Sunday, March 02, 2008

I went for a DAP ceramah on Saturday night in Taman Sungai Besi, it lasted for about 3 hours.

Never have been to one before and with all the hype that all this ceramah have huge turn-outs like 1000-2000 people, I need to see for my self.

And true enough, it was a large crowd. I can't tell for sure how many, I was there early, so I was right in front but when I turn my head back I could see it was jam packed. Imagine a jalan biasa, both sides have cars parking, from where the make shift stage till the end of road, it could be 50m or less and between the stage and the end of road it was people, not including those that stand on the opposite side of the road and behind the stage.

The stage was simple, and good use of people's money, the speaker just stood behind the lorry, add some amp, speakers, we are good to go.

I went with my dad in law, a 60 odd ++ staunch DAP supporter.
They showed clips from the parliament, the usuals clowns.
Then ceramah as usual bitching about the government.
What actually surprised me was that what we take for granted from the internet media and clips from utubes, this people were actually hearing it and watching it for the first time and they were pissed, I guess if they were to read from MalaysiaToday, they might actually vomit blood.

Seputeh & Bukit Bintang MP was there Teresa Kok & Fong Kui Lun plus their assistants. Both spoke for about 30 minutes before adjourning to another session when it was already 11.30pm!

We can write as much as we like in our blogs but unfortunately most of the rakyat are still reading the local print, as to whether they agree with what they read is another thing, until one day when we can actually reach a far larger audience then just the internet users, people like your parents and grandparent, we still have some miles to travel.

Now the big question, does big crowd turnouts supporting the opposition cause means they will actually result in more people voting for the opposition ? or is it just the same crowd of people that are following the ceramah where ever they go?

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