Monday, March 03, 2008

Beginning of the end for BN?

The was a crowd in Penang yesterday to attend the ceramah by the opposition. The honorable opposition speaker/candidates....(i will refer to the opposition candidates as honorable and to be fair to the BN candidate i will refer them as the humbled with a 'd' as in very humbled meaning tak angkuh. Dont blame me if i get it english not very good....) drew in large numbers of participants to the ceramah.

All indication points to the genuine possibility that the humbled BN would lose their 2/3 majority.

Now this is what i think would happen to BN if they lose the 2/3 majority.....

1) There would be no more politics of fear. A weakend BN would not be able to threaten anyone or any communities anymore.

2) The other branches of the government such as the judiciary would not be seen as to be playing to the tune of the government.

3) the PDRM would not be a "subsidiary" of BN.

4) the main stream media would not be a propoganda mouthpiece for BN.

5) the Election commission would be neutral.

The rationale for my above assumptions are that people thinks ahead. No need to think too far ahead, they only need to think 5 years ahead(after BN losses 2/3 majority). The above stakeholders needs to hedge their bet. Previously when BN have 2/3 majority, BN would be the overwhelming favourites. But with less than 2/3 even with unfair elections, it would make people stop and think. Are they betting on the wrong horse as in the humbled BN?

Would the mainstream media still be in business after the 13thGE after the humbled BN lose 2/3 majority in 12th GE? Well unless they want to close shop after 13th GE, they would do no better than to be neutral when the times comes.

And as for the other govt departments, they would do well to look at our Tun. At the moment our Tun retires, he was treated like he was second class citizen very much like the component parties in BN, by none other than UMNO, his party where he was the president for more than 2 decades? Now what would stop a mere government servant, say at 66 years old, who retires this year, and would be 71 years old in 5 years time, to pay for his past crimes, if any?

And so would the people not want to hedge their bet? They would be many it would seem but not everyone can for there must be a point of no return somewhere. Somewhere where an irreconcilable wrong is done.

I may be wrong but in one weeks time we would know.

p.s. For any one who wants to switch sides, or declare neutrality, please be aware that the earlier that you do so, the more sincere it would be seen.


Anonymous said...

Remember 1999 when we are at the gates of victory! When suddenly the Chinese betrayed everybody at the last minute by voting BN. And what gurantee that they will not do it again.


Yodaddy said...

anon, perhaps you are mislead by the govt in to believing chinese vote for BN. Please look at the voters breakdown....BN got more than 50% of votes. Does chinese constitutes more than 50% of the voters? No doubt chinese which has almost forever voted for the opposition, choose to tip it in the direction of the BN at the inopportune moment....but so have a sizable malay voters. Can i say the malays betrayed by voting for BN every election except for 1999? Again no. PAS and DAP has always sekurang-kurangnya have a few parliamentary seat. The worst generalisation we could make is that race votes en bloc.

But if we are serious about bringing down BN, you had made your point...It requires the whole malaysia's people to do it. All races.

But anon, remember, there is no compulsion or pact needed just makal sakti(spelling?). Vote with your conscience. And with any luck, BN would lose 2/3 majority. If not, we the rakyat will try again and again.

ducky said...

There are 10++ million registered voters,

Give and take, 80% will vote, that makes 8 million odd people.

UMNO has 3++ million odd members.
MCA has 1++ million odd members.
MIC ??++ million odd members.

So simple statistic make that 50% to BN, the rest is up to us.