Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The 12th General Election - Malaysian best movie of the century

Forget about Jangan Pandang Belakang, Impak Maksima, Cuci or even Duyung .

The best Malaysian movie made or better yet, RTM & SPR made for 2008 is non other then the 12th General Election results.

It has all the categories sum into one fucking long show, from suspense (Perak's State Candidate seats when BN trailing closely) to drama (Koh Su Kun press release on handing over Penang to Opposition) to comedy (Samy losing) and non-stop action packed (All night long).

I would't mind watching a repeat if that is possible.

The only thing lacking in that long show was the expression by those losing BN candidates or even better the Menteri-Menteri Besar and Chief Minister of each losing State, especially in Penang and Selangor.

Else the 12th GE can even stand for best acting by an individual.

Its like FIFA World Cup meets Jerry Bruckheimer meets The Godfather.

And since it is such a BIG thing, a song to mark the changes should be sung like Scorpion did in The Wind of Change by great Malaysian artistes known by all generations of Malaysian like Zainal Abidin or Ramli Sarip or better yet, Ella like when she sang for that 1998 Malaysian Commenwealth Games theme song.


Anonymous said...

best movie kepala lutut...

Ini benda serius kau buat play-play, like film. what is did?

breaking feeling sja.

ducky said...

Oooh, ada orang so serious.

JFK & Gandhi was also made into a movielah.

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