Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The rakyat are not stupid any more, steam roller my ass

I just got to agree with yoda on this like in his previous post.

BN has just somehow awoken from their many years of slumber (I would like to say 50 years, but i liked that Hussein Onn fellow), it's like that rip van winkle guy.

Just fucking imagine, every time before the GE, the machinery starts to rumble, the lorries and the steam roller and the masses of labour works, toiling the hot afternoon sun just to re-tar the already fine road. This time around, it was a fucking shoddy work. You know what I mean, normally they would scrap a layer of tar first before applying the new coat. This time around with the surprise announcement those fuckers just lay it like peanut butter.

Then how about all those out of a sudden project that seem to appear out of nowhere. Jambatan, housing projects, water and electricity to the rural folks, extra subsidies, donations, etc etc etc. Do you actually think after so many god damn years people still fall for that fucking trick. Come on lah be more fucking imaginative lah.

One thing makes me wonder though, where the fuck did they get so much money out to do all this last minute project ? I thought the parliament was already dissolved on the 13 February 2008, who is signing all the cheques, who is approving all the projects, who is giving all the orders ? Can all this be done without a cabinet approval ?

Then of course all this can be done prior to the dissolution of parliament and just that NOW only they decide to implement all this projects.

This alone shows you their fucking sincerity to you.

It's like that dick head boss of yours (everyone has a fuck-up boss) during pay day time. They sign your pay cheque early then decide to keep it until the 3rd of the month to release to you. They are not concern about your mortgage, hire purchase, credit card debts, child care, etc etc, then come certain peak period, they are your best friends already.

If you hate your boss, you should hate your government more. They are 10x worst than your boss.

Like yoda said before, this election with YOUR help would be the start of the new beginning for the opposition, if they manage to deny BN 2/3, they have already cracked BN walls, come the 13th GE with the same commitment by the opposition parties, I suppose 50% would not be far fetch.

You had heard the ceramah, read the blogs, witness the propaganda media, now its up to you.

If that is still not enough, i reckon you declared yourself special so I personally can hold your hand to mark the 'x' for the opposition.

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