Friday, February 29, 2008

BN please stay out of Kelantan!

I am wondering now why is BN trying so hard to win Kelantan. All this while i was under the impression that the smart thing for them to do is to lose it to PAS. I am not saying BN would win even if they tried but you may never know that BN might luck out and win Kelantan. Then BN would have won the battle and lost the war....

Remember the nude squat thingy a few years back? There was this video clip of a nude woman who is purportedly a chinese national. BN was so scared that they immediately send a minister to China to appologise. This is China, who is not even a superpower.

Then late last year, after the Hindraf effect, our Nazri Racist made the remark that Tamil Naidu should mind their own business. This mind your own business remark came soon after his genius deduction and insight that Bar council march was planned by the opposition. The feeling of euphoria for the brilliant insight must have made him feel invincible. Invincible enough to take on India. But of course many of those in power does not think so. And so our Semi was summoned to India to explain and to calm the situation. This is India which is also not a superpower.

Now who said Semi is not relevant? Without our Semi, India would have sailed a few aircraft carrier to Port Klang. Then we're fucked! Really! Our Kerismuddin who can scare half the population of Malaysia shitless waving his Keris would only last like 5 seconds against an aircraft carrier.

And then there is Uncle Sam(America not Samy!) the worlds only Superpower probably could take on both China and India together! During the 1950's right up to the early 90's Malaysia could do all sorts of things in the name of fighting the Communist. Uncle Sam, the self appointed world police and human rights enforcer basically close one eye to Malaysia. Heck Uncle Sam even permitted someone like Suharto to murder hundreds of thousands of people. All this in the name of fighting communist. But then during the end of 1990's when the communist threat was over, people like BN's, Golkar's and Bath's (to name a few), past came back to haunt them when Uncle Sam decided to "punish" them for all their past abuses.Saddam Hussien was invade and Suharto was brought down. And we all know that Mahathir was this close to being brought down. And then because of BN's past sins, the Malaysia Economy took a hit and all of us try to rough it out for the next few years until.....

Until Sept 11 when terrorist struck New York. Seeing this godsend oppurtunity our Tun was one of the first to agree with Uncle Sam that Osama was the mastermind behind the kamikaze plane. And then a new chapter of relation between Uncle Sam and Malaysia started. All BN got to say to Uncle Sam was that they are also fighting "terrorists" as in PAS(potrayed as such by BN) for Uncle Sam to give them all the leeway that BN wants. Think back....Did Uncle Sam make a fuss about the Hindraf detainess? Wasnt it wierd that the world's policeman kept quiet when human rights was abused?

So now as long as there is a threat to Uncle Sam that Malaysia might end up like Afganistan, (probably potrayed as such by BN to bullshit Uncle Sam) they would tolerate BN's human rights abuses. At least until the so called threat is neutralised. By winning back Kelantan?

Personally i dont care whether or not Uncle Sam come and sweep BN off the floor. I am concerned only about Malaysians(or specifically us working class) being the collateral damage when Uncle Sam decides to embargo us or something like in Iraq in 1990's.

Please BN, stay out of Kelantan!

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