Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Desperate times for BN, BN's last stand.

First was they beat you up in BERSIH rally....

Then they lock HINDRAF up using ISA.....

Not feeling very secure, they threaten you using the mass media, i.e. vote for dacing or else.....and the tv propoganda with the subtle threat of promising instability if we dont vote dacing.

Up till now i can understand (but dont agree on) BN's motive of using fear and intimidation on to the voters to force the votes. Doing this from their position of strength would usually yield the desired results. Usually....

But things happen.Shit happens. To walk the lion's den, as in going about in the circles of power, usually make one learn to always be on the alert. Eternal vigilance i would say. You could be the most popular guy and the next minute you would end up in jail like Anwar. Or you could be worship like a god and the moment you lose power, you would be demonised like Tun.

And now to the significance of the EC in stopping the usage of indelible ink in this election. Now who would have thought that BN would need to resort to this? Can they finally see the writings on the wall or have their strategist finally tell them that even their threats and postal and phantom voters cannot guarantee them to remain in power?

The way i see it is that BN may have lost its option to issue further threats against the voters. Not that they dont want to do it, it is more likely that they cannot do it. With the lost of this option, they have to resort to stopping the usage of indelible ink.

Why did EC did what they did? And when BN wash their hands of this by telling others that it was the EC that makes the decision and it was the EC that is responsible for postal and phantom voters, what would happen to EC? Who is going to go to jail?

I'm not saying that the BN 's a ship is sinking. It is still too early to tell. But as the saying goes, in a sinking ship, it is every man for himself. But then again, if and when i can sense that the BN ship is sinking, it would already be to late to "switch sides" or "become neutral" so to speak.

And as i was writing about in a previous post, what i think is that the opposition dont even need to form the government by winning this coming election. All they need to do is to deny BN 2/3 majority and a cascading effect would effectively wipe out BN.

Makal sakti!!!

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