Thursday, March 06, 2008

Bogey man and fall guys

Just read about the news report about EC chairman's house got vandalised.

And then i also came across a new report about keadilan's Bilik Gerakan got vandalised.

Now if it is not too far fetched, i always like to make connections. Mind you it is just connections. I also believe in coincidences. But what are the incidences that we should look at?

1) for making the u-turn from using the indelible ink, the oppositions make it a point that the BN was behind this. The BN is cheating they said.

2) for making the u-turn from using the indelible ink, UMNO expressed their regret for the EC not using the indelible ink. At the same breath, they also say that they supported it.

3) for the u-turn business, MCA expressed disapointment in the EC's decision.

4) for the u-turn thingy, MIC supported the EC's decision.

So from this instances i would deduce that the opposition blames BN for the non-usage of indelible ink, whereas the majority of BN expresses their regret and have washed their hands of this business.

And then i turned to past precedences, 10 years ago, when Malaysia economy got hit, BN knows that they are in a fix. What they did then i believe was to arrange for someone to take the fall. That someone as we know was Anwar. I still believe that Anwar got kicked out because BN needs a fall guy.

I can almost believe that when BN loses 2/3 majority, there will be a massive witch hunt. Fall guys are going to be identified and be asked to take the fall. Only if the fall guys are prepared and have planned their retreat strategy would survive this arena.

Are you prepared?

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