Monday, April 30, 2007

What the fuck is wrong with our Indian brethen ?

First of all i'm not going to apologise for what i'm writing now. I dont think i need to. Cause i've been saving their life all this time. And if they dont appreciate it, maybe they can go fuck off.

First of all i dont live in a high indian community place/area/state. i think the place where i stay has a majority of chinese. Somewhere near Salak South. And furthermore, its not that i frequent places where the Indian communities are in large numbers.

Second, Indian in this country are the 3rd largest ethnic group in malaysia. so chances of seeing a malay in this country is can i say 5 times more than an Indian ? or a chinese for that matter 2 to 3 times more than an Indian.

Which brings me to what i'm scribbling here.

The number of times, i had to avoid hitting an Indian on the road is as high as 6 to 1 that i might hit a Chinese or a Malay. If i see an idiot driver on the road, either driving extremely slow on the highway, driving 2 lanes at the same time, coming out of the corner without looking any direction, standing in the middle of the road and having a fucking conversation chances that that is an Indian is 60%.

On trunk roads, i witness this indian family stopping their car on the road and had a long conversation with friends or relatives, not asking for direction for sure. In smaller towns I witness, on a cross junction, 2 indian family cars stopped right smack in the center to have a friendly chat !

Right yesterday in seri kembangan, this indian guy on a bicycle, came out to the main road where there was a lot of cars without even trying to stopped, just swoop passed by me like i wasn't there. I stopped of course, knowing that indian guy is not going to stopped.

which bring to the point, what the fuck is wrong with our indian brethen. my sister said they are colourful people ! i dont really understand what does being colourful has to do with anything.
i have no fucking answer, maybe an Indian brethen can help me out here.

just to be fair, my chinese brethens are mother fuckers when it comes to double parking and que jumping. and our malay brethens are just poor drivers.

happy holidays.

Friday, April 20, 2007

What the Fuck is LHDN doing ?

I think this year the LHDN (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri) really fuck themself in the ass.

In 2004, Personal Income Tax Return Forms B/BE was in Excel format, 2005 it became PDF format to much disliking as it requires at least a version 7.00++, and version 7.00++ can only be downloaded with Windows XP. I mean maybe all you home users have XP, but last year my office PC was still running a Windows 98 and it actually crashed less than a XP.

This year the LHDN got itchy fingers again and decided to do away with Excel or PDF, and got straight into an HTML document.

To encourage the usage of E-Filing, which is the filing of your tax return form via internet, Some numbers of forms are not sent to the tax payers. But of course, my guess is that they didnt consult everyone in LHDN, as any chinese fellow will tell you is that, if you dont sent me my tax return form, i wont be filing my tax.

On the other hand, LHDN didnt actually put their thinking caps on as to how much internet penetration there is in the country. I heard stories that ppl that went to the LHDN branch wanting to do e-filing but have no idea that it requires the usage of computer.

Originally LHDN did not provide any manual forms if you receive none and no soft printable copy was given, i think it was only last month that LHDN figured all this out.

With only 10 days left for individual tax payers with no business income to submit their tax, i doubt there is enough time. And this time around the blame should be with LHDN, not me, not you, LHDN.

So if anyone wants to fuck them up further, i suggest you go down to your LHDN branch and demand for your tax refund, with all of them being already over work, that should really be the final draw before they start pulling their hair out.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

bloggers gathering

Maybe ducky should go.
Are you going ?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Would you convert to Christinanity just to get married in a church ?

As much as being a christian, ducky personally cannot agree with any christian authority that forces any one of a married couple which is not a christian to be a christian just because they are marrying a christian member in any particular church, that is being baptized and confirm and accepting blah blah blah.

I believe many christian stand firm on this believe, and i actually even heard my pastor mentioned it one time before. And i think he even quoted some bible verses, i could be wrong on that part though.

Ducky thinks this is one of those thing that got mixed up somewhere along the years. Like those grandma tails or superstitious believe, where the word maybe then use was not preferred for a christian member to marry a non-believer. Not preferred normally means not encourage, but certainly not compulsory. So i guess through the years not preferred became unlikely to tidak boleh.

Any sane person can see that forcing someone into any religion for that matter is ridicolous. Love is something between the couple, but religion is between man/woman & GOD. You are marrying a person not a god. Just like you are marrying the daughter/son not the mother/father in law.

Furthermore, this will only aggravate the already tense marriage especially when both parents cannot see eye to eye. Its like not only do i have to give my son/daughter away, they have to be converted, WTF ! Then christianity would be like a compulsory conversion like that other religion.

And where is the part of free-will come about if you forces someone to become a christian.

Personally, if you are trap is such a situation, it is best to resolve this matter without any party having to change its religion just so the parents can see a church wedding. At the end of the day you are getting married not the parents, yes it is a tough nut to crack, but at least you are honest about it and that you show sincererity and integrity.

Why ducky is talking about all this ? Ducky's brother in law in marrying a catholic girl, (Yah think of catholic school girl uniform !) and the mother quite insist on a church wedding. So that means brother in law which is a free thinker i think, would need to convert and he is not to keen.

But of course if it is that other religion, then no choice lah, go thailand and get married.

Monday, April 09, 2007

WTF does the PDRM need to do a operasi in the morning

Honestly, the only thing this boys in white and black should do in the morning rush hour to work is to assist the flow of traffic and nothing else.

I cannot see in any whichever way how issueing various summons for various offences including very minor offences such as not wearing a safety belt can help ease the morning traffic rush.

I have said this many times and will again say it many more that whether i am wearing a safety belt or not is my fucking problem. In no fucking way is wearing a safety belt or not is going to create any traffic problem.

Cause i'm not speeding, i'm not double parking, driving on the emergency lane, drunk or whatever fancy you.

Ducky got a another saman for not wearing a safety belt today, this would be my 4 in my 16 years of driving but within 4 years in think. It's like 1 saman a year.

And when i ask that if he could gave me a chance, he told me his Sarjan was on duty. I trully did not understand that, as my intention was for him to let me go off, not offer him a bribe. Ducky personally dont give bribe, but if my wife was to be sitting beside me, before i know what was happening, she would stick out a RM50 bill right at his nose before he even started talking ! And we would go into fight after that.

Ok, it says here that i can go to the Mahkamah Traffik on a specific date. Or just pay the RM70 saman.

What does that mean ? Does it mean the Mahkamah will hear my case why i do not need to wear a belt ? What happen after the case, do i still pay the fine or what ?

Anyone ?

And lastly, remember that week PDRM had their celebration and they closed some fucking roads, this what ducky has to say, FUCK YOU PDRM.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Borat & Walk the Line

Having only watching movies being dvd-rip by AXXO, ducky review on movies would definitely be old.

OK, watched many films courtesy of AXXO, the greatest dvd-ripper alive, but ducky chose 2. ok actually only 1 from AXXO, the other from Astro, yesterday.

1. Borat
2. Walk the Line.

Many people seem to agree that it’s a wonderful watch, fantastico, personally it’s just like Mr. Bean but talking. The only conclusion I came up with after watching Borat was, what the fuck !

Check out Borat picture from IMDB, not that Borat like huh ?

According to IMDB, Joaquin Phoenix actually took singing and guitar lessons to play the role of Johnny Cash in Walk the Line.

And you know what ? I actually thought Joaquin sang better than Johnny himself, too bad Johnny cant verify that for himself being dead and all.

Joaquin had this low tone much soothing than Cash, don’t believe me, check it out yourself.

Not that Joaquin is going to be a country singer, but did you know that the movie La Bamba, the story about Ritchie Valens, the songs was actually all sang by Los Lobos and they actually did better than Ritchie Valens himself, topping No. 1 in the billboard I think. And if you had heard Ritchie Valens himself on La Bamba, you know what I mean.