Monday, February 25, 2008

Statistically wise, the opposition stand a chance to deny BN of a 2/3 majority

Statistic are not all 100% accurate, but to a certain extent they are quite acceptable.

If you take the past 11 election, swallow it and spit it out with some computation, you can get all sorts of analysis.

I decide to take the easiest approach.

There are 2 results.

I will take DAP, PAS, PKR & BEBAS best election year in terms of seats won, put that in the 2008 election, the balance would be BN share of seats.

That would give me 64 (28.83%) seats to the opposition and 158 (71.17%) seats to BN.

Second result takes into account the increase in number of seats from 1986 of 177 to 222 in 2004 & 2008.

That would give me a more favourable figure of 79 (35.59%) seats to the opposition and 143 (64.41%) seats to BN.

FYI, opposition parties winning the max seat in different elections.

PAS won 27 (14%) in the 1999 election (Total seats 193)
DAP won 24 (13.5%) in the 1986 election (Total seats 177)
PKR won 5 (2.5%) in the 1999 election (Total seats 193)
BEBAS won 8 (2.5%) in the 1999 election (Total seats 193)

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