Sunday, February 17, 2008

Unneeded speculation on GE's timing and the 'Anwar effect'

Years ago me and some of my friends were shocked to learn that in North Korea, Kim Jong Ill is not only the paramount leader, he was also the country's most famous idol very mush like Awie and Erra Fazira is to Malaysia. (pre Mawi and Siti days)

But now i just realised, ironically, in Malaysia and only in Malaysia(Malaysia Boleh!) are there politicians that is even more idolised than the idols of the day (such as Siti Nurhaliza and Mawi).

Case in point, when was the last time we have heard anything about Siti? When was the last time we heard anything about Mawi? Or this one, who is Siti's father in law? Dont know? Me neither.
But tell me you dont know this... Who recently said " i work hard and you know it"? Who said "stupid, stupid, stupid" ? Who is Khairy's father in law? If you dont know the aswers for all these 3 question then you are probabaly not a Malaysian!

To be sure that it can only happen in Malaysia, lets try some foreign questions.... Who is George Bush Jr.'s wife? And then who is Brad Pitt's wife? Ok name me the current Vice president of USA? In F1 who got 2nd overall behind Kimi in 2007 champoinship?

To these four question, i only know the answer for 2 of them. Angelina Jolie and Lewis Hamilton.

Ok then final test to prove once and for all that Malaysians think politics, play politics, sleep politics and eat politics :

Imagine a toupee....

Who is the first person that comes to mind?



No shit.....Me too!!!

Now on the serious side of things, ducky was saying about Abdullah setting the GE date so that Anwar cannot contest and all this, it finally hit me that this is not about electing a government, but it is all about a voting for a beauty paegent or an Oscar for Best actor.

Think about it... lets say IF Anwar can contest and IF he wins, he would be only become an MP and/or a State assemblyman. What can one MP or State assemblyman do? IF BN get 2/3 majority, what can one MP do even if it was Anwar? And if Anwar wins, would the BN government suddenly shake in their pants and actually serve the people for a change? In the impossibly and illogicaly event that he gets to be in power through BA or BN, what would he do?

Please remember he is the very same person who after the collapse of Malaysia economy in 1996, he blamed Chinese and Indian for pursuing tertiary education in foreign countries(because our own country would not let us study here) for the cause of the economic collapse because the students parents paid for the expensive school fees which created an outflow of monies.

But for all the spits and curses we put on the Tun, at least he did not scapegoat the monorities in the country for what clearly is the mismanagement of the economy by the government.

Would we dare to think that if instead of Anwar being checked by the Tun at that time, or if the Tun were to blink for a moment, would Anwar had led a bloodbath right here in our Malaysia?

I mean i could accept that Anwar, Tun and Pak Lah certainly appears larger than life for us Malaysians but it is really wishful thinking from their fanboys/girls and groupies that Anwar has the ability or most importantly the will to effect a change. But dont get me wrong, if it is between PKR and any BN party, i would vote PKR but just not Anwar.

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