Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I thought nomination day was next week

I went down to Putrajaya this morning and saw flags for about a couple of kilometres, BN flag, UMNO flag then Malaysia flag then the same order for a couple of kilometres, then a bigger banner with Dollah's face on it and slogan "undilah Barisan nasional" then the flags then the banners again.

So is it that you can't put up the picture of the candidate in that area until nomination day but you can put up flags and banner of a certain party plus the picture of the leader of that certain party ?

So that means if you live in Kepala Batas and they put up a banner that say undilah untuk Barisan Nasional and Dollah picture is there, you can make a report to the EC ?

I bet if they have a DAP banner in Ipoh Timur with Uncle Lim's face there with undilah untuk DAP, EC might actually take some action.

Or I could be wrong and just being paranoid.

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