Thursday, February 28, 2008

American Idol & 12th General Election

You know the 12th General Election is much like the American Idol.

You have this bunch of 20 people, all trying to be the next American Idol, to be judged and commented by Randy, Paula & Simon. Then people in America cast their preference via sms votes.

Our 12th GE have the 222 parliamentary contestants and some hundreds of states candidates, these are the idols, the judges are the local bias print media, the electronic media and the bloggers. And finally the rakyat the ultimate vote caster.

For the American Idol, I think it is pretty simple, my choice top 3 choices would be that Michael Johns, that young kid & 1 of the girls. Of course my choice would be Michael.

GE is another thing, it's not about having the best guys for the position (which should be the case) but a more complex thing that ordinary rakyat like you and me would not begin to understand. It's all about power and connections, legacy, money, corruption and more corruption.

But if the rakyat is so pissed with the Government, why are most of them still not convinced to vote for the opposition and get rid of this useless bunch of MP once and for all.

I guess its a fear of political instability, economic downturn, losing of foreign investment, losing of our corruption ways of doing business, and the mother of all fear, the May 13 incident.

Dear people we gain independence without shedding any blood, which I think very little countries in the world can share that, but does it have any meaning to you ? Personally it doesn't have much meaning to me. I couldn't say my grandfather fought in that war to bring independence to our country, all I can say maybe was my grandfather was serving food during the proclamation of our independence, and he kept the serving tray for souvenir !

To gain some political milestone change some form of luxury have to be sacrifice.

Last point I would like to share would be the BN constant reminder to us that since the opposition cannot work together since they all have their own agenda and plans, chances are they cannot have a working and running Government.

I don't think so and I don't think the opposition has use this reminder for their own benefit yet. Put it this way, the current BN leadership is the PM is always right, when the PM say is right, all component party has to agree, even if you don't agree. If you don't agree and decide to be vocal about it, go see the disciplinary committee for some brain washing.

You have 3 main very different component parties, with their own agenda and plans, yes they cannot work together, they will be arguing a lot, but isn't that what parliament members suppose to do, use their intellectual capacity to serve the best interest of the people that voted them there ? And not simply agree with the main component party even at the cost of losing out ?

Think about it.

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