Wednesday, March 12, 2008

You want BN out yes ? You want change yes ? But you cannot accept a Chinese for MB ?

Sudah mula lagi x 2.

Lets keep it simple again.

PAS won majority seats in Kedah, PAS Menteri Besar, fine.
PAS won majority seats in Kelantan, PAS Menteri Besar, fine.
PKR won majority seats in Selangor, PKR Menteri Besar, fine.
DAP won majority seats in Penang, DAP Chief Minister, fine.
DAP won majority seats in Perak, DAP Menteri Besar, fuck off, PAS fine.

And we have bloggers all over the blog sphere condemning DAP for being greedy lah, falling into BN trap lah, selfish lah, forgetting their mandate lah, blah blah blah.

Just stop and listen to your self. Falling into BN's trap ? Then what the fuck are your posts and comments all about ?????

Yes, you, me and 5 million other people voted for the BR, yes, we got the power to decide who we want to govern us, but this is inter-parties decisions, by the very right DAP has 18 seats, PKR has 7 & PAS 6. You put 6 & 7, you only get 13. And furthermore, you that person that decides which state government you want to govern you, chose DAP, a race base party, what the fuck are you so fucking upset now.

Now I can read endless posts on this nonsense.

You imagine lah, you and a group of friends create a group study before STPM, everyday you guys study together, test each other & help each other. Then STPM results was announced, you got 5a1, the rest of them got 2A lah, 3A lah. But guess who got the Petronas scholarship to Amerika ? That friend of your with 2 biji A. You tak frust ke ? Telan sahaja ke ?

If you ask me, this is the mentality that BN want lah from you people. Say want change, but cannot accept a Menteri Besar of a different race. If you cannot accept changes, best you stick with BN and let them screw you over and over again.

And the Perak's royal decision does raise some eyebrow, if it is a malay chap you need, then why not PKR ????? tak suka Prime Minister in waiting ke ???


Anonymous said...

You got it wrong lah.
Opposition won majority seats in Kedah, Opposition Menteri Besar.
Opposition won majority seats in Kelantan, Opposition Menteri Besar.
Opposition won majority seats in Selangor, Opposition Menteri Besar.
Opposition won majority seats in Penang, Opposition Chief Minister.
Opposition won majority seats in Perak, Opposition Menteri Besar.

Who cares from where. People voted the Opposition to kick out BN, not for specific party.

And it is the Sultan's perogative. So don't say F*** to us the people, if you dare, say it to him.

Anonymous said...

I am a Malay and I voted for DAP. Not that I love DAP but because I hate BN more.

In Perak, though DAP won the most seats for Barisan Rakyat - it is not even close to those won by UMNO. Let's say if we go along racial line, the Malays would have more seats. And if two PAS members cross over - BR becomes irrelevant overnight. And so will DAP.

I don't mind a Chinese MB (in fact I don't mind anybody as long as he is not from BN) but to do this you need to convince the Malays that we, BR is the future. It may become true perhaps in the next election.

I believe in equality - and I believe this can be achieved in peaceful ways. But now I'm beginning to have doubt - instead of working together to change the state constitution permanently we tend to go destructive before even we talk about changing it.

LKS needs to be more realistic. At least in the short-term. As it is now, I am pessimistic about the whole thing. Maybe BN is better after all.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you!! Just spend your time looking at perak's constituition regarding the appointment of MB! He must be a Malay-Muslim. If you dont like that, just find other country to live. Moron...

ducky said...

Wait, let me read what I wrote again..... ok, Anon No. 1, I say fuck to the people who objected to changes. I did not object to the appointment. From a fellow Perak, I regard my Sultan as one of the few wises decision makers in the Country.

Anon No. 2, yes, this is how people need to see this thing. Rationally. The problem is the people that voted did not know what they were voting for. I voted for a change and this change is a change in Government and Governance. You seem to understand that, but how about 5 other million voters ? It looks like all they want is, BN out, and everything should be about the same as it was but with less corruption. Go figure.

Anon No. 3, you got read the fine print or not ? it says "Under the state constitution, the Menteri Besar has to be a Malay Muslim, but there is a provision that allows the Sultan to waive the requirement"

Wow ! I have 3 comments!

sopsop said...

I give another comment to 4.
All the while u talk cock but this post u talk sense

ducky said...

Emm, It is good to talk cock, because as long as it is talking cock, we make no sense and if we make no sense, we are also not telling lies nor truth, it is just talking cock.