people. Say want change, but cannot accept a Menteri Besar of a different race. If you cannot accept changes, best you stick with BN and let them screw you over and over again.

And the Perak's royal decision does raise some eyebrow, if it is a malay chap you need, then why not PKR ????? tak suka Prime Minister in waiting ke ???

Ini Malaysia kalau you tak suka, you can go fuck off.

OK lah everyone had read enough of all this already, reasons by BN lost, reasons why BR won, Top 100, Top 20, Top 10 reasons, Election analysis, blah blah blah.

I will keep it simple, The Rakyat won. Now the BN & BR must listen to the Rakyat. Perform or fuck off.

BN or BR you have no right to threaten us on any fucking issues racial or religious. We will decide who we will vote for base on your performance and non-performance.

The Rakyat won, we should no longer call ourself, Malaysian Malay or Chinese or Indian or lain-lain. We should only be refer to as Malaysian, period.

Ini Malaysia dipimpin oleh Rakyat Malaysia, kalau you tak suka, you can go fuck off.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

BN Post Propaganda News

Dah mulalah tu.

Post Election BN propaganda.

On the TV & on the print media.

Suddenly every fucking small incident is somehow reported by the MSM as causes unknown and possibly related to the outcome of the 12th GE with a hint of incitement.

Do watch berita on TV3, yesterday some small tiny place got bakar besides that MIC centre and some breaking-in in some tadika in Kedah, made the news, with reasons unknow and cause of fire also unknown but could be related to the results of the 12 GE. This is outright inciting certain quarters to feel uneasy. Before this GE, the media would report on incidents as still under investigation or something. Now, it is causes unknown. They are baiting people to think of the worst case scenario. I would really like to know if there were any instructions by the pihak atasan, meaning the person who will most benefit if there is an emergency.

To be leaning in BN's favour is one thing, now they are trying to instill hatred and incite communal feelings. There is a no newspaper on Tuesday, maybe there should be a switch off the TV day or something.

Cleaning up Selangor Govt.

This cleaning up of Selangor govt would be a hell of a ride and if Barisan Alternatif does intend to clean it. First few things that pops to mind are

1) Puncak Niaga
2) Toll
3) Kempen-kempen to beautify______

The first one would be the water thingy. In Selangor and Federal territories ex-Labuan, home users pay around 0.57 per meter cube and 1.92 per meter cube when exceeding 20M3 per month. In this case, i know i would be riduculed, but i just have to say that any amount above 0.10-0.20 per meter cube and millions would go to somebody's pocket(at current charge, billions goes to somebody's pocket). But let the people be the judge. Lets see how much the water tariff looks like after the new state govt settles in.

The second thing would be toll rate for non-federal roads. I'm not too sure whether toll highways are considered federal roads or not, but even if it is, the new state govt could build better alternative roads. Preferably right next to the current tolled roads.

The third thing must or rather absolutely must be stopped. There are some division heads of the previous government's company which does almost nothing but beautify the river. Im not too sure amount the amount but if i have to guess, it would be hundreds of million per year just to "beautify the river" or "beautify the ____town". It remains to be seen what would happen.

But if PKR govt actually stops this, there may be retaliation by the federal govt because their cronies rice bowl would be smashed.But as days goes by, it is becoming likely that the political will of BA to stop BN from sucking the people's money, will not be as what we would have expected. Given that the Federal Govt have all but stopped their attacks against BA, i got this feeling that something is being negotiated. But you may never know, because on BA's side there is a man who claims to have been wronged by the federal govt and was jailed for 6(?) years. And i understand that this man is not the forgive and forget kind of person.

Well let us just wait and see.....

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Dah Kalah, Kalah Lah

Seeing how congested streamyx was yesterday, We at ducky decided not to post any updates on the 12th GE as Malaysiakini, dap-election, the-star-on-line, harakahdaily was already doing a fantastic job in bringing us all the update, especially Malaysiakini. Clap-Clap.

Furthermore, this is the first time that internet connection actually had an added advantage over the local media.

Those that already been keeping updated from Malaysiakini, would already have realised that the opposition had taken Penang & Kelantan by 8.30pm, Kedah by 11.00pm, Selangor by 12.25am & Perak by 1.50am. Where else all free TV & Astro 501 & 502 was still announcing BN's victory in Sabah & Sarawak.

If i am not mistaken, Penang was the first state that was announced taken by the opposition as Dr. Koh has already called for a press conference by 10.30pm. So there was no point in hiding that fact.

Tahniah also need to be given to SPR, to withheld the results of the 12th GE especially the lost of Kedah, Kelantan, Perak & Selangor. My guess if SPR had made results announcement as they are being received, eg the lost of hot seats, the lost of Penang & Kedah, Sunday morning might be a little different.

And of course all those that made the wind of change blew a little harder.

My sympathy to Dr. Koh, if you had watch his press conference last night, his poker face told it all. It was like he had "sei lou tau" already. I guess that is what happen when you play with fire.

Those MIC & PPP guys tak payah cakaplah, time to bungkus.

This photo from NST somehow sum up what happen on tangga lapan bulan tiga, dua ribu lapan.

Friday, March 07, 2008

The battle for middle earth.

Time to wrap up.

If the opposition wins more then 1/3 of parliament, then we, malaysians would have achieved our mission. Anything more would be a bonus. Without 2/3 majority, BN would be unable to hold on to their axis of corrupted.

Lets look at it like this, BN is like a medievel knight on horseback. He could ride out of the castle and ride in to the village to slaughter anyone with impunity. Just so you know, medievel horseback armoured knight is almost invincible in the medievel age. Think of it like a Level 99 Dark Knight that can cast cure on itself, slaughtering 1000 level 1 peasents. But then, if you unhorse the rider, which is what will happen if you deny BN 2/3 majority, it would be like a level 10 Wizard cast a curse on the Level 99 Dark Knight which halfs his speed, attack, defense, magic resistance and his ability to cast cure. If this were to happen, The 1000 level 1 peasents would be joined by another 200 or so peasant to come and slaughter that Dark Knight.

Now this 200 or so Level 1 Peasants are under control and basically enslaved by the Dark Knight. They are otherwise known as the government servants as in they serve the Dark Knight. They are basically held at gunpoint to do the Dark Knight's bidding. In 24 hours time, the enslaved Peasants would be unleashed and asked to go to the voting stations. With a very heavy heart they would have to do the Dark Knights bidding. With the 1000 or so peasant still undecided on whether they should try to unhorse the Dark Knight or just do nothing and be slaughtered by the Dark Knight whereas the Level 10 Wizard still requires time to prepare the spell, the 200 peasant would have no choice but to vote the Dark Knight.

So lets vote for the Level 10 Wizard, the Barisan Rakyat. And it doesnt matter if you are Elvish, Dwarven or Halflings. Just do not vote for the Dark Knight.

This is not 1969, we have very fast means of communication, SMS.

Last few post before we at ducky berhenti buat sementara.

OK there are rumours going around that some shitty things might happen after election whether BN win or lose. (No need to elaborate OK)

How I see it, this is not 1969. We are much mature now. And we have very fast means of communication. SMS.

If by chance story of Chinese beating Malays or vice versa got passed onto you, as a person who has the means to spread this story, you should be very careful in your next decision. This is what I will do.

I will rebuke that story and I will say that I was there and it wasn't Malay vs Chinese, it was some Indonesian vs Chinese/Malays. If you like the Indonesians, make it Nepalese, Myanmar, Indians, Pakistanis or Bangladeshis.

Whether you believe in that May 13 book written by Kua Kia Soong does not matter. What matters most is peace after election. BN will make sure there is no peace if they were to ever lose that 2/3 majority. Chaos is BN only last hope of survivor. And the told you so will be thrown at us.

It is time to stop reading & listening, It's time to think. Will it be the Red pill or the Blue pill ? Neo, its up to you and you can't swallow both!

Gentlemen start your engine !

Selamat datang ke post-post terakhir ducky.

Masa hanya tinggal lebih kurang 20 jam sebelum acara kemuncak kita berlangsung, acara ke12 kali Johor Bahru-Bukit Kayu Hitam 848km undi-mengundi!

It is this time of the hour, that the final preparation are taking place.

I didn't know school was closed, really. My neighbors kids was at home.

Anda telah mendengar ceramah-ceramah parti pembangkang.
Anda telah melihat dan mendengar iklan propaganda-propaganda di TV & di Radio.
Anda juga telah membaca surat khabar cetakan tempatan.
Anda yang berinternet telah juga membaca berita-berita blog dan website terkemuka lain.

Are you ready ladies & gentleman ?

Apakah jawapan muktamad Tuan-tuan & Puan-puan ?

The Red pill or the Blue pill ? There is no third choice. You have to swallow the Red or the Blue. You have to swallow just one. (God damn it, it's not cum lah, just swallow and get it overlah)

Is that your final answer ?

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Component party's blues

Being a component party in BN such as PPP is like an "anak angkat" as described by Kayveas. But is party like Gerakan any better off? There is already a rumour that the next CM of Penang would be from UMNO although i dont believe that to be true but history, at least favour the rumour. Remeber Sabah? There was supposed to be a rotation of CM in Sabah but the current CM was already the CM even before Pak Lah became the PM. And that to me was like an eternity ago.....or to pak lah, 10 minutes ago.

But coming back to our Kayveas from PPP, the most memorable quote he had made was that he threaten to quit politics because he also have maruah. All this because Gerakan and PPP have to fight for bread crumbs like Taiping. But that was weeks ago and Kayveas is still around and got his parliament candidacy but Lim Keng Yaik have quit politics or so it seems.

So in one corner, Kayveas got maruah and he would not back down and then on another side, Gerakan is going to lose their right to contest in a parliament constituency. On top of the unconfirmed rumour about Penang CM going to UMNO, Gerakan is in a hell of a pinch.

But being the referee, Pak Lah have to solve this problem. On hindsight, i would believe that the way he solved the problem was he go for the maruah guy.

To make it more clear cut, we only need to look at what Lim Keng Yaik said about Anwar.

Lim Keng Yaik said that when Anwar was the Education Minister, Anwar tried to some hanky panky to the vernacular schools. And that would be like at least 15 years ago. But did Lim Keng Yaik threaten to quit because of this because he have maruah? Nope.

He choose to remain quiet about this and went on to serve at least 5 more years together with Anwar, which Dr. Lim have alledge to have been an anti-chinese. But when Anwar became the DPM, i vaguely remember that Lim Keng Yaik still shakes his hand....still sing praises to Anwar.... where is the maruah?

And you know what? I think Pak Lah have made the correct decision. The Taiping seat candidacy rightly belongs to PPP.

But since the Dr. Lim is in such a talkative mood, we must ask him on whether there are any expose in which he wished to tell Malaysian. Or do we need to wait 15 years for him to spill the beans on Najib? or Hishamuddin? or Abdulah?

So which minister is Dr. Lim gonna cucuk belakang next? er... when i say cucuk belakang, i meant it in a political context.

On a side note, i just would have to mention this, have anyone notice that there is a pecking order in BN on who can angkat bola on whom? Because Dr. Lim potrayed Najib as the saviour in this vernacular school issue and i am quite sure he also angkat Anwar's bola when Anwar was the DPM, and hence Gerakan carry DPM's balls and MCA carry PM's balls. Please, anyone noticed this?

So lets do Gerakan a favour. Give them maruah. Wipe them out in this GE and save them from the humiliation of carrying the DPM's balls.

1999 & 2008 are 2 totally different thing.

I have been watching DSAI videos on utube and I just have to raise my hats off to him, he is quite a speaker. Remarkable speaker, I wonder is there any politician that can match him in public speaking.

But one thing I am not convince though after attending DAP ceramahs, many Chinese voters still fell DSAI as that rioting guy in 1999. That is how they still portray him and BN is still cashing in on this.

Mahathir himself was expel from UMNO many years ago, our Bapa Kemerdekaan joined Semangat 46 in those days together with Hussein I think. When Mahathir was the 4th PM the Chinese didn't like him. He was seen as pro-Malays then.

Clinton had a sex scandal, Hilary is running for President. Everyone hated the Nazis then, people seem to like Schumacher & Scorpions just fine.

Like orang tua kata, itu cerita dulu, dulu lain, sekarang lain.

Everyone is given a second chance in life, It is how we do it now that matters.

Bogey man and fall guys

Just read about the news report about EC chairman's house got vandalised.

And then i also came across a new report about keadilan's Bilik Gerakan got vandalised.

Now if it is not too far fetched, i always like to make connections. Mind you it is just connections. I also believe in coincidences. But what are the incidences that we should look at?

1) for making the u-turn from using the indelible ink, the oppositions make it a point that the BN was behind this. The BN is cheating they said.

2) for making the u-turn from using the indelible ink, UMNO expressed their regret for the EC not using the indelible ink. At the same breath, they also say that they supported it.

3) for the u-turn business, MCA expressed disapointment in the EC's decision.

4) for the u-turn thingy, MIC supported the EC's decision.

So from this instances i would deduce that the opposition blames BN for the non-usage of indelible ink, whereas the majority of BN expresses their regret and have washed their hands of this business.

And then i turned to past precedences, 10 years ago, when Malaysia economy got hit, BN knows that they are in a fix. What they did then i believe was to arrange for someone to take the fall. That someone as we know was Anwar. I still believe that Anwar got kicked out because BN needs a fall guy.

I can almost believe that when BN loses 2/3 majority, there will be a massive witch hunt. Fall guys are going to be identified and be asked to take the fall. Only if the fall guys are prepared and have planned their retreat strategy would survive this arena.

Are you prepared?

There are only 2 parties to choose from

Other than the 2 DAP ceramah that I attended, I have not attended any other ceramah.

There is one tonight in Kg Baru (berdekatan Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Kampung Baru) Anwar will be there, I thought of going, I thought It would be good to show of support from a Chinese.

I wonder how does a ceramah goes in area where you have 50/50% of the voters are Malay & Chinese, and the BN candidate is a chinese, & the opposition candidate is a Malay under the Keadilan banner. How would the Keadilan guy convince the Chinese and then the Malay ? Personally I think it would be easier to convince the Malay, not because they are easier to persuade but I think this might just work as well.

"Tuan-tuan & Puan-puan sekalian, pihak Keadilan berharap untuk mendapat sokongan 100% dari penduduk Bandar Tun Razak ini. Sebab Tuan-tuan & Puan-puan perlu menyokong kami adalah orang Cina sendiri juga telah menjauhi dari menyokong MCA, kalau orang Cina sudah hilang keyakinan pada calun Cina BN mereka sendiri, maka Tuan-tuan & Puan-puan tidak perlu lagi berfikir panjang dan harus tahu pihak mana Tuan-tuan & Puan-puan perlu mengundi untuk."

There are only 2 parties to choose from, BN or the opposition. There is no such thing as an Anwar's party or a Muslin state party or even the Chinese defender party. Only 2, those that are already in power and those that are going to kick them out.

Malaysia Boleh! - And i meant it literally

( I intended this post to be on the eve of polling day, but i not 100% convinced that there would be no disruption to the internet between now and then.)

I dont read the print media because they are not worth the paper they are printed on. I also rarely watch television and that i suspect the term "the idiot box" was coined by someone after watching our television.

I only use the internet as my window to the world.

It is refreshing that after all these years and after all the general elections that i have participated and a few where i was just observing, FOR THE FIRST TIME, i am not forced to endure the pathetic attempt by BN to induce fear and promote lies to the voters.

Internet which i believe represents the peoples' voice, is overwhelmingly anti-BN. And if i were to gauge the level of support to the opposition through the internet postings, i would say come polling day, BN would be slaughtered to the last man, woman and children-in-law.

Now that BN is cornered, i would like to reflect upon what event and when did the event took place that brought about this calamity onto BN?

Was Anwar's sacking by Mahathir the trigger event?

Or even furhter in to the past, when UMNO created may13?

Or perhaps the recent BERSIH and HINDRAF rally?

Maybe it was not an event but a series of events. Maybe it is little things which adds up to the last straw that broke the camel's back.

But whatever it is, we, the people are on the verge of victory, 3 days to polling day, please remember every single time that BN has fuck you up. Be it 10 years ago or 50 years ago doesnt matter. Then you vote.

Just for clarification, when not if BN loses 2/3 majority, it is the People's victory not the opposition's victory.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Before we say goodnight

Earlier tonight I went for another DAP ceramah at Hang Tuah Flats in Kuala Lumpur just next to the Hang Tuah LRT station.

It was a large crowd as usual like most DAP ceramah, but tonights crowd was a little larger than usual as old man Uncle Lim was going for a pit stop before heading to Puchong for another ceramah.

When Lim Kit Siang arrived, it was thundering with applause, people trying to shake his hands, people trying to greet him, photographers trying to take his pictures, and all those that wasn't near him lifted their hands up to welcome him. In short it looks like a football team that has just scored a goal, and all the fans would go wild.

Not to worry, I won't bored you with the ceramah stuffs.

It is sad to see that Uncle Lim is rather old, but his signature stride was bold and confident. His 30 minutes speech was in English, Malay, Cantonese & primarily Mandarin. Just imagine, you welcome a large crowd, you shake some hands then you go up to the stage and you blast away with an adrenalin pump speech, no full-stop.

2 more days before we get ready to RUMMMMMMMMMBLEEEEEEEEEE.

Good night and selamat malam.

Majulah sukan untuk negara.

You cannot eat Maruah.

It is a sad day today.

Because there was this news about Lembah Pantai voters being blackmailled to vote for BN. The BN rep said that she would help those who rent in projek perumahan rakyat to get a home of their own.

Perhaps blackmail is too strong a word. Lets say she is "convincing" the voters to vote for her.

If i were a lembah pantai voter, i would have decided then and there that i would vote for her.

Come on, you cannot eat Maruah. Neither could Justice feed you and your family. IF she is serious about the house issue, then you guys should just vote for her lah.

Never mind that the new houses would probably be build using your own tax monies.

For those who does not want to vote BN even if the houses are the real deal, i could only say that Ideals are not money. If it is, forgive me for saying this, you would not be renting a small place in PPR, you would have been staying in a bungalow.

But then again, if i am given one ringgit for every promise that BN breaks, i would have been a millionaire.

But god help her if the houses are empty promises.

I've finally figured it out

After searching the web for months, i finally learned about 2 very important things which i must share with everybody...... But i must worn everyone when you see this images, some would not believe it. And no it is not photoshopped. It is just so traumatic that what you believe is true all this while come crumble before your very eye. Basically, you need to choose the blue pill or the red pill before you proceed kind of thing.

Ah........bagus! you telan both pills.....


You want prove? Here is it.

Notice the mineral water bottle circled in red..... It must be some one put some anesthetic in to the water.............

Not convinced? You say it is coincidence? That is why i say this would be traumatic......

Look here for absolute proof!!!!! I mean, look at the red circle! Khir toyo is not known as kaki tidor. But because he was also kena'ed by ajen yahudi, he also mengantuk!

Now speaking about ajen yahudi, my second expose would prove that this person is really an ajen yahudi. I believe prior to this picture, no one could prove that he was ajen yahudi although they did suspect but could not get hold of any hard evidence.


Oh what a shock! When ex-ECM Libra shareholder and millionaire, Khairy Abdullah, first mentioned about this connection, the orang kampung did not believe him. But now, thanks to my expose, he is proven right. Now let this be a lesson to the orang kampung, a person with nine million ringgit cannot be wrong. The next time he comes out with a hunch about something you better believe it! After all he have more cars than your kampung have motorbikes.

Please appreciate the following photos because many a good man have died for this picture to come to light!

Please look carefully at that ajen yahudi. Although in this picture he managed to black out the portion near his eyes, but everybody knows that the person in this picture is Anwar!! What is even more damning is that before this picture was taken, anwar managed to "relieve" a bloke named Abdullah of his coat as can be seen in the name tag on the coat. How do i know about the coat? Easy. This pic was originally named "Anwar left Abdullah out in the cold".

What the fuck can you do with INK ??????

If you actually think about it, fuck no, you don't even need to fucking think about it, cause how in dollah way can some ink sabotage the entire election process ?

So fucking what if some people went down to some rural areas and convince them that you need to put ink on your pinky before you go down to vote, you still need to verify with your identification yes ? given if you haven't vote. Don't tell me if you go to the polling station with your pinky in purple dye they are just going to deny your voting rights without even checking whether you have voted already or not ?

Threat to national security ? Hold it right there I got ink with me and I know how to use it ?????? Fuck it. National security & the whole amendment to the constitution thing is just a shit load of cum.

Don't make no fucking sense & It don't make no fucking logic as well. You know it & I know it.

BN days are numbered, this is the opportunity and now the million ringgit question.

The 12th General Election seems to be finally a true rakyat election, how are you going to vote ?

A) Undi for BN;
B) Undi for the opposition;
C) Undi Rosak; or
D) Tak nak Undi.

You got 3 life line left, you can read more blogs, you can call ducky or yoda or we can eliminate 2 answer to give you a 50/50% chance of answering.

The decision is your.

BN is now desperate, be ready for more surprises.

Mula mula Rashid kata electoral roll is A OK.
Then later said, oh sorry ya got some dead people here and there, orang pindah rumah sana sini. Tak apa kita telan, sebab kitaq sudah tahu the truth.

Lepas itu, Khamis sebelum Nomination day, Rashid pula kata Nomination paper mesti disetemkan dengan setem hasil sebab ini undang-undangnya. Tak apa, you mau saya setem saya setemlah. Tapi dia sudah lupe ada negeri-negeri di Malaysia weekendnya Friday & Sabtu, kantul sudah lupe, last-last minute kata takpe, tak setem takpe. Kita paham dia sudah mula lah tu. Takpe. Kita telan.

Semalam pulak, Rashid kata plan nak guna indelible ink pada hari election cancelled, sebab ada orang sudah curi ink ini. Dia kataq according to the star “The EC views these issues seriously as the election process and public order and security cannot be compromised,” Dah national security lah tu. Tak habih itu, dia also kataq "Article 119 of the Federal Constitution guaranteed the right of a registered elector to vote and laws providing otherwise should be ultra vires the Constitution". Pelik huh ?

You fucking imagine, you telling your client in July last year of this super plan of yours, then 9 months later just before the start of the project, you go back and tell your client, sorry hah, I forgot to check the act, this plan of mine illegal lah !

This is desperate act, BN has ran out of ideas, they are pulling desperate measures here and there. I won't be surprise if there was an electricity national black out on election day. Don't be surprise also if streamyx, jaring, celcom & maxis broadband line is out of service. Don't be surprise if there was police block all around town, because they suspected something amiss.

This is not the time for personal issues, I understand a lot of Chinese do not like Anwar or PAS. And Malays not liking DAP. But this not about personal issues anymore. This is about taking down a corrupted entity that has no intention of stepping down and will do anything in its powers legal or illegal to ensure of its survivor. The indelible ink issue is very clear of their intention.

Oi Rashid sebab you yang nak cancel ink ini, baik you tiap-tiap hari minum ink'o panas ke atau ink-peng ke sampai you habih telan 47,000 botol itu. Pukimak.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Secret message to Rashid

My friend Rashid, please use the agreed upon cypher to crack this code.

Code starts here :

Goblok Operasi Operation Dummy
Jasin Oneeye Bitch
Ini Najib
Suka Anjing Berak Otak Tak Ada Guna Itu Nanti Gelabah
Bapa Nori

Make Only Riot Everywhere
Vk Only To Ensure Rule Safe
Ap Request Enough?
Pidah Insists She Shuns Eye Drops
On Father Figure
Bring Enough Criminal As Umno Security Entourage
Official Function
Take Hairy Everywhere
Imitation Nasi Kandar
Blog Unviels Soilek In Nude Even Samy Suka
Maybe Evertime Abdullah Not Sleeping
Mahathir Only Retired Early
Very Often Totally Excommunicated
Trick Opposition?
Oh Paklah Paklah Only See In The Internet Often Napping

Take Hike Abdullah Najib Khairy
Yodaddy Only Undi

Say Enough Never Dacing
Only Undi Rocket
Reformasi Even Got Anwar Release Doing Sungaibuloh
Together Onwards
Time Heals Everything
Immediately Got Profesorship
Anwar Not Dead
Abdullah Gripes

End Secret code:

The rakyat are not stupid any more, steam roller my ass

I just got to agree with yoda on this like in his previous post.

BN has just somehow awoken from their many years of slumber (I would like to say 50 years, but i liked that Hussein Onn fellow), it's like that rip van winkle guy.

Just fucking imagine, every time before the GE, the machinery starts to rumble, the lorries and the steam roller and the masses of labour works, toiling the hot afternoon sun just to re-tar the already fine road. This time around, it was a fucking shoddy work. You know what I mean, normally they would scrap a layer of tar first before applying the new coat. This time around with the surprise announcement those fuckers just lay it like peanut butter.

Then how about all those out of a sudden project that seem to appear out of nowhere. Jambatan, housing projects, water and electricity to the rural folks, extra subsidies, donations, etc etc etc. Do you actually think after so many god damn years people still fall for that fucking trick. Come on lah be more fucking imaginative lah.

One thing makes me wonder though, where the fuck did they get so much money out to do all this last minute project ? I thought the parliament was already dissolved on the 13 February 2008, who is signing all the cheques, who is approving all the projects, who is giving all the orders ? Can all this be done without a cabinet approval ?

Then of course all this can be done prior to the dissolution of parliament and just that NOW only they decide to implement all this projects.

This alone shows you their fucking sincerity to you.

It's like that dick head boss of yours (everyone has a fuck-up boss) during pay day time. They sign your pay cheque early then decide to keep it until the 3rd of the month to release to you. They are not concern about your mortgage, hire purchase, credit card debts, child care, etc etc, then come certain peak period, they are your best friends already.

If you hate your boss, you should hate your government more. They are 10x worst than your boss.

Like yoda said before, this election with YOUR help would be the start of the new beginning for the opposition, if they manage to deny BN 2/3, they have already cracked BN walls, come the 13th GE with the same commitment by the opposition parties, I suppose 50% would not be far fetch.

You had heard the ceramah, read the blogs, witness the propaganda media, now its up to you.

If that is still not enough, i reckon you declared yourself special so I personally can hold your hand to mark the 'x' for the opposition.

Desperate times for BN, BN's last stand.

First was they beat you up in BERSIH rally....

Then they lock HINDRAF up using ISA.....

Not feeling very secure, they threaten you using the mass media, i.e. vote for dacing or else.....and the tv propoganda with the subtle threat of promising instability if we dont vote dacing.

Up till now i can understand (but dont agree on) BN's motive of using fear and intimidation on to the voters to force the votes. Doing this from their position of strength would usually yield the desired results. Usually....

But things happen.Shit happens. To walk the lion's den, as in going about in the circles of power, usually make one learn to always be on the alert. Eternal vigilance i would say. You could be the most popular guy and the next minute you would end up in jail like Anwar. Or you could be worship like a god and the moment you lose power, you would be demonised like Tun.

And now to the significance of the EC in stopping the usage of indelible ink in this election. Now who would have thought that BN would need to resort to this? Can they finally see the writings on the wall or have their strategist finally tell them that even their threats and postal and phantom voters cannot guarantee them to remain in power?

The way i see it is that BN may have lost its option to issue further threats against the voters. Not that they dont want to do it, it is more likely that they cannot do it. With the lost of this option, they have to resort to stopping the usage of indelible ink.

Why did EC did what they did? And when BN wash their hands of this by telling others that it was the EC that makes the decision and it was the EC that is responsible for postal and phantom voters, what would happen to EC? Who is going to go to jail?

I'm not saying that the BN 's a ship is sinking. It is still too early to tell. But as the saying goes, in a sinking ship, it is every man for himself. But then again, if and when i can sense that the BN ship is sinking, it would already be to late to "switch sides" or "become neutral" so to speak.

And as i was writing about in a previous post, what i think is that the opposition dont even need to form the government by winning this coming election. All they need to do is to deny BN 2/3 majority and a cascading effect would effectively wipe out BN.

Makal sakti!!!

If this is not propaganda TV then what the fuck is it !

I think this election will showcase the biggest propaganda news on the free TV.

As much as astro (I can live without) has been gaining ground inwards the rural areas, free TV is much depended on for night entertainment, until the lights go off, then its another census time.
I was at Putrajaya again for work and while waiting for my turn I watch TV3, and in between the propaganda news and dramas, there was ridiculous propaganda advertisement by those large corporations. I saw 2, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) & Projek Lebuhraya Utara Selatan (PLUS) telling us to protect our way of life and blah blah blah.

What the fuck ! What the fuck is this ! What the fuck are you trying to fuck with my mind!

And this is what BN calls fair election.

And the worst advertisement is when they get some people and they claim the almighty BN as their protector & saviour and they finished off with Vote Malaysia, vote BN. Last I check, both Nazri and Zam said that 10,000 or 40,000 people rallying does not represent the entire fucking Malaysian population. So how in the mother fucking way, can a handful of people that received help from BN can suddenly transform into Vote Malaysia, vote BN !

If you don't call this propaganda then fuck you.

Have you stock up your food supplies ???

My Dad-in Law has stock up his house with enough supplies to last till the 13th GE !

He has enough rice to stock it up out side his house to make it look like a military bunker. His 3 fridge are fill up with ayam, babi, lembu, ikan, itik, unta to name a few types of daging.

The amount of can food can feed a small country like maybe that little dot below Johor for a couple of months.

Onions, garlic, potatoes, flour, nescafe, milk, nescafe, milo, nescafe, yes may dad-in-law drinks nescafe as much as he pees, so well stock, they look like they are being ready to be ship out to 3rd world countries.

I on the other hand, has enough food to make it till the next day. I see it as a good time to go for that long overdue diet.

Friends that I meet ask me, "sudah beli tepung ? susu ? beras ?"

Its like the word of the street, is that BN is going to lose big.

But this is the catch, people on the street (Malay, Chinese, Indian dan lain-lain) seems to feel if BN were to lose its 2/3 majority or lose the government, UMNO is going to create chaos. Notice, UMNO, not MCA, not MIC, not BN, but UMNO is going to create chaos.

No bloody sane person is going to create any chaos other than UMNO.

So before you start sharpening that machete (parang) of yours, think, if you do this, you are just a a puppet for UMNO, the people that you were going to vote out in the first place.

And by the way, normally during election time, Christians just pray for peace and a safe election , period. This time around, the priest is telling us to vote wisely. Imagine all this years, all Christians do during election is pray, this time around they are told to vote wisely.

I suppose there is only one thing left to say,


Monday, March 03, 2008

Not a post about 12th GE

This blog started out as a blog as with most other blogs, a blog where we can write about what was on our mind and was updated very frequently.... but as fun that it was back then, when the novelty starts to wane, this blog quickly becomes more like a collection as in a sketch book if you may, where the bloggers (me and ducky) come back infrequently to write about stuffs that we can both laugh at, mostly about incompetent people(you know lah who....) but realising for the first time that after so many disappointment and anger that the kleptrocratic government keep fucking up our lives, that we are no longer mere observers. We have a blog!

You know that there are some people who must go and watch a football match thinking that if they have watch the match, they as an observer could somehow influence the match such as a try at goal or a foul can be prevented or converted if only they, the observer concentrated hard enough. I would admit i have the same mentality whenever there were elections. I always say to myself if i concentrated hard enough, BN would lose.... but it didnt work.

But now that there are like 100 vistors per day to this blog (if it is a good day) there is this tiny little bit of a chance that if i tried hard enough, BN would lose 2/3 majority. Of course i know that this is so unlikely and so.....wishful thinking, about both BN losing and if they do lose, about being able to influence the votes with just a handful of blog readers. But...It beats staring at the TV when they announce the election results.

Of course the reason i am doing this now and perhaps maybe 5 years from now, is to be able to sit at a coffee shop 20 years from now, to talk about the good old times and how someone like me help to bring down BN...............together with my other great achievement of how i made Carecca slip on the ball in front of the goal during 86 World Cup!

Just so you guys know, this blog will be a marathon of posts from now till 8 March. After that normal blog activity would resume. Which means....almost no activity at all...almost.

Beginning of the end for BN?

The was a crowd in Penang yesterday to attend the ceramah by the opposition. The honorable opposition speaker/candidates....(i will refer to the opposition candidates as honorable and to be fair to the BN candidate i will refer them as the humbled with a 'd' as in very humbled meaning tak angkuh. Dont blame me if i get it english not very good....) drew in large numbers of participants to the ceramah.

All indication points to the genuine possibility that the humbled BN would lose their 2/3 majority.

Now this is what i think would happen to BN if they lose the 2/3 majority.....

1) There would be no more politics of fear. A weakend BN would not be able to threaten anyone or any communities anymore.

2) The other branches of the government such as the judiciary would not be seen as to be playing to the tune of the government.

3) the PDRM would not be a "subsidiary" of BN.

4) the main stream media would not be a propoganda mouthpiece for BN.

5) the Election commission would be neutral.

The rationale for my above assumptions are that people thinks ahead. No need to think too far ahead, they only need to think 5 years ahead(after BN losses 2/3 majority). The above stakeholders needs to hedge their bet. Previously when BN have 2/3 majority, BN would be the overwhelming favourites. But with less than 2/3 even with unfair elections, it would make people stop and think. Are they betting on the wrong horse as in the humbled BN?

Would the mainstream media still be in business after the 13thGE after the humbled BN lose 2/3 majority in 12th GE? Well unless they want to close shop after 13th GE, they would do no better than to be neutral when the times comes.

And as for the other govt departments, they would do well to look at our Tun. At the moment our Tun retires, he was treated like he was second class citizen very much like the component parties in BN, by none other than UMNO, his party where he was the president for more than 2 decades? Now what would stop a mere government servant, say at 66 years old, who retires this year, and would be 71 years old in 5 years time, to pay for his past crimes, if any?

And so would the people not want to hedge their bet? They would be many it would seem but not everyone can for there must be a point of no return somewhere. Somewhere where an irreconcilable wrong is done.

I may be wrong but in one weeks time we would know.

p.s. For any one who wants to switch sides, or declare neutrality, please be aware that the earlier that you do so, the more sincere it would be seen.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

I went for a DAP ceramah on Saturday night in Taman Sungai Besi, it lasted for about 3 hours.

Never have been to one before and with all the hype that all this ceramah have huge turn-outs like 1000-2000 people, I need to see for my self.

And true enough, it was a large crowd. I can't tell for sure how many, I was there early, so I was right in front but when I turn my head back I could see it was jam packed. Imagine a jalan biasa, both sides have cars parking, from where the make shift stage till the end of road, it could be 50m or less and between the stage and the end of road it was people, not including those that stand on the opposite side of the road and behind the stage.

The stage was simple, and good use of people's money, the speaker just stood behind the lorry, add some amp, speakers, we are good to go.

I went with my dad in law, a 60 odd ++ staunch DAP supporter.
They showed clips from the parliament, the usuals clowns.
Then ceramah as usual bitching about the government.
What actually surprised me was that what we take for granted from the internet media and clips from utubes, this people were actually hearing it and watching it for the first time and they were pissed, I guess if they were to read from MalaysiaToday, they might actually vomit blood.

Seputeh & Bukit Bintang MP was there Teresa Kok & Fong Kui Lun plus their assistants. Both spoke for about 30 minutes before adjourning to another session when it was already 11.30pm!

We can write as much as we like in our blogs but unfortunately most of the rakyat are still reading the local print, as to whether they agree with what they read is another thing, until one day when we can actually reach a far larger audience then just the internet users, people like your parents and grandparent, we still have some miles to travel.

Now the big question, does big crowd turnouts supporting the opposition cause means they will actually result in more people voting for the opposition ? or is it just the same crowd of people that are following the ceramah where ever they go?

Look at my track record bitch!

I really like this "look at my track record" thing especially if it is uttered by a BN politician.

But what track record are they talking about?

Tar the road every election?

Tanam bunga at the side of the road?

Lawatan sambil belajar for local authorities?

Build a few place of worship?

What is it?

All this are their(BN) doing?

No shit they are not!

These are what we pay our cukai tanah and cukai pintu for. And that includes the amount used for lawatan sambil belajar......

But then i must ask what happen to our tax monies?

I pay income tax, road tax, service tax, rokok tax, arak tax, import duty for car, on top of the previously mentioned cukai tanah and cukai pintu. What did i get back or rather, what did the country get back from all this? Apart from lining the pockets of BN leaders, what does our tax do for us?

But coming back to the track record that the BN politicians ask us to look at......

What track record? Or do they mean track and field record? As in 100 metres dash?

Build some house of worship? Thats' our cukai pintu nad cukai tanah working.

Tar some roads? Thats our road tax working.

Tanam bunga on the roadside? That is our cukai tanah and cukai pintu working for the BN politicians to pay off their cronies!!!

What other things that you do BN politicians?

Lastly and most importanatly i must comment on this thing i read in the papers about Lembah Pantai MP asking us to look at her track record and vote her for another term.

What track record, i ask myself.What did you do for the penduduk in Lembah Pantai? Even more proposterous was what did the datuk sharizat did when an indon sounding MP mention the bocor tiap-tiap bulan thingy. Where were you datuk when your own kaum hawa got sexually harrased? How can you even talk about policies and such when you cant even open your mouth about sexual harrasment in the parliament?

But that is just me thinking loudly lah. I am not even a voter in Lembah Pantai. Hey but isnt Puteri reformasi standing in that constituency?Maybe it is time to send somebody with REALLY DO SOMETHING to the parliament.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Vote Blogger X

Blogger the_earthinc has started an initiative to promote bloggers contesting in this coming election. I have to confess that i do not even know any one of them. And the only one that i read is Jeffooi. I have heard of Nik Nazmi and Tony Pua but i have no idea who is Elizabeth and Chegu Bard. And so i could not promote in any practical way, the bloggers that are standing in this GE.
But since we are on this topic, i would like to give my two cents worth on the face off between the bloggers and their respective opponents.

1) Nik Nazmi vs BN somebody...

Yup, i admit i dont even know who is contesting against Nik Nazmi. Actually i dont even know much abaout Nik Nazmi. Also another confession, i dont even know what their poilcies are.

But what i do know is that Nik Nazmi is from PKR. And PKR is about justice. They fight for justice. Justice and fairness which is sadly been deprieved from us by BN.

BN somebody standing against Nik Nazmi, i also dont know about him/her. Neither do i care about what his/her policy are. Because in BN there is no policy. Example was that guy from MIC who buat bising when a foreign medical school's degree was not recognised by BN govt. Now MIC is supposed to fight for the Indians....So out of 9 parliamentarians, only one buat bising. That also Najib come and suspend him.

So ladies and gentlemen, irrespective of what BN person tell you about what they fight for, in the end they would have to toe the line.

2) Tony Pua vs Chew Mei fun

Again i only know about Chew and not Pua. Pua is from DAP so as you guys know and if you watch YouTube, in parliament, each and every DAP member always kena hantam from somebody who talks like an Indon. Seriously you may want to watch the bocor comment thingy in Youtube. An Indon MP or is it some MP in Malaysia that talks like an Indon would come and heckle the DAP MPs. And no offence against LKS and i have always respected his views and admired his fights, but LKS talks like ahpek....So if anyone wants some seriously good speaking person to whack those BN Indon MP, get Tony Pua in.

About Chew Mei Fun, i can only say this, while she was recuperating after her accident, she came up with a brilliant plan to fish for votes. The brilliant plan was to threaten the non malays by promissing another May 13 if she was not voted in. But comeonlah...She is Chew mei fun from MCA, not Chew binti Abdullah from Umno... and so cannot follow through with her threats. Dont need to say she can cause racial riots, she want to cut off water supply to your house pun takde kuasa. Dshlah as her colleague in BN likes to say, she is being punished by god for being in the wheelchair.

3) Elizabeth Wong vs BN somebody

No idea buot Bn person. Also no idea bout Elizabeth. Please read No. 1) Nik Nazmi vs Bn somebody.....

4) Jeff Ooi vs BN somebody

All i can say is.....there was this rumour.....from my friend's friend.....his uncle told him because his uncle's friend heard it from his colleague who is direct decendant of HangTuah mentioned that the next CM of Penang is going to be an Umno guy! Gerakan is getting PPPed.

Of course i dont believe in this rumourlah....especially if the person claim to be direct decendent of hang tuah. But still this is a rumourlah.....

5) CheguBard vs Khairy Abdullah

Again i'm sorry i do not know who chegubard is..... But i think i know khairy...

Khairy, as one BN MP(the one who metioned bocor, also known as the Indon MP) said, is a penjenayah! As that Indon said, those person who demonstrate are penjenayah. Khairy is photoed commiting the said act on condolezza rice during her visit to Malaysia.

I can only say that demonstartion is tak salah. But you must also see lah who you want to demonstrate.... As with Nazri who piss of the CM of Tamil Naidu, Khairy dont lah try to piss off the scretary of state of Uncle Sam. Both India nad US are nuclear power you know...

The danger of getting Khairy in the parliament is that he would be given a chance to tag team with Nazri to piss off the world powers. If they were to piss of indonesia as in the karate instructor, that also not that damaging lah. Indonesia is unlikely to send their submarine here. But if khairy or nazri was to grab hold of some North Korea guy then we Malaysians are fucked. Kim Jong Ill might not be as forgiving as Tamil Naidu CM or US Secretary of State.....