Thursday, March 06, 2008

There are only 2 parties to choose from

Other than the 2 DAP ceramah that I attended, I have not attended any other ceramah.

There is one tonight in Kg Baru (berdekatan Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Kampung Baru) Anwar will be there, I thought of going, I thought It would be good to show of support from a Chinese.

I wonder how does a ceramah goes in area where you have 50/50% of the voters are Malay & Chinese, and the BN candidate is a chinese, & the opposition candidate is a Malay under the Keadilan banner. How would the Keadilan guy convince the Chinese and then the Malay ? Personally I think it would be easier to convince the Malay, not because they are easier to persuade but I think this might just work as well.

"Tuan-tuan & Puan-puan sekalian, pihak Keadilan berharap untuk mendapat sokongan 100% dari penduduk Bandar Tun Razak ini. Sebab Tuan-tuan & Puan-puan perlu menyokong kami adalah orang Cina sendiri juga telah menjauhi dari menyokong MCA, kalau orang Cina sudah hilang keyakinan pada calun Cina BN mereka sendiri, maka Tuan-tuan & Puan-puan tidak perlu lagi berfikir panjang dan harus tahu pihak mana Tuan-tuan & Puan-puan perlu mengundi untuk."

There are only 2 parties to choose from, BN or the opposition. There is no such thing as an Anwar's party or a Muslin state party or even the Chinese defender party. Only 2, those that are already in power and those that are going to kick them out.

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