Saturday, March 15, 2008

What is NEP?

Please note that the above title is not meant to be a question. If you came here armed with an answer, sorry but please hold on to it first and let me indulge you in something which is on my mind about NEP.

To me, a working class chinese, NEP is RM0.57 per meter cube of Syabas supplied water (Selangor& K.L). NEP is also about foreign cars priced beyond ordinary malaysians reach. NEP is about paying extra for daily necessities and etc. But is NEP any different for all Malaysians?

Pak lah probably pays as mush for water as me. It is a fixed price.(for under certain amount of m3, when more are used, it is RM1.92) No matter if you are the prime minister or poor malaysians of all races, you will pay RM0.57(in Sel&KL). And i assure you why we all, regardless of age, gender, race and social status, pays 0.57 per meter cube, is because of NEP. Why are malaysians, including the poor, including bumiputra poors, pays 0.57 just because of NEP? Without this water NEP we would have paid 20-30 sens instead of 57 sens. Is helping a few bumiputra to become a billionaire more important than helping the poor, which includes bumiputra poor? I personally have no problem paying water bills. Instead of RM8.00, i pay RM14-15. But are the poor willing to pay for this NEP?

And then comes the AP. How many times have you read in the newspaper when there are fatal accidents, the victims are usually driving in some locally made cars? What more 9 out of 10 of the accidents the victim are malays. Why should we support mediocrity in locally made cars and price the imported cars out of reach of every Malaysians? NEP? Would the victims especially the malay victims support this NEP?

Rising price of necessities, all because of cronies, corruption and wastages of NEP. These are being paid for by all Malaysian, again including the poor. If the price of roti canai is 80 sens for me, it wil be 80 sens for Ah Kau, 80 sens for Muthu and 80 sens for Ali. And yes even Ali needs to pay 80 sens.
NEP, which is to enrich a handful of bumiputras, are paid for by all Malaysians. And i need to stress the point that even poor bumiputra Malaysians pay for NEP.

To pay for the NEP, to me, it is like buying a AMD insted of INTEL and drinking ais kosong instead of teh tarik. But to the poor who similiarly needs to pay for NEP, they probably pay for it by skipping a few meals and a few doctor's appoinment.

Andi really need to stress that the price i pay for NEP can be illustrated as drinking ais kosong instead of Teh tarik. And i am quite sure anyone who can afford a computer or can afford internet, pays the same price i am paying or if you are rich, you may not even notice it. But to those poor that cannot afford internet access, cannot afford to buy a computer, they are probably paying the price by skipping a few meals.

BN and especially UMNO have been telling lies for so long that they even lie to their own. The fallacy that all or most Bumiputra would benefit from NEP is just not possible. The economic pie is just not big enough. Even in Uncle Sam country, the largest economy in the world, you could find homeless people.

And to DAP and PKR, i would just like to say that in Malaysia, to stop the NEP is political suicide. Even the mighty BN could not survive if they were to stop NEP. Lim Guan Eng and Tan Sri Khalid are either visionaries or plain fools. Lim Guan Eng is an accountant. Tan Sri Khalid is a former CEO. Most DAP, PKR and PAS leaders are lawyers, doctors and professionals. These guys are perfectly capable of absorbing the effect of NEP. Why should people like them fight NEP and risk their reputation and political careers, not to metion ISA? Why should Anwar who is rumoured to be very well to do, risk coming back to Malaysia? Why did Lim Kit Siang who have fought this system for 40 years while getting demonised by the Malays, the Chinese and the Indians, even bother to still pursue his political ideals?

Why would any politician in the opposition risk ISA to fight for what they believe and to fight for the poor? And please remember that the states that was captured by the opposition are the so called "rich" states. It would not be too far off to say that the people who have voted for you, are in the majority, not really effected by the NEP.

And to the handful of Malays who stand to benefit from NEP, please ask yourself is becoming a millionaire through NEP worth having asking the poor to skip a few meals just so you can achieve your dream? And these poor which would invariably include a large portion of your own race?

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Anonymous said...

should we just publish the details of the so called Dasar Ekonomi Baru "DEB" be it a 40 pages??? least everyone (especially the poor malays out there who do the street protest, are they the contractor who getting the benefits?) They simply being played puppet by the UMNO to go on protest without even know what did they get out of it.....NEB is for the rich malays become even richer -- shit! Has it got to do with the petty traders? burger ramli guy? mat rempit? nelayan? etc etc....go think!!! guna otak kau....

We should give the opposition a chance to prove they bring equality to all races. Be it a chinese/malays/singh/indian CM or long as they are not corrupts as UMNO. You should thank allah!