Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year end post

AhH, the final post of the final day of the final year.

Young folks will be partying all night long on the streets, in the pubs, in someone house, on the beach, in the pool, in the bed, on the toilet bowl, in the toilet bowl, under the toilet bowl, naked, half naked, topless, drunk, dizzy, getting pregnant, getting ass fuck, twosome, threesome, foursome, fivesome, gangbang, beach orgy, pool orgy, sheep fucking, dog fucking, chicken fucking, vomitting through the mouth and nose, blowjob, car racing, bike racing, foot racing, cock fights, pussy fights, and whatever else young folks like to do during this night, please please do it a little further from my home, cause i am married with 2 kidz and i can't be doing that.

happy new year.   

Monday, December 15, 2008

Gods of Genting

Emmph, After Bukit Antarabangsa, why not Genting Highland ?

Well, why not ?

Most major religions disapprove gambling.

All the other attractions are just decorations.

In a region where Casinos are scarce the chances of winning is most probably well below average compare to places like Las Vegas.

And yet every fucking day the most foolish yet greediest Chinese idiots drive themselves up that hill to make money offerings to the Gods of Genting.

Gambling wrecks family, no good ever arises from gambling.

And in Malaysia ? An Islamic role model country ?

Shut down the casinos or just wait for the mountain Gods to cry out LOUD.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Bodoh Bodoh Bodoh

There we go again, one fucker say like that, another fucker together with his party and parties want to make memo lah, sue him lah, road show lah, blah, blah, blah.

You want to really know why we cannot become one single MALAYSIAN ????

Its not you, it is not me, it is not a kampung, it is not an types of schools, its not Indians don't like Chinese don't like Malays don't like Indians blah, blah, blah.

It is the working and not working of 222 folks that seats in Parliament.

The people that we so entrust our country economy, political and social comitments to.

What do they do, they argue about nonsensical things that have little or nothing to do with running of this country.

They are not sitting there for our interest, there are sitting there for their very own interst, the power that they can weild, the contracts that they can gain, the status that they can achive and God know what else.

If all those 222 folks can just sit down for once, throw away their personal interest and concentrate in developing a single nation interest. 

I cannot imagine what can't be achive.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

PDRM - People Doing Rubbish Management

Ducky’s wife got robbed the other day.

Ducky is rather pissed, because the PDRM are a bunch of useless & pointless folks.

There is this fucking stupid way of reporting a crime in this country, after you make your police report, you have to go to another division to report it to another fucker under his zone.

Ours is just a snatch thief, I can’t imagine people with horrible incidents, rape, murder, kidnapped, accidents, and the victims and survivors need to ding dong around these police stations to report it.

Fuck you Najib, change the fucking PDRM mentality on crime reporting. Not us.

Anyone lucky enough to catch a snatch thief, do all of us a favour, kick the shit of this fuckers beyond recognition, then call the ambulance and go home. The police ? What for you want to go ding-dong-ing around.