Tuesday, March 11, 2008

BN Post Propaganda News

Dah mulalah tu.

Post Election BN propaganda.

On the TV & on the print media.

Suddenly every fucking small incident is somehow reported by the MSM as causes unknown and possibly related to the outcome of the 12th GE with a hint of incitement.

Do watch berita on TV3, yesterday some small tiny place got bakar besides that MIC centre and some breaking-in in some tadika in Kedah, made the news, with reasons unknow and cause of fire also unknown but could be related to the results of the 12 GE. This is outright inciting certain quarters to feel uneasy. Before this GE, the media would report on incidents as still under investigation or something. Now, it is causes unknown. They are baiting people to think of the worst case scenario. I would really like to know if there were any instructions by the pihak atasan, meaning the person who will most benefit if there is an emergency.

To be leaning in BN's favour is one thing, now they are trying to instill hatred and incite communal feelings. There is a no newspaper on Tuesday, maybe there should be a switch off the TV day or something.

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Anonymous said...

I agree....as a typical malaysians, i felt cheated for over 20years watching the TV news. Now only I realized...they NEWS is in fact should be called channel BN (BULLSHIT NEWS)