Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Secret message to Rashid

My friend Rashid, please use the agreed upon cypher to crack this code.

Code starts here :

Goblok Operasi Operation Dummy
Jasin Oneeye Bitch
Ini Najib
Suka Anjing Berak Otak Tak Ada Guna Itu Nanti Gelabah
Bapa Nori

Make Only Riot Everywhere
Vk Only To Ensure Rule Safe
Ap Request Enough?
Pidah Insists She Shuns Eye Drops
On Father Figure
Bring Enough Criminal As Umno Security Entourage
Official Function
Take Hairy Everywhere
Imitation Nasi Kandar
Blog Unviels Soilek In Nude Even Samy Suka
Maybe Evertime Abdullah Not Sleeping
Mahathir Only Retired Early
Very Often Totally Excommunicated
Trick Opposition?
Oh Paklah Paklah Only See In The Internet Often Napping

Take Hike Abdullah Najib Khairy
Yodaddy Only Undi

Say Enough Never Dacing
Only Undi Rocket
Reformasi Even Got Anwar Release Doing Sungaibuloh
Together Onwards
Time Heals Everything
Immediately Got Profesorship
Anwar Not Dead
Abdullah Gripes

End Secret code:

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