Friday, March 28, 2008

Lets watch something else now

Well, like all reality shows, you need to have a game plan, and you need to plan your moves correctly, else you get kick out.

Same goes for American Idol.

You don't have to sing amazingly if you are already talented like my personal choice Michael Johns and David Cook. All they need to do is just give 70-80% And I guess that was what they did, but last night, they gave 100%.

Have you ever heard Billie Jean sang like that ? Briliant, just briliant. If that was the final, Michael would have lost.

How I see it goes, it is something like Hell's Kitchen Season 2, the one that is currently showing on AFC. Virginia is a bimbo and has big boobs, but she made it through the finals beating Keith, which was a no-brainer. But what to do, Gordon liked her.

Leng lui contestants always gets away with murder, Kristy Cook is still in AI7, and last night they kicked out Chikezie ????? see what I mean. Well it is all about ratings and sponsors.

Popular vote contestant, small kid David something, seems to be showing his age disadvantage now. Breaking under pressure.

Top 3 ? Michael, David & David. And if they learn a lesson from Taylor Hicks, rocker David would be too a genius for them - difficult to agree i would presume, Michael looks natural, but small kid David seems to have won the popular choice award already. It is not whether how good you are, it just how popular you are with the majority of people watching you. Malaysian Idol 2 winner Daniel something was an excellent example.


angeles said...

wah! change blog colour tim... missed out on AI this time... i'll jz watch the final lah...

ducky said...

No No No, must watch this time around, better then Idol 5, Taylor Hicks that time, the perempuan all can bungkuslah, go check out one rocker David Cook sang Billie Jean, sure you terkejut one.

The MovieBuff said...

no doubt david cook is a good singer....however his version of 'billie jean' was copied from chris cornell....nothing original about it.

ducky said...

mr. moviebuff, thank you for that chris cornell info.