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Vote Blogger X

Blogger the_earthinc has started an initiative to promote bloggers contesting in this coming election. I have to confess that i do not even know any one of them. And the only one that i read is Jeffooi. I have heard of Nik Nazmi and Tony Pua but i have no idea who is Elizabeth and Chegu Bard. And so i could not promote in any practical way, the bloggers that are standing in this GE.
But since we are on this topic, i would like to give my two cents worth on the face off between the bloggers and their respective opponents.

1) Nik Nazmi vs BN somebody...

Yup, i admit i dont even know who is contesting against Nik Nazmi. Actually i dont even know much abaout Nik Nazmi. Also another confession, i dont even know what their poilcies are.

But what i do know is that Nik Nazmi is from PKR. And PKR is about justice. They fight for justice. Justice and fairness which is sadly been deprieved from us by BN.

BN somebody standing against Nik Nazmi, i also dont know about him/her. Neither do i care about what his/her policy are. Because in BN there is no policy. Example was that guy from MIC who buat bising when a foreign medical school's degree was not recognised by BN govt. Now MIC is supposed to fight for the Indians....So out of 9 parliamentarians, only one buat bising. That also Najib come and suspend him.

So ladies and gentlemen, irrespective of what BN person tell you about what they fight for, in the end they would have to toe the line.

2) Tony Pua vs Chew Mei fun

Again i only know about Chew and not Pua. Pua is from DAP so as you guys know and if you watch YouTube, in parliament, each and every DAP member always kena hantam from somebody who talks like an Indon. Seriously you may want to watch the bocor comment thingy in Youtube. An Indon MP or is it some MP in Malaysia that talks like an Indon would come and heckle the DAP MPs. And no offence against LKS and i have always respected his views and admired his fights, but LKS talks like ahpek....So if anyone wants some seriously good speaking person to whack those BN Indon MP, get Tony Pua in.

About Chew Mei Fun, i can only say this, while she was recuperating after her accident, she came up with a brilliant plan to fish for votes. The brilliant plan was to threaten the non malays by promissing another May 13 if she was not voted in. But comeonlah...She is Chew mei fun from MCA, not Chew binti Abdullah from Umno... and so cannot follow through with her threats. Dont need to say she can cause racial riots, she want to cut off water supply to your house pun takde kuasa. Dshlah as her colleague in BN likes to say, she is being punished by god for being in the wheelchair.

3) Elizabeth Wong vs BN somebody

No idea buot Bn person. Also no idea bout Elizabeth. Please read No. 1) Nik Nazmi vs Bn somebody.....

4) Jeff Ooi vs BN somebody

All i can say is.....there was this rumour.....from my friend's friend.....his uncle told him because his uncle's friend heard it from his colleague who is direct decendant of HangTuah mentioned that the next CM of Penang is going to be an Umno guy! Gerakan is getting PPPed.

Of course i dont believe in this rumourlah....especially if the person claim to be direct decendent of hang tuah. But still this is a rumourlah.....

5) CheguBard vs Khairy Abdullah

Again i'm sorry i do not know who chegubard is..... But i think i know khairy...

Khairy, as one BN MP(the one who metioned bocor, also known as the Indon MP) said, is a penjenayah! As that Indon said, those person who demonstrate are penjenayah. Khairy is photoed commiting the said act on condolezza rice during her visit to Malaysia.

I can only say that demonstartion is tak salah. But you must also see lah who you want to demonstrate.... As with Nazri who piss of the CM of Tamil Naidu, Khairy dont lah try to piss off the scretary of state of Uncle Sam. Both India nad US are nuclear power you know...

The danger of getting Khairy in the parliament is that he would be given a chance to tag team with Nazri to piss off the world powers. If they were to piss of indonesia as in the karate instructor, that also not that damaging lah. Indonesia is unlikely to send their submarine here. But if khairy or nazri was to grab hold of some North Korea guy then we Malaysians are fucked. Kim Jong Ill might not be as forgiving as Tamil Naidu CM or US Secretary of State.....

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