Sunday, March 02, 2008

Look at my track record bitch!

I really like this "look at my track record" thing especially if it is uttered by a BN politician.

But what track record are they talking about?

Tar the road every election?

Tanam bunga at the side of the road?

Lawatan sambil belajar for local authorities?

Build a few place of worship?

What is it?

All this are their(BN) doing?

No shit they are not!

These are what we pay our cukai tanah and cukai pintu for. And that includes the amount used for lawatan sambil belajar......

But then i must ask what happen to our tax monies?

I pay income tax, road tax, service tax, rokok tax, arak tax, import duty for car, on top of the previously mentioned cukai tanah and cukai pintu. What did i get back or rather, what did the country get back from all this? Apart from lining the pockets of BN leaders, what does our tax do for us?

But coming back to the track record that the BN politicians ask us to look at......

What track record? Or do they mean track and field record? As in 100 metres dash?

Build some house of worship? Thats' our cukai pintu nad cukai tanah working.

Tar some roads? Thats our road tax working.

Tanam bunga on the roadside? That is our cukai tanah and cukai pintu working for the BN politicians to pay off their cronies!!!

What other things that you do BN politicians?

Lastly and most importanatly i must comment on this thing i read in the papers about Lembah Pantai MP asking us to look at her track record and vote her for another term.

What track record, i ask myself.What did you do for the penduduk in Lembah Pantai? Even more proposterous was what did the datuk sharizat did when an indon sounding MP mention the bocor tiap-tiap bulan thingy. Where were you datuk when your own kaum hawa got sexually harrased? How can you even talk about policies and such when you cant even open your mouth about sexual harrasment in the parliament?

But that is just me thinking loudly lah. I am not even a voter in Lembah Pantai. Hey but isnt Puteri reformasi standing in that constituency?Maybe it is time to send somebody with REALLY DO SOMETHING to the parliament.

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