Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cleaning up Selangor Govt.

This cleaning up of Selangor govt would be a hell of a ride and if Barisan Alternatif does intend to clean it. First few things that pops to mind are

1) Puncak Niaga
2) Toll
3) Kempen-kempen to beautify______

The first one would be the water thingy. In Selangor and Federal territories ex-Labuan, home users pay around 0.57 per meter cube and 1.92 per meter cube when exceeding 20M3 per month. In this case, i know i would be riduculed, but i just have to say that any amount above 0.10-0.20 per meter cube and millions would go to somebody's pocket(at current charge, billions goes to somebody's pocket). But let the people be the judge. Lets see how much the water tariff looks like after the new state govt settles in.

The second thing would be toll rate for non-federal roads. I'm not too sure whether toll highways are considered federal roads or not, but even if it is, the new state govt could build better alternative roads. Preferably right next to the current tolled roads.

The third thing must or rather absolutely must be stopped. There are some division heads of the previous government's company which does almost nothing but beautify the river. Im not too sure amount the amount but if i have to guess, it would be hundreds of million per year just to "beautify the river" or "beautify the ____town". It remains to be seen what would happen.

But if PKR govt actually stops this, there may be retaliation by the federal govt because their cronies rice bowl would be smashed.But as days goes by, it is becoming likely that the political will of BA to stop BN from sucking the people's money, will not be as what we would have expected. Given that the Federal Govt have all but stopped their attacks against BA, i got this feeling that something is being negotiated. But you may never know, because on BA's side there is a man who claims to have been wronged by the federal govt and was jailed for 6(?) years. And i understand that this man is not the forgive and forget kind of person.

Well let us just wait and see.....

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