Monday, February 25, 2008

Are we really serious for a new government.

I always wonder whether opposition Mp are awarded contracts just like BN Mp.

I dun know but Yoda said big NO.

If it is a big NO, then why are the oppositions still contesting every GE, when the chances of winning are slim.

What do they get out of it ?

Or are they really fighting for our rights ?

To believe they are actually fighting for our rights is a little immature.

I guess if we are really serious about changing the government, then we should all vote for the opposition this time around. There are no guarantees that they will be better then BN, but one thing for sure, new people/blood always does thing better then the old people. Always.

Then 5 years later, give BN back a chance, see how they do.

Whether they have repented from their old ways or are they too old to be taught.

If they goes back to their old ways, we give it back to the opposition.

At least this way, neither component parties will be sleeping away until election time, cause if they do, we just give it back to the other party.


rational thinker said...

that's the way election process is supposed to work.

ducky said...

Ya all we need to do is make what is suppose to work to realty. The only obsticle, the fickle minded rakyat.