Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dollah should have waited for Anwar

The months of speculation now has finally come to an end.

Parliament has been dissolved, Nomination day fixed and Election day announced.

Personally I would think Dollah would had more credibility if he had dissolved Parliament and fixed the nomination and election day after Anwar is allowed to contest.

That way at least he can say he really has forgotten about Anwar and another way to show that Anwar is irrelevant anymore.

And at least he can show that he has balls.

I believe everyone is matured enough and truly understand how election works.

BN can never lose, even if everyone you know voted for the opposition.

It can never happen and as far as I can see it wont happen anytime in my lifetime.

So go out and vote for the opposition, be it PAS, PKR or DAP. It wont matter, 2/3 is guaranteed like your epf except in 1969.

But what if the BN election machinery fuck-up and loses 2/3, then what ?

Behold - a new Malaysia !

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