Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Vote for the opposition it can make A slight different

Would you actually believe that in this darn age, year 2008, adults in Malaysia still thinks that if they were to vote for the opposition, the oppoition can actually win the GE and form a Government !

Would you actually believe that !

No they cannot and they can never as we know they can't work together.

Which means they can never win 2/3 of the seats because they can't even agree not to contest each other !

As you can see the only people that are really excited about the elections are the oppositions.

The only reason I will always vote for the opposition be it DAP, PAS or PKR is to reduce that majority of BN.

I have done my part, by telling everyone I know on this planet, that the opposition can never form a government if they voted for them, what they can do is only reduced the majority of BN.

Tell your friends, your colleague and most of all your parents.

Vote for the opposition it can make A slight different.

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