Wednesday, March 05, 2008

You cannot eat Maruah.

It is a sad day today.

Because there was this news about Lembah Pantai voters being blackmailled to vote for BN. The BN rep said that she would help those who rent in projek perumahan rakyat to get a home of their own.

Perhaps blackmail is too strong a word. Lets say she is "convincing" the voters to vote for her.

If i were a lembah pantai voter, i would have decided then and there that i would vote for her.

Come on, you cannot eat Maruah. Neither could Justice feed you and your family. IF she is serious about the house issue, then you guys should just vote for her lah.

Never mind that the new houses would probably be build using your own tax monies.

For those who does not want to vote BN even if the houses are the real deal, i could only say that Ideals are not money. If it is, forgive me for saying this, you would not be renting a small place in PPR, you would have been staying in a bungalow.

But then again, if i am given one ringgit for every promise that BN breaks, i would have been a millionaire.

But god help her if the houses are empty promises.

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