Thursday, March 06, 2008

Component party's blues

Being a component party in BN such as PPP is like an "anak angkat" as described by Kayveas. But is party like Gerakan any better off? There is already a rumour that the next CM of Penang would be from UMNO although i dont believe that to be true but history, at least favour the rumour. Remeber Sabah? There was supposed to be a rotation of CM in Sabah but the current CM was already the CM even before Pak Lah became the PM. And that to me was like an eternity ago.....or to pak lah, 10 minutes ago.

But coming back to our Kayveas from PPP, the most memorable quote he had made was that he threaten to quit politics because he also have maruah. All this because Gerakan and PPP have to fight for bread crumbs like Taiping. But that was weeks ago and Kayveas is still around and got his parliament candidacy but Lim Keng Yaik have quit politics or so it seems.

So in one corner, Kayveas got maruah and he would not back down and then on another side, Gerakan is going to lose their right to contest in a parliament constituency. On top of the unconfirmed rumour about Penang CM going to UMNO, Gerakan is in a hell of a pinch.

But being the referee, Pak Lah have to solve this problem. On hindsight, i would believe that the way he solved the problem was he go for the maruah guy.

To make it more clear cut, we only need to look at what Lim Keng Yaik said about Anwar.

Lim Keng Yaik said that when Anwar was the Education Minister, Anwar tried to some hanky panky to the vernacular schools. And that would be like at least 15 years ago. But did Lim Keng Yaik threaten to quit because of this because he have maruah? Nope.

He choose to remain quiet about this and went on to serve at least 5 more years together with Anwar, which Dr. Lim have alledge to have been an anti-chinese. But when Anwar became the DPM, i vaguely remember that Lim Keng Yaik still shakes his hand....still sing praises to Anwar.... where is the maruah?

And you know what? I think Pak Lah have made the correct decision. The Taiping seat candidacy rightly belongs to PPP.

But since the Dr. Lim is in such a talkative mood, we must ask him on whether there are any expose in which he wished to tell Malaysian. Or do we need to wait 15 years for him to spill the beans on Najib? or Hishamuddin? or Abdulah?

So which minister is Dr. Lim gonna cucuk belakang next? er... when i say cucuk belakang, i meant it in a political context.

On a side note, i just would have to mention this, have anyone notice that there is a pecking order in BN on who can angkat bola on whom? Because Dr. Lim potrayed Najib as the saviour in this vernacular school issue and i am quite sure he also angkat Anwar's bola when Anwar was the DPM, and hence Gerakan carry DPM's balls and MCA carry PM's balls. Please, anyone noticed this?

So lets do Gerakan a favour. Give them maruah. Wipe them out in this GE and save them from the humiliation of carrying the DPM's balls.


angeles said...

Both of you hor, really damn bersemangat! Why you guys not in politics, har?

Nevertheless, I must give u guys some credit. All erection posts were well written.

Yodaddy said...

wah angel you also feel the semangat membara-bara leh.

You got semangat or not?

Whichever constituency you are voting, please make it a makal sakti constituency.

May we cherish the moment when the sun sets on BN.