Monday, March 03, 2008

Not a post about 12th GE

This blog started out as a blog as with most other blogs, a blog where we can write about what was on our mind and was updated very frequently.... but as fun that it was back then, when the novelty starts to wane, this blog quickly becomes more like a collection as in a sketch book if you may, where the bloggers (me and ducky) come back infrequently to write about stuffs that we can both laugh at, mostly about incompetent people(you know lah who....) but realising for the first time that after so many disappointment and anger that the kleptrocratic government keep fucking up our lives, that we are no longer mere observers. We have a blog!

You know that there are some people who must go and watch a football match thinking that if they have watch the match, they as an observer could somehow influence the match such as a try at goal or a foul can be prevented or converted if only they, the observer concentrated hard enough. I would admit i have the same mentality whenever there were elections. I always say to myself if i concentrated hard enough, BN would lose.... but it didnt work.

But now that there are like 100 vistors per day to this blog (if it is a good day) there is this tiny little bit of a chance that if i tried hard enough, BN would lose 2/3 majority. Of course i know that this is so unlikely and so.....wishful thinking, about both BN losing and if they do lose, about being able to influence the votes with just a handful of blog readers. But...It beats staring at the TV when they announce the election results.

Of course the reason i am doing this now and perhaps maybe 5 years from now, is to be able to sit at a coffee shop 20 years from now, to talk about the good old times and how someone like me help to bring down BN...............together with my other great achievement of how i made Carecca slip on the ball in front of the goal during 86 World Cup!

Just so you guys know, this blog will be a marathon of posts from now till 8 March. After that normal blog activity would resume. Which means....almost no activity at all...almost.

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