Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What the fuck can you do with INK ??????

If you actually think about it, fuck no, you don't even need to fucking think about it, cause how in dollah way can some ink sabotage the entire election process ?

So fucking what if some people went down to some rural areas and convince them that you need to put ink on your pinky before you go down to vote, you still need to verify with your identification yes ? given if you haven't vote. Don't tell me if you go to the polling station with your pinky in purple dye they are just going to deny your voting rights without even checking whether you have voted already or not ?

Threat to national security ? Hold it right there I got ink with me and I know how to use it ?????? Fuck it. National security & the whole amendment to the constitution thing is just a shit load of cum.

Don't make no fucking sense & It don't make no fucking logic as well. You know it & I know it.

BN days are numbered, this is the opportunity and now the million ringgit question.

The 12th General Election seems to be finally a true rakyat election, how are you going to vote ?

A) Undi for BN;
B) Undi for the opposition;
C) Undi Rosak; or
D) Tak nak Undi.

You got 3 life line left, you can read more blogs, you can call ducky or yoda or we can eliminate 2 answer to give you a 50/50% chance of answering.

The decision is your.

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