Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I've finally figured it out

After searching the web for months, i finally learned about 2 very important things which i must share with everybody...... But i must worn everyone when you see this images, some would not believe it. And no it is not photoshopped. It is just so traumatic that what you believe is true all this while come crumble before your very eye. Basically, you need to choose the blue pill or the red pill before you proceed kind of thing.

Ah........bagus! you telan both pills.....


You want prove? Here is it.

Notice the mineral water bottle circled in red..... It must be some one put some anesthetic in to the water.............

Not convinced? You say it is coincidence? That is why i say this would be traumatic......

Look here for absolute proof!!!!! I mean, look at the red circle! Khir toyo is not known as kaki tidor. But because he was also kena'ed by ajen yahudi, he also mengantuk!

Now speaking about ajen yahudi, my second expose would prove that this person is really an ajen yahudi. I believe prior to this picture, no one could prove that he was ajen yahudi although they did suspect but could not get hold of any hard evidence.


Oh what a shock! When ex-ECM Libra shareholder and millionaire, Khairy Abdullah, first mentioned about this connection, the orang kampung did not believe him. But now, thanks to my expose, he is proven right. Now let this be a lesson to the orang kampung, a person with nine million ringgit cannot be wrong. The next time he comes out with a hunch about something you better believe it! After all he have more cars than your kampung have motorbikes.

Please appreciate the following photos because many a good man have died for this picture to come to light!

Please look carefully at that ajen yahudi. Although in this picture he managed to black out the portion near his eyes, but everybody knows that the person in this picture is Anwar!! What is even more damning is that before this picture was taken, anwar managed to "relieve" a bloke named Abdullah of his coat as can be seen in the name tag on the coat. How do i know about the coat? Easy. This pic was originally named "Anwar left Abdullah out in the cold".

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