Sunday, March 09, 2008

Dah Kalah, Kalah Lah

Seeing how congested streamyx was yesterday, We at ducky decided not to post any updates on the 12th GE as Malaysiakini, dap-election, the-star-on-line, harakahdaily was already doing a fantastic job in bringing us all the update, especially Malaysiakini. Clap-Clap.

Furthermore, this is the first time that internet connection actually had an added advantage over the local media.

Those that already been keeping updated from Malaysiakini, would already have realised that the opposition had taken Penang & Kelantan by 8.30pm, Kedah by 11.00pm, Selangor by 12.25am & Perak by 1.50am. Where else all free TV & Astro 501 & 502 was still announcing BN's victory in Sabah & Sarawak.

If i am not mistaken, Penang was the first state that was announced taken by the opposition as Dr. Koh has already called for a press conference by 10.30pm. So there was no point in hiding that fact.

Tahniah also need to be given to SPR, to withheld the results of the 12th GE especially the lost of Kedah, Kelantan, Perak & Selangor. My guess if SPR had made results announcement as they are being received, eg the lost of hot seats, the lost of Penang & Kedah, Sunday morning might be a little different.

And of course all those that made the wind of change blew a little harder.

My sympathy to Dr. Koh, if you had watch his press conference last night, his poker face told it all. It was like he had "sei lou tau" already. I guess that is what happen when you play with fire.

Those MIC & PPP guys tak payah cakaplah, time to bungkus.

This photo from NST somehow sum up what happen on tangga lapan bulan tiga, dua ribu lapan.

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waris N9 said...

Congratulations to all winners and by 9.3.08, no more rethorics but work hard and proof your worthiness to we all Malaysians