Saturday, March 22, 2008

Actions speaks louder than words

Both Barisan Alternatif and Barisan Nasional claims that they have around 50% of popular support each. There is no arguments about BA, but for BN, it would be more like 10% popular support, 10% postal votes, 10% phantom votes, 10% government servants' forced votes and 10% outright cheating.

It is not called a disaster for BN if they really get 50% popular votes. It is a disaster for BN because they(BN) knew that without all this cheating, they would get less than 10%, more or less popular votes.

And here we are at the crossroad of malaysia's political uncertainty given that BN's MP are ready to jump ship, we can hear some grumbling about respecting the peoples' wishes and that the people have voted for BN, etc..

The reason that most BN MP's are voted in is because of cheating by BN. Without it, most of them would have bungkus and lost their deposit even.

To the BN MP who would like to jump ship, there would not be any backlash from your constituency it may even be your moral obligation to go over to BA. By going over to BA, the BN MP could count on among others(many others), the parents of children forced to go to the death trap called national service, the users of toll who gets cheated of their hard earned money, paying for utilities such as water and electricity at inflated prices and so on....

The BN are now doing an "autopsy" for their election loss. The BN leaders themselves say that it was a very bad result for them. So much so that some of them are even refusing cabinet posts. BN does not sound like someone that have won 50% popular votes. In fact they sound more like they are fearing for their political career. Only they themselves would know how much of the claimed 50% of popular votes are actually real votes. But you must take it from them, look at their actions and see for yourselves, their very fear of malaysians who have had enough and ready for a change of government. Their very action speaks louder than whatever rhetorics and propoganda that they could put into words.

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