Friday, February 15, 2008


I would do that, vote for pak lah if, IF, i am a voter in his constituency AND he is standing against Tun Dr. M. Unfortunately i am not a voter in his constituency and i am quite sure we wont see the Tun coming out of retirement. A pity.

Lets be frank.... The era of Pak Lah is ( minimally)better than Tun's era. It is better in the sense that this country is( a tiny little) more free. And about his alleged 'weakness' of sleeping on the job , if you analyse it deeply enough, you would find that it is his greatest asset as a Malaysian politician.

Lets think about it, would you prefer say some hardworking politician who dictate that everyone speak bahasa baku, or some energentic politician that that argues with others like in a pasar malam using insulting words or making sexist/racist remarks? Wouldnt you rather have politicians just sleeping there all the time and refrain from doing harm to us, the rakyat by nature of him not doing anything at all?

The ideal government for Malaysia is that there are 200MPs of Pak Lah clones. With that there would have been no amendment of constitution for EC chairman's term extension because the MPs would either be sleeping or out of the country. And also no shouting match in the parliament because again, the MPs would have been sleeping or out of the country.

Heck lets make UMNO politicians Pak Lah's clone. A keris waving incident would never happen as everyone would be sleeping.

How about MCA politicians were to be replaced by Pak Lah's clone? Well things would be more or less the same. The current MCA politicians might be in fact Pak Lah's clone with a genetic modification that they could sleep with their eyes open and most importantly doing nothing.

Maybe MIC politician replaced by Pak Lah's clone? No luck! Sami would still be president. Because he recently revealed that no army can stop him. Not even an army full of Pak Lahs. Or especially an army full of Pak Lahs!!!

If the klang assemblyman was not Zakaria but it was Pak Lahs clone, the Mansion would not have been built. He would have stayed in P. Lim's house instead like in Ozzie.

What else?

Lingam and CJ would not have gone on a vacation overseas. Because they might never know, Pak Lah could be the fising champion in Lake Wakatipu.

For foreign policy leverage, Malaysia would have a travelling embargo on specific country. If only Pak Lah dont go on a holiday in that country, that country's tourism industry would be severly hit.

Jokes aside....Seriously speaking, We have to ask ourselves what good is a BN politician if not for stealing the country's riches? It is a case of a thief entering your house, would you rather the thief be someone smart where all the valuable things get carted away or would you prefer a thief who sleeps on the job most of the time?

In the above setence i used BN politicians and not the oppositions politicians because i am quite sure the opposition politicians would not be in the position of power where they can rob you blind because afterall i have an EC, electronic calculator in my pocket and BN also has EC in their pocket.

I would have said please vote wisely if not for BN having EC in their pocket. Now I could only hope that the BN nomination would have lots of sleepyheads or we are fucked for the next 5 years or so. But just in case the nomination does not go as planned, we should try and vote opposition because there is no harm in trying. But if it is vote for Pak Lah, please let his opponent 'hilang deposit' which would send a strong signal to BN to field more of Pak Lah type as candidates.


angeles said...

Yodaddy! It's you! Where hv u been hiding woh? Maciam itu Osama liddat.. :P

angeles said...

Oh, and hi Ducky! Kungheifattchoy! Happy Valentine! Happy Voting!

Yodaddy said...

No, angel i was not hiding... just didnt want to stick my neck out to the chopping block thats all.

But speaking of hiding, maybe you should. Because you have used the 'O' word, you have named he who must not be named. Now the FBI, CIA, MIB, Jack Bauer would be tracing your bloggers account and wire tap your telephone line.So angel, you should go and hide in Heaven or something until it all cools down a bit....

angeles said...

Why u so sked?? Tsk tsk!

Jack Bauer ah? Wah... I wait for him ;)

So, where will u be voting?

Yodaddy said...

No i cant tell you where i will be voting....because if the info leaks out, there will be snipers waiting in the polling station.

Are you sure you want jack bauer to visit you? Jack bauer is so bad ass, he will shoot you first then wire tap you later.

ducky said...

let me ping this to pps first.

ducky said...

ok hi ! angeles ? wat happen to angel ? must come out of cave hiding more often.
I vote in seputeh, DAP fortress. will never change my voting address.
Jack Bauer can inflict pain on you until you start translating from Indian to French.