Friday, July 28, 2017


The new one not the 1970s.

This is good. Didn't watch the old one.

More British era, 1700s, poor folks eat grass again.

Keep google on standby, this folks don't speak the Queen's very well.

"T'int right, t'int fair, t'int proper."

Mr Selfridge.

I could not help my self, I just needed another shot of British era series.

Not as good, watchable.

Self made man, full of himself, should have sold his adrenaline instead of his dreams.

Made for entertainment the beginnings of Selfridge & Co.

Downton Abbey.

Butlers to Hallboys, Housekeeper to maids.

British Aristocrat post Edwardian era.

The rich don’t work the poor eats grass.

Michelle Dockery also in Good Behavior.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Californication is House.

Hank is House and Wilson is Karen.

The chemistry, the love hate, the bond, its all there.

They both actually dressed alike, dark blue jeans and black T-shirt.

And Warren Zevon.

everybody lies madafaka.

The Graham Norton Show.

British talk show. Open bar and tiu nia ma all you like. Its a party not a talkshow.

Suggested episode, S14E18, S12E10 second part.

The Newsroom.

Imagine Dr Gregory House as a news anchor. He just tells the news as it is, fuck the ratings and fuck the advertisers.

Monday, August 17, 2015

I guess what i want to write about basically is about all the tv shows i have seen and write a 1 liner description.

Becca : father can i ask you something
Hank : daughter
Becca : can i ask you something
Hank : anything my love
Becca : why is there a naked lady in your bedroom
Hank : you wait right there ok
Becca : there is no hair on her vagina, do you think she is ok ?
Hank : I'll check

Californication - Hank stick his dick in anything that moves but still loves his wife/ex-wife. Really ? Well it appear so but deep down its all about a shitty father, a confuse wife and a kick ass daughter.

Thats my 2 liner. 

7 seasons 12 episodes

Friday, November 07, 2014

I felt empty for a moment when I watched the ending of the last episode of House MD.

Felt a void in my life as the sarcastic genius lonely Doctor rode off into the sunset with fellow accomplice Dr Wilson.

Interesting enough fellow Aussie Dr Chase is now a fireman in Chicago Fire.

Pretty blond Missy Cameron is now a fairy tale heroin fighting off villains from a rojak of characters from Grimm to Hans Christian Anderson to if you can think of it they are there........eventually.

Even Wilson played a few episodes in the Sci-Fi alien whooping show giving Walking Dead a run for their episodes, Falling Skies.

But nadda for the Dr himself, I always felt he would fit well in 24, playing opposite Mr tight ass Jack Bauer. Haunting Jack with his sarcastic remarks while being wrestle to the floor resisting Jack trying to shaft a towel into his mouth.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Not a great fan of Kevin Costner.

But Draft Day, well that is different.

Reminds me of Michael Keaton in The Paper (1994).

These kind of shows are not action pack but the events of a single day, the decision they made in the morning, changes by mid afternoon and by deadline time always that gut feeling deep in you squeezing your balls telling you that's it. I love this kind of rush-rush shows with humanity thrown in.

Friday, October 03, 2014

I swear this must be the original script for Godzilla, else why cast Bryan Cranston.

Godzilla had some ED issues so he went to see Heisenberg, since he heard Heisenberg had the purest blue stuff.

He got a ton from Heisenberg, swallowed it with a few hundred gallons of vodka and went knocking on the female MUTO doors. 

MUTO was there lying all prickly and Godzilla just couldn't get his tail up.

MUTO all ready for Godzilla giant Cockzilla, now disappointed high tail to the nearest uranium bar where she met fly boy MUTO as well.

They got rocking, the earth start shaking, Godzilla pissed as hell, the rest you can see from the movie.