Wednesday, March 05, 2008

BN is now desperate, be ready for more surprises.

Mula mula Rashid kata electoral roll is A OK.
Then later said, oh sorry ya got some dead people here and there, orang pindah rumah sana sini. Tak apa kita telan, sebab kitaq sudah tahu the truth.

Lepas itu, Khamis sebelum Nomination day, Rashid pula kata Nomination paper mesti disetemkan dengan setem hasil sebab ini undang-undangnya. Tak apa, you mau saya setem saya setemlah. Tapi dia sudah lupe ada negeri-negeri di Malaysia weekendnya Friday & Sabtu, kantul sudah lupe, last-last minute kata takpe, tak setem takpe. Kita paham dia sudah mula lah tu. Takpe. Kita telan.

Semalam pulak, Rashid kata plan nak guna indelible ink pada hari election cancelled, sebab ada orang sudah curi ink ini. Dia kataq according to the star “The EC views these issues seriously as the election process and public order and security cannot be compromised,” Dah national security lah tu. Tak habih itu, dia also kataq "Article 119 of the Federal Constitution guaranteed the right of a registered elector to vote and laws providing otherwise should be ultra vires the Constitution". Pelik huh ?

You fucking imagine, you telling your client in July last year of this super plan of yours, then 9 months later just before the start of the project, you go back and tell your client, sorry hah, I forgot to check the act, this plan of mine illegal lah !

This is desperate act, BN has ran out of ideas, they are pulling desperate measures here and there. I won't be surprise if there was an electricity national black out on election day. Don't be surprise also if streamyx, jaring, celcom & maxis broadband line is out of service. Don't be surprise if there was police block all around town, because they suspected something amiss.

This is not the time for personal issues, I understand a lot of Chinese do not like Anwar or PAS. And Malays not liking DAP. But this not about personal issues anymore. This is about taking down a corrupted entity that has no intention of stepping down and will do anything in its powers legal or illegal to ensure of its survivor. The indelible ink issue is very clear of their intention.

Oi Rashid sebab you yang nak cancel ink ini, baik you tiap-tiap hari minum ink'o panas ke atau ink-peng ke sampai you habih telan 47,000 botol itu. Pukimak.

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