Friday, March 07, 2008

The battle for middle earth.

Time to wrap up.

If the opposition wins more then 1/3 of parliament, then we, malaysians would have achieved our mission. Anything more would be a bonus. Without 2/3 majority, BN would be unable to hold on to their axis of corrupted.

Lets look at it like this, BN is like a medievel knight on horseback. He could ride out of the castle and ride in to the village to slaughter anyone with impunity. Just so you know, medievel horseback armoured knight is almost invincible in the medievel age. Think of it like a Level 99 Dark Knight that can cast cure on itself, slaughtering 1000 level 1 peasents. But then, if you unhorse the rider, which is what will happen if you deny BN 2/3 majority, it would be like a level 10 Wizard cast a curse on the Level 99 Dark Knight which halfs his speed, attack, defense, magic resistance and his ability to cast cure. If this were to happen, The 1000 level 1 peasents would be joined by another 200 or so peasant to come and slaughter that Dark Knight.

Now this 200 or so Level 1 Peasants are under control and basically enslaved by the Dark Knight. They are otherwise known as the government servants as in they serve the Dark Knight. They are basically held at gunpoint to do the Dark Knight's bidding. In 24 hours time, the enslaved Peasants would be unleashed and asked to go to the voting stations. With a very heavy heart they would have to do the Dark Knights bidding. With the 1000 or so peasant still undecided on whether they should try to unhorse the Dark Knight or just do nothing and be slaughtered by the Dark Knight whereas the Level 10 Wizard still requires time to prepare the spell, the 200 peasant would have no choice but to vote the Dark Knight.

So lets vote for the Level 10 Wizard, the Barisan Rakyat. And it doesnt matter if you are Elvish, Dwarven or Halflings. Just do not vote for the Dark Knight.

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