Monday, January 12, 2009

Fuck 7.30am

I don not know which mother fucking prime minister of our decided that it was best to have schools in Malaysia to start at 7.30am.

I cannot see any logical reasons why schools in Malaysia must start at 7.30am.

Nursery logically starts at around 9.00am, which is a splendid time for the parents to sent their kids to nursery and then go to work.

At 7.30am fucking morning, I need to wake up at about 6.00am then ding dong around 7.00am before we leave the house.

Then fucking DBKL had the most mother fucking idea that a fucking secondary school be built just outside our main road.  

We only have 1 access road and that is it, schools buses has the perfect sense of dropping the kids at the junction so the kids can walk in, but the mother fucking spoilt kids parents must sent their god damn fucking kids right till the fucking doorsteps.

And in doing so, they have no fucking care in the fucking world, other than getting into the school compound, whether they driving on my side of the road or whether 30 cars are all stuck because they need to sent their god damn kid right to the front door.

And after all this, we need to berhati-hati dijalan raya with the seat belts buckle up ?

How can any sane person still be happy to go to work after a fuck up morning ordeal ?

Fuck the Malaysia education system, fuck which ever minister back in 50s that think fit our children should start school at 7.30am, fuck dbkl for building schools in the most fuck up convenient site and fuck 7.30am.