Thursday, March 13, 2008

They are coming out of the closet!

i guess this should be part 2.

During the run up to the elections, i tried to convince my friends to pangkah PAS just because there was a winds of change and that they should just send BN packing.

Once the opposition smells victory by pushing back BN in parliament and states seats, there are people who comes out and declare that race based politics is over and new begining etc.

And then everywhere i look there were "advices" offered by people/bloggers to the new Barisan Alternatif/Rakyat on how to run the states. But i must ask those people, what makes you think you can dictate what a political party does or not do? No offence intended, but who made you the advisers to the political parties? But this is of course expected. What i did not expect was....

And then yesterday LKS made a remark that they do not support PAS candidate as MB. My first reaction and also most peoples reaction was that he should have discussed this behind closed door and come to a compromise with other opposition parties. But at that time i came across a new type of blogger. These bloggers are what i called Closet Racists. They were the ones who cheered and extolled the virtues of non racial policy but at the first opportunity they get they go after the first chinaman they see. LKS did say he would be agreeable if a PKR assemblyman becomes MB. The candidates does include a PKR malay. But does the closet racist see this? No, they just come out bursting from their closet.

To appease the closet racist, LKS appologised to the Sultan and Regent. Thought that it ended there? Far from it. the closet racist is still out for blood. Maybe the non malays did the right thing in least they did not need to deal with a closet racist. They dealt directly with BN who is an open racist. Better the devil you know.....

I dont know what is going on behind the scenes but now i personally have told my friends who voted for PAS that a PAS MB shouldnt be that bad because i imagined all PAS assemblymen to be like Nik Aziz but this image was quickly dispelled by the latest revelations that state PAS have a high degree of autonomy and not under the purview of HQ PAS plus the rumour that PAS assemblymen in Selangor would jump ship if they did not get some senior post in the state govt. I am now getting ready to kena from my friends because of this.

So what now? Would Perak PAS jump to BN if they are not given any post? Heard that Selangor Deputy MB would be from PAS. Probably to appease PAS from jumping ship. The next round, I would only urge my friends to vote for PKR and DAP or some State PAS that i can trust. Definately not Selangor or Perak.

An opposition pact was a real possibility but, well, it was good while it last.

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Anonymous said...

How different are you from those closet racists?
"The next round, I would only urge my friends to vote for PKR and DAP or some State PAS that i can trust. Definately not Selangor or Perak"
Based on what? On the rumours and assumptions?
Gather your facts first mister