Thursday, February 28, 2008

BN slogan should change to Lies, Fear and corruption

What will happen if Barisan Alternatif (Rakyat?) wins the 12th G.E.?

Before this 12 GE kick off, i tried to be as objective as possible and would like to listen to what the political parties have to say before deciding on who to vote for. But then BN suddenly gave me a big help by kicking off their campaign with.....a lie. AAB dissolved the parliament on the day he said he would not.

And then the BN candidates started their campaigning with spreading fear. The worst fear monger were the MCA candidates themselves! They have all but promised another May13 if the voters do not vote them in. Which is totally bullshit. MCA cannot, by themselves start a racial conflict. UMNO can and have done it before. So it makes little sense to vote MCA when the person with the finger on the trigger is UMNO. When and if the MCA or even the MIC try to give you this shit again, all you need to do is to fly the UMNO flag and join the UMNO supporters club, then those lapdogs would not be able to even touch you. Like in a business meeting, you would not want to talk business with the gardener or the office cleaner, you would always want to talk with the managers. Perhaps it is time to eliminate the "middleman" in this equation?

And then there was corruption. Malaysians are becoming numb to the corruptions of BN. Billions of billions are being sucked out of the country's coffers by BN. And what did the BN say about this? He said worked hard and we should know it. Given that there are people(me included) who makes jokes at his expense that he is a 'kaki tidur'. I still dont understand how can he try to rebuild his image merely by deflecting peoples attacks on his sleeping habit. How about this, alright Pak lah, we believe you have been working hard and all but please explain why is it there is so much corruption.

Please take corruption seriously. It is not mere numbers, those millions and billions. Lets put it this way,

For the lack of a few hundred ringgit, someone would starve.

For the lack of a few thousand ringgit, someone would be unable to undergo live saving surgery

For the lack of a few tens of thousand ringgit, someone would have to die in an accident in a proton car

For the lack of a few hundred thousand ringgit, Altantuya have to die.

For the lack of a few million ringgit......someone have to "borrow" money to buy ECM Libra shares.

Except for the few million ringgit, please ask yourself how many people gotta die because the public money was siphoned off to someone in power?

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